Our goal is to pair students with expert tutors
who can help them unlock their potential,
improving their grades and confidence.



Our goal is to pair students with expert tutors who can help them unlock their potential, improving their grades and confidence.

Our selection of art courses and workshops are perfect for a variety of budding artists.Children’s classes and workshops focus on allowing kids to explore and express themselves through their artwork. As well as improving their formal art skills, children can socialize, have fun and get messy! Students are given the opportunity to experience working with a variety of professional mediums including water-colour, oil and chalk pastels, acrylic paints and sketching pencils as well as a variety of materials, such as clay and collage, to create 3D forms. Some courses are general art and craft and others more specialized. Children are able to create crafts and paintings to take home each week. Our portfolio preparation classes are designed for students who are building portfolios for high school exams or university/collage entry. We tailor the classes to the needs of the students and the examining body.We offer a range of day workshops for adults. These appeal not only to those who are studying at a school or college but also to adults who are beginners or rekindling their passion for art as a hobby.These are great ways for adults to de-stress and get in touch with their often neglected creative sides! Jennifer’s visualization board workshops have become very popular. They offer a holistic approach to art and introduce meditation and visualization. Our Parents and Child classes have also been successful and are a great way for busy Mums and dads to connect with their kids while working together to create an art work. Keep your eye on our website for new courses or one-off specialized workshops.

Art Classes for Children and Young People

  • Children’s Art & Craft (Age 4-9)
  • Children’s Art & Craft (Age 10-14)
  • Portfolio Preparation Class
  • Fashion Illustration for kids
  • ‘Mini Picassos’- exploring and recreating famous paintings
  • ‘Painting parties’- The perfect way to celebrate your child’s birthday. Each party guest will create a painting or craft to take home
  • Parent and Child classes- work together to produce an artwork as modelled by your artist teacher.

Day Workshops for Adults
(beginners level)

  • Introduction to Observational drawing workshop
  • Introduction to Fashion Illustration workshop
  • Introduction to Painting workshop

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