The International Baccalaureate, or IB, is slowly gaining ground all over the world. There are many reasons why IB is getting the recognition it deserves, but the most exceptional one is how the entire curriculum has been encompassed to initiate self-learning. The curriculum has the ability to help students become more adept at enhancing their learning techniques and how they perceive the world around them. In this blog, we are trying to focus on why parents should consider IB education for their child.

Reasons for Considering IB Education:

Given below are some of the reasons why IB education is gaining immense popularity among parents. 

  • Breadth of Study

The breadth of study that the IB offers is commendable and stands out from the rest of the other curricula in the world. Most curricula only help students become proficient in three or four subjects. But the IB programme at all its levels focuses on bringing maximum engagement to teachers and students. The PYP program, which is IB's primary level classes, has lesson plans and themes designed to promote learning by assisting students in blending with their surroundings.

  • Experiential learning

The IB organises many subjects and learning processes that promote deep understanding in students through real-life experiences that help them increase their knowledge, skills and clarify their values. IB has gone to the extent of putting experiential learning in the curriculum of the diploma programme through a subject called "Creativity, Activity Service," or CAS. This subject has many innovative elements that initiate hands-on learning and help students reflect on real-world situations.

The subject is not academically rewarded, but it plays a critical role in tying all of the IB subjects together.

  • Independent thinking and research skills development

The basic ideology followed by the IB is to enhance students' learning by having them be the bearers of their own learning. It is proposed to interlink and connect different concepts and subjects for a complete understanding. Connections between concepts bring in-depth understanding and the ability to learn quicker. This will also help students deal with real-world situations much more effectively. The prime example of the same is how lesson plans are prepared for kindergarten students, where they are prompted to learn through themes that relate to their real-world surroundings.

  • Time management capacity building

Students who are in the IB diploma programme have a lot on their plate. Anyone who sees it from the outside feels that there’s too much stress and confusion. But, IB helps students pan out the workload efficiently. Students are trained to prioritise and dedicate time for everything they like. The prioritisation brings in time management skills, which are extremely necessary in the real world. When you are able to manage your time for different activities, you become more able to deal with different situations at once.

  • Suitability for stepping into overseas higher education

The extensibility of the IB curriculum makes it very sought-after for overseas students, especially if you are looking to pursue your higher education in the USA. The curriculum itself is an eclectic mix of different subject groups and activities, which again helps students develop a good academic profile. With the adoption of international standards, which will undoubtedly provide a global perspective and recognition, the IB helps redefine students' potential in an unusual way. 

  • Increased Scholarship Opportunities

IB students are always rated a tad bit higher than students who haven’t had exposure to the IB curriculum. The IB curriculum trains and encourages students in different aspects and helps them be as unique and rare as possible, helping them stand out among non-IB students. A number of universities all over the world provide dedicated IB scholarships to students.

  • Interdisciplinary Teaching

The interdisciplinary learning environment is highly promoted in IB’s MYP program, which is the first step towards connecting different concepts together. Young children are encouraged to interact and form natural connections between subjects and concepts. They become critical thinkers and focus on integrating different perspectives to understand difficult problems. The insights gained can be applied to solving real-world problems.

  • Development of intellectual faculties

The research skills that IB imbibes in their students are pretty evident in their IB diploma program. They have a subject for which they have to be academically reflective of current global scenarios and write a research paper on the same. The paper is called an "Extended Essay" and involves taking up a topic of relevance from different streams and writing a 3000-word essay on the same. Reflecting on a globally connected topic helps them analyse and comprehend their intellectual ability to understand different elements. These capabilities, when instilled at a very young age, can give them the ability to have better reasoning abilities.

  • Improving Your Liberal Mindset and Global Outlook

IB in itself is a mix of different cultures and contextual thinking. They try to help students mingle and understand how different cultures coexist in this world. From a very young age and level, they were taught to accept perspectives and understand how the world works. They are encouraged to be open minded and envision themselves as needing to think outside the box. They become more adaptive, intellectually curious, and proficient as they learn about different traditions, lifestyles, approaches, etc.

  • High Acceptance Rate

IB offers an extremely vibrant and inclusive curriculum and learning environment. It is not seen in many curricula, as most curricula are only focused on demanding students earn good grades. The students of the latter set do not know how to deal with real-world situations and find solutions for them. IB, on the other hand, through curating a curriculum that is fixated on the overall development of the student, is able to brush off such ambiguity from the minds of their students. Therefore, universities prefer students with such understanding to be part of the coveted student list, and hence IB students get a better acceptance rate.

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