Education at renowned universities abroad is a dream for many. The prospect of studying in a foreign land, along with students of diverse cultures, is a prolific experience. It will nurture a positive perspective about the world, in addition to the credible certificates that are recognized everywhere. A perfect study abroad plan is necessary if you are looking forward to pursuing higher education in any university abroad. 

The study abroad destination might be an alien land for you. It may be the first time you are traveling to the country. You can prepare yourself in advance for the stay, and study in a foreign country. A focussed and prepared approach would reduce the probabilities of impediments or concerns.

Study Abroad Planning Tips

Given below are the top tips to make a perfect study abroad plan for your higher studies.

1.         Know the Country

The Internet is the best resource to know about educational destinations.  A lot of information regarding the climatic conditions, the people, the safety factors of different places, living costs, and many other details are available online. Go through the websites that detail the peculiarities of the location of your study and stay.

Join the online groups and common platforms, wherein students from specific institutions are available. You can use the groups and social media pages to clarify your doubts. And enquire about the additional requirements, if any.

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2.          Choose the University

Once you have determined the country for abroad education, you need to finalize the university. You can refer to lists of the best universities worldwide. There would be many universities offering the course of your choice. Browsing through the websites of each university would be necessary to confirm the details of the program, fee structure, the number of seats reserved for foreign students, and so on.

The fee and course program would be similar for most of the universities. Even the admission process might appear the same. What distinguishes one university from another are the infrastructure and the value of certification. Some of the universities would have higher acceptability around the world. We can help you with selecting the university/ program and aid you in obtaining admissions for the intended course.

3.         Passport, Visa, and Other Documents

Verifying your passport, visa, and necessary documents is an important tip in making a perfect study abroad plan. Confirm that you have a valid passport. Get the passport renewed if it is expiring in the near future. Apply for the student visa as per the extant policies in the country of destination. Reach out to us in case you want assistance in visa processing.

Check all the documents including academic certificates and documents certifying extracurricular performance. And keep them in an arranged manner. Ascertain once again that the documents and the online application you filled are free of discrepancies.

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4.         Opt for a Health Insurance

The healthcare charges are exorbitant in most countries. A few countries offer subsidized treatment charges or governmental support for foreign students. Get travel insurance from a reputed international agency. The health insurance would cover or offer a lion’s share in case of hospitalization or treatments abroad.

It is advisable to choose a trustworthy insurance firm based on its track record. Instead of relying on the claims on their website. Discussing it with friends or relatives who might have used the service may be beneficial in this regard.

5.         Obtain a Consular Info Sheet and Read

A consular information sheet would render an elaborate idea about the country. Although you may get most of the data online, the consular info sheet is more reliable. The online platform will be having a lot of data from unverified sources. The consular sheet displays verified information only.

The consular information sheet Will contain the weather data, crime and safety status, the policies for the student, the regulations that are to be observed when you are in the country, the dos, and don’ts, and similar facts.

6.         Cost Evaluation

Cost evaluation is another important tip while making a study abroad plan. Budget is a matter of concern for many students, who wish to study abroad. The total expenditure for travel, stay and study could be calculated approximately. It would give you a fair idea about the money requirements. Nonetheless, there are methods to cut down the expenses without sacrificing your joy.

Moreover, many countries offer scholarships and grants to students with excellent grades in academics, sports, or extracurricular activities. Search about such provisions if you have been awarded for performance in any of the fields. There are NGOs as well, which provide scholarships and grants to students from different fields. It may be a difficult task to find out the details of the same. You may get in touch with us to get detailed info on the scholarships and grants in each of the countries and the eligibility criteria. We would also enlighten you regarding the procedure for application and the process of selection.

7.         Vaccination

Get the requisite vaccination done in advance. The pandemic has shaken the entire world. And none of the countries allow entry without a proper vaccination certificate. The certification concerning vaccination must be included in the documents. Immigration authorities or educational institutions may ask for the same.

Sage Education Service

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