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At Sage Education Services, we use a proven system for English tutoring. Our unique combination of highly experienced trainers, comprehensive courses, and difficult review classes improve speed and stamina. That’s why our students come out in flying colors, year after year.


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  • Skills Improvement
  • Academic Writing
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  • UK National Curriculum
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  • BMAT

English stands to be one of the most revered subjects requiring arduous work and thus it becomes pertinent to take the assistance of an expert English tutor in Dubai. With our highly seasoned English teacher in Dubai, Sage Education Services guarantee the best English tutoring. We have a unique methodology to guarantee grade improvement of every student studying with us. We employ a unique combination of specialized courses for various curriculums, compendious course materials and the best English teachers in Dubai. This is the secret behind the success of all the students who have studied with us in the past. Our faculty are trained and courses are prepared especially as per the various curriculums available and the strengths and weaknesses of the students. Thus, we believe in an individualized approach. Our English teacher is well versed with the subject and has unique preparation techniques designed after years of experience. Special importance is given to Language and Literature, Academic and creative writing, TOK Essays, Conversational, and Business English and IB extended Essay among other important aspects such as Skills improvement. read more >

For an effective exam preparation of all subjects, every student struggles with time management. Also, every student has a different way of studying and has different strengths and weaknesses, that a good tutor must tend to. Thus, the importance of availing the services of a Private English Tutor cannot be overstated. At Sage, we provide the best Private English Tutors in Dubai. With flexible timings and individualized teaching, the success of the students is guaranteed. Our experienced tutors have creative teaching methods and tend to the needs of each student. Special focus is given to boost the weak areas which help the students to gain confidence. The tutors also provide customized practice questions to ensure that the students not only have a good knowledge base but are also able to express themselves fluently. These tests also help the students to reflect on their creative writing skills and adeptness of language and literature while learning to manage time and avoid common exam pitfalls.

IB English is a very prestigious course that requires the students to have a very good command over the subject. The course we offer at SAGE is designed by the best IB English Tutor in Dubai. Specially altered as per the curriculum, the course guarantees high grades for every student. Our IB English Tutor is experienced in preparing a number of students in the US as well as Dubai for IB English while guiding them for admission in the various US, Canadian and British universities. In addition to this, at sage, we provide comprehensive and lucid course materials that act as the perfect knowledge base for your preparations. Alongside, for revision and practice, customized mock tests are conducted. The questions for these tests are gathered from previous year IB Biology papers and new questions prepared in lines of the same. Moreover, special attention is paid to IB Extended Essay. Our course covers all the important topics concisely thus, making the students adept for the examination without unwarranted strenuous work.

It is not easy to find an experienced AP English Tutor in Dubai who has in-depth knowledge of every topic that is taught in the course and is fully aware of the peculiarities that surround the exam preparation. But at Sage, we have the best curriculum designed for comprehensive preparation of Advanced Placement English. Our AP English Tutor is adept at both AP Literature and AP Language, thus capable of tending to the needs of all the students. Sage education services seek the help of AP English experts who have strategically prepared our course curriculum and trained the teachers to better address the particular requirements of this course.

The importance of tuitions while preparing for the A level English is vehemently advocated by all students. Sage is the name most come to when looking for the best A level English Tutors in Dubai. Our unique way of teaching, expert methodology and specialized course structure encompassing as A level English topics, ensures that the students gain a good command over the subject without unwarranted strain and effort. We indubitably have the best A level English Tutors in Dubai, having an experience of working with numerous A level students in the past who have performed extraordinarily in their examinations. The course is aimed at providing a solid understanding of the fundamentals, exhaustive knowledge, and study materials and rigorous practice tests to polish the students and make them the best in class.

Preparing for courses that are so prestigious and have a huge competition requires assistance from highly trained GCSE & IGCSE English Tutors in Dubai. This is why at Sage; we have a comprehensive curriculum tailor-made to adequately prepare the students for these examinations. Our licensed GCSE & IGCSE English Tutor in Dubai is a specialist in the British Curriculum, highly qualified and experienced in tutoring students for this course. Our special focus is on developing fluency, understanding, and flair in writing as well as improving the grammar and vocabulary of the students. In addition to this, being associated with SAGE, the students are eligible to get the most exhaustive and structured course materials for GCSE and IGCSE. Combined with our difficult review sessions, that help to improve stamina and speed of the students, the creative teaching methods of our tutors ensure an adept exam preparation.Close

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