For students, studying in the UK is a life-changing experience. It is all about learning new things in life, meeting new people, developing new skills and understanding subjects in a brand new way. Critical thinking, crisis management and chances for development of leadership skills are some of the other positive fallouts. 

Now that you have decided that you would want to go to the UK for your college studies, the next decision is to decide to opt for the college or university in which you would want to study. We have gleaned information about the top 15 colleges in the UK for international students and presented it below.


  1. University of Cambridge

    Founded in the year 1209, the university is the world’s fourth-oldest university that still functions. Very similar to the University of Oxford, it is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The academic standards and its influence are still considered to be the best in the world. The university houses over 100 departments that are organized into six different schools.

  2. University of Oxford

    One of the oldest universities in the world, Oxford University always occupies the highest positions in the list of colleges in the UK for international students. It is a heartening fact to note that over a third of the students in the Oxford University hail from countries all over the world. they offer a range of subjects for study from humanities to medicine. 


  3. University College London (UCL)

    Otherwise known as London’s Global University, this college lives up to its name. It is a famous hub for international students and well-known as an institution with a truly secular outlook. It is the largest university in postgraduate enrolment of students.  It has over 100 departments, research centres and institutes.

  4.  Imperial College London

    It is a public research university that is best known for its business studies department. International students know this as a campus that organizes day trips for its international students. The main campus can be found in South Kensington and its innovation campus in White City. The university focuses its courses on science, medicine, business and engineering. 


  5. University of Edinburgh

    This is one of Scotland’s ancient universities and has 5 main campuses in the city of Edinburgh there. There are over 250 student societies in this university and is a known hub for international students. The university is organized into three colleges which contain schools or departments. There are over 60000 students enrolled in this university.

  6. King’s College London

    Located in London, this college was established in the year 1829. The college has five campuses in London. Comprised of nine faculties, it has numerous research divisions, departments and study centres. It houses over 40000 students and includes the world’s first nursing school. There are over 50 sports clubs and hordes of opportunities for students that are part of the university. 


  7. University of Manchester

    For international students obtaining a degree from the University of Manchester is a passport to a good future. The university is recognized across the world for its excellence in teaching standards and the facilities that it provides for students.  

  8. London School of Economics

    As one of the leading social science universities in the world, the London School of Economics welcomes students from more than 140 countries. They maintain a worldwide reputation for excellence and even their staff members come from over 100 different countries. All these help the students to gain an international outlook.


  9. University of Bristol

    As one of the most successful and popular universities in the UK, they have working to equip their students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in their careers. This was the first university in the UK to admit men and women on an equal basis. They welcome students from all over the world. There are over 400 student groups in the college and many global events take place for these students.

  10. University of Warwick

    The University of Warwick is a leading global institution for higher education. This university has a large number of international students studying in their diverse departments. Their three main faculties are for the arts, science, engineering and medicine, and social sciences. The Warwick Arts Centre is a noted multi-venue arts centre in the main campus of the university. 


  11. University of Glasgow 

    This is one of the oldest public research universities in Glasgow, Scotland. Glasgow University prepares students from all over the world in all walks of life including law, medicine, civil service, etc. there is a support team at Glasgow University to ensure that international students settle down quickly in the campus.

  12. University of the Arts London

    This is a collegiate university dedicated to subjects such as arts, fashion, design, and the performing arts in London. Naturally, there are students from all over the world that opt to study in this college to specialize in these subjects. The campus is home to a community of students from across the globe. The student crowd, as you can expect, is vibrant and cosmopolitan. 

  13. Anglia Ruskin University

    This is a public university located in East Anglia in the UK. IT originated from the Cambridge School of Art and was named after John Ruskin. It has over 39000 students across the world and is located across four campuses. There are four faculties of study that this university offers. This is a modern global university that admits students from all over the world. 


  14. University of Essex

    The University of Essex was established in 1963, it is among the best in the list of colleges in the UK for international students. It houses the best department in social science subjects. The university has a long history of welcoming students from all over the world. The campus boasts of a global community that studies, works and plays together.  

  15. University of Keele

    The University of Keele is renowned for its teaching excellence and research facilities. The student body in this university is represented by candidates from over 120 different countries. The campus is very warm and welcoming to international students and is a true melting pot of cultures and ideas. 

    There are over 400000 international students that study in the UK every year. They all look out for the best colleges in the UK for International Students so that they feel safe, welcome and happy.  
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