The USA remains to be the topmost favourite destination for those students who wish to study abroad, with almost thousands of students travelling every year to the country. So, if you also want to apply to US universities but are confused about the documents required for university admissions in the USA, this guide will help you out. 

The initial step to apply for any university is to fill the online application. First and foremost, only take the help of experienced people to list out as well as prepare the documents. As these documents play a major role in deciding your future, it would be sensible of you to not seek suggestion from random sources. 

You can also take the proper assistance from Sage Education Services, as we strive to make your dream of studying abroad real and hassle-free. Our professional and well-qualified experts offer you much-needed support and guidance. And hence, we can help you to clear the exam and make a bright career. Here is the list of some necessary documents to carry while applying for university admissions in the USA: 

  • A Passport

    You must have a passport that has a validity of about 6 months after the date of your intended course completion. For example, in case you apply for the 2-year course, beginning from August 2020 that would end by August 2022 then the validity of your passport should be till at least February 2023. Needless to say, it is one of the most important documents required for university admissions in the USA.

    If you do not acquire one, ensure the fact that you file for the same in advance. Keep the passport ready before scheduling your entrance examinations. Moreover, copies of your passport’s last and first pages must be taken as well as attested.
  • Curriculum Vitae

    One of the major things to know before studying in the USA is that your resume is a must-have as it will carry data about your educational qualification, objective, work experience, and internships (if any), etc. The CV also consists of milestone scores (10th, 12th final aggregate, and yearly aggregates), extra/co-curricular activities, and any projects undertaken during the undergraduate program (as well as during the full-time job/internships).

  • College Transcript

    It is the single document issued by the institution that contains a student’s academic performance and information such as the classes, grades, credits, etc. For all those students out there who wish to study in the US, this document should not be avoided. In case you are applying during the final year, you have to provide all the scores that are available until that particular date. 

    For the engineering students, the transcript must carry the details for the semesters 1-6. And for the ones who go after the completion of their bachelor’s, all the years’ scores of their bachelor program must be provided in their transcript. Please note that a student should issue various copies of the transcript as well as get each of them attested from the involved institution itself. 
  • Pass Certificates and Marksheets

    All the Marksheets of 10th and 12th should be provided semester wise along with the passing certificates. Every application needs a single or, at times, 2 sets of the copies to be sent. And hence, you must ensure the fact that all the copies are attested. 
  • Standardized Test Scores

    There are a lot of universities, which might accept your application if you still intend to write the ACTs/SATs or GRE/GMAT for graduate or undergraduate studies. It is suggested to have your score ready before starting the application process. In terms of things to know before studying in the USA, this one should be on your priority list as you have to submit your score to the University. 

    Your scores need to be sent online to the universities via the ETS site. Also, if you want, you can keep some copies of your scores for any reference in the future. 

  • Letters of Recommendation

    The basic rule is to have a minimum of 3 recommenders. Some of the universities prefer the recommenders to directly send the letter online to the department of graduate admissions. The majority of the universities (particularly for the Master’s program applications) request to send the hard copies. 

    The content should be printed on the letterhead of the organization, sealed inside an official envelope with signature and stamps on the seal. It comes under the category of the most essential documents required for university admissions in the USA. It is for proving that the letters were not exposed to the applicant as well as being confidential. 
  • Statement of Purpose 

    The applicants might or might not be required to submit this document online. In case it should be sent through courier, please make sure that the best quality of the paper is used for printing. Moreover, the header should be having your UserID, the program you want to apply for, and your name. As far as the spacing preference and basic font size are concerned, the same will be mentioned on the website of the university. 

    American universities retain the top rank amongst the other universities across the world. Every year, thousands of students begin with the lengthy procedure of applying. Moreover, this is why you must make it a point that all the necessary documents are submitted on time without further delay. 

Most of the universities in the US root for students who appeared for entrance examinations like GMAT, SAT, and UCAT for medical schools. If you are someone who truly wants to take their dream and aspirations abroad, then SAGE Education Services is the right place for you. As the leading exam preparation and admission consultancy in Dubai, we can help you with all your queries and doubts as well as university admission consulting.