SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test, is a standardised test conducted by the college board to get students' admission into their dream colleges for their undergraduate studies. As it determines eligibility for an undergraduate program, it becomes essential to prepare well for the SAT. 

The blog discusses the various strategies and tips on how to prepare for the SAT exam.

  1. Get Oriented to the Overall Structure and Format of the SAT 

SAT is not unknown to students, and hence there is a lot of information regarding the SAT out there which will help students prepare for the exam effectively. The first and foremost step toward SAT preparation is to get to know and understand the structure and format of the SAT exam. The test consists of two sections, which are evidence-based reading and writing and the maths section. There is a third section for the essay, but it is optional. On the test day, the first section the student has to complete will be the reading section, which lasts 65 minutes. After a 10-minute break, it will be followed by the writing and language section, which is for 25 minutes and immediately switches over to the non-calculator maths test. The non-calculator maths test goes on for another 25 minutes. The next section is a calculator-induced maths test which lasts 55 minutes. If you are taking up the optional essay, it will be succeeded by the maths test after a two-minute break. Memorising this format will help you plan without any room for ambiguity. 

2. Study the Content

As there are different sections for the SAT, it is evident that different areas of knowledge and the techniques of the students are tested. SAT follows a particular style of formatting questions which test the depth of understanding the student has with each subject. Each subject will have an entirely different formula for testing, and the students are expected to prepare accordingly. Understanding the way of questioning through past papers will give you a much better hold over each subject and thereby let you score better on the SAT. 

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3. Make a Concrete Study Plan

Starting a study plan with your aimed SAT score can help you channelise and formulate your study plan accordingly. Your potential and how much you can do will directly determine your SAT score. It is always best to begin in reverse order from the scheduled day of the test.Counting backwards and determining how many days you have the test will help structure your study plan more efficiently. Set weekly and daily achievable goals, which will help you to easily target your progress and correct the way if you are slacking down. 

4. Study Test Strategy

Test strategies are always well on paper. It becomes overwhelming when you start trying it out. Having a definite set of strategies can help you only if you start implementing the same strategies when you do your practice test papers. It will help you understand what works for you and what doesn’t. Make sure to give the strategies a sure shot before directly applying them to your SAT.

 5. Use the best SAT prep materials

Make sure you get your hands on the best SAT materials, which present questions and structure exactly like on the real SAT. There are many options out there, but some of them do not do justice to the original SAT. Pinning on those books will have a significant impact on your final SAT score; good research among peers and others who have taken the test will help you decide on the best SAT material.

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 6. Learn how to do mental maths

Mental maths is an extremely important part of attending one of the sections of the SAT where students are not allowed to use calculators for the exam. A student needs to equip themselves to attend this section with maximum spontaneity and clarity. There are many materials out there which will help you master the shortcuts required for this particular maths section on the SAT.

7. Find an SAT study partner!

Getting a study partner can help your preparation for the SAT in numerous ways. Choosing the best SAT training in Dubai will  give you the tips on how to prepare for the SAT exam. Having a study partner will help you be accountable for the pace of your studies. It will also help you work on possibilities or strategies that you may not have considered beforehand. So, getting a study partner will have a positive impact on your preparation and help ease the stress for good.

 8. Figure out, and work on, your weaknesses!

Do not neglect your weaknesses and concentrate only on your strengths. The SAT is an exam that tests your overall knowledge. Taking continuous practice tests will help you determine your weaknesses and get help to overcome those difficulties to get an overall great score on your SAT.

9. Take LOTS of practice tests.

Practice tests will help you understand the structure and format of the exam before you go in and take it. It will help you strategize and also prepare you for the different possible schemes of questions that can be asked throughout the test. Practice tests can also help you to gain confidence and face the exam without any impending fear. 

10. Think About Test Day Logistics Ahead of Time

Plan well in advance for your test day, which will help you avoid most of the last-minute disasters. Be aware of your test centre; check the distance and determine how far the centre is from your home. Make sure you keep all your required documents and necessary stationery on the previous night of the test day so that you don’t miss anything at the last minute.