The AP exams are around the corner, and since they are the elephant in the room, preparation for them needs to be a priority. The AP exams, also known as Advanced Placement exams, have a big impact on credits, which can help a student get into a good college. Hence, it is essential to have a foolproof preparation setup to score the best.

When should I start preparing for the AP exams?

It is always a good idea to begin planning early so that you have enough time to develop strategies and revise concepts until they are perfect. The ideal time to start preparing is at least three months before the scheduled exam date. This will give you enough time to start with previous year's papers and other mock test papers right before the exam. 

This will also come in handy to keep you sane if you have multiple APs to prepare for.

Some points to keep in mind:

  • It will take a good amount of time to structure the study schedule and combine all the necessary information related to one or multiple subjects that you are giving the AP exam for.

  • The mode of study, that is, the source of information that you depend on to study, can also impact the time you spend studying. If you depend on video lectures or the sorts, then you require good time management to prepare.

  • Take at least two weeks to practise mock test papers and sample papers and save time to revise concepts just before the exam. 

How to prepare a study plan for AP exams?

It is not ideal to panic and remain clueless while preparing for the AP. If you want to do well on the AP exams, you must start planning for it as soon as possible. Let us look at how to prepare for AP exams.

  • Diligent Note Preparation

Starting from scratch with a simple task like taking good notes in class can have a big impact on your overall preparation and comprehension of the material. This does not mean that you have to write down everything that’s said in class; instead, jotting down quick notes under each heading can serve as an aid when you start thinking about the exams. Make sure to mark important concepts, as teachers tend to drop certain topics that are important, and it will be effective to give those topics extra attention. Also, give enough consideration to CED to schedule the study plan in the most meaningful way.

  • Form Review Groups

The formation of study groups with classmates with similar interests can help you prepare for the AP exams in the most efficient way. This group can help one another and also support each other if one falls behind or is sick prior to the exam dates. Schedule meetings with this study group at frequent intervals, which will help you gain a deeper understanding of concepts you don’t know and help others with topics that you are well-versed in. Consolidating notes and scheduling each meeting with a discussion of different AP subjects can aid in the review of easy and difficult concepts.

  • Purchase Study guides 

Utilising study materials and routine CED concept review is one of the best tips on how to prepare for AP exams. Pick up a review guide right when you start with the respective AP classes. As the class progresses, make sure to compare the notes that you prepare in class and in the study group with the review guide and make sure you have understood the concepts and topics. Full length practice tests or mock tests will be there at the end of each topic, and it will be fitting to sit down and finish them and take up the doubts either with the tutor or with the study group. 


  • Use the Pomodoro Technique

The pomodoro technique will come into good use, especially if you are preparing for multiple AP tests. It is very normal to lose focus and concentration when studying. Through this technique, you will be able to spread out your study hours and take frequent breaks, which will help you concentrate for longer periods of time. 

Let us see how it works:

  1. Set up a workspace and assign yourself a task or tasks for the day. If you are taking multiple AP exams, then decide on the subject you are picking up for the day.

  2. Set a timer on the phone or any other device that you have access to. The timer should be set to 25 minutes. 

  3. For the next 25 minutes, you are expected to concentrate thoroughly on the task you have assigned yourself. You should not take any kind of bathroom breaks, phone checks, or snack breaks.

  4. When the timer goes off after 25 minutes, take a timed 5 minute break. Do whatever you want in this 5 minute break, and once it's over, take the next 25 minute stretch. 

  5. You need to complete 4 cycles of the Pomodoro, take a long break of 30 minutes, and let yourself recharge for the next set. 

This is an ideal study method that gives ample space and also helps avoid any kind of burnout while preparing for the APs.

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What if you have multiple APs to prepare for?

Most schools offer more than one AP a year, so it becomes necessary to prepare for more than one AP at a time. It can be quite overwhelming to even process this, but this can be taken care of by splitting the large task into smaller ones. 

  • Span the subjects over a week's schedule.

  • Take at least one study break in a week; ideally, take a Sunday or the entire weekend to give yourself enough time to bounce back.

  • Give more preference to subjects that you feel you need to spend more time on.

  • Do not spend too much time on areas that you are a pro at.

It is going to take time to schedule this into your daily routine, so it is good to have it started way earlier, say, three months before the exam dates. 

Why Sage Education for AP courses?

Advanced Placement exams are an important measure that have a good role to play in the college and university admissions processes. The competition among students is so intense that most American, European, and Canadian colleges take this score very seriously. An outstanding AP exam score can safely secure a student's future admission to the most prestigious colleges.

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