Education plays a vital role in shaping the personality of a human being. Education is a gateway to a bright future. In 21st era, everyone understands the importance of education and the role it plays in shaping communities, societies and countries. Education influences your thinking, your ideas and your behaviour. An overseas education consultant helps to find the right path of your career. 

Many parents understand the role of education in children’s life. They send their children to the best school to avail them the best level of education possible for them. Choosing a school for your child that imparts world-class education is not that big a deal. But college education needs time, money and careful planning. You can’t afford to send your child to any random college. This is a known fact that a college education cannot be afforded by everyone. It can put a severe strain on one’s pocket. But no parent wants to compromise with their child’s future. Thus, college education needs thoughtful planning and investment.

When it comes to gaining knowledge, no one wants to be limited by geographical or physical boundaries. There was a time when people studied in-state colleges. But now people travel to cities, countries or even different continent to receive a world-class education. But it is not always possible to complete the formalities singlehandedly and uproot oneself to migrate to college. It is always better to look for university admission consultants in Dubai who act as a medium between the prospective student and the university.



Why is it important to find the right Overseas education consultant in Dubai?

Yes, it is important to find the right Overseas education consultant in Dubai. It’s because the application process can be very expensive. You have to pay a fee for each and everything whether it’s a primary application or secondary application. Your child will be called for interviews in different cities or towns, this calls for additional expenditure on flight tickets. Every parent asks his or her child to send applications to multiple colleges and universities. If your child applies to more than 25 universities, it can cost you something around $4,500. But if you sign up with us at Sage education services, you can save up a lot from unnecessary expenditures. Being an education consultant in Dubai we can assist you in finding the right university for your studies.

Here are some benefits of hiring a perfect overseas education consultant:

  1. Every university has set criteria for accepting students. If you are not acquainted with these criteria, your application doesn’t stand out in the eyes of the admission officer. At Sage, we are equipped with admission consultants who have years of experience in the field. We will help you in preparing your essays and SOPs as per the need and want of each university. This will lower the chances of your application getting rejected by the admission officers.
  2. The interview becomes the deciding factor for your admission to the university. A consultant will assist your child in preparing for both alumni and on-campus interviews. He will prepare a list of expected questions and conduct mock interviews. This will improve your child’s confidence. He will be able to face admission officers with a smile and answer their questions effectively. University education can be expensive for the majority of parents. Most of the students need financial aid or scholarships to be able to afford a university education. A consultant will inform you in the initial stages about the universities that offer scholarships and financial aid. This will save your time and money by rejecting the universities that offer no such grants.
  3. A right consultant will give you one-on-one attention. Most of the consultants are qualified and well-trained. But they do not have the requisite time to devote to the individual while assisting him in the application process. We ensure that you find a perfect overseas admission consultant in Dubai who will give you his undivided attention.
  4. We will match you up with a trained and experienced overseas education consultant. He will assist you in preparing essays and CV in the right manner. Essays and SOPs can take a huge chunk of time. Most of the students have no previous experience and an application process is not something they can risk.  A well-drafted essay will open the gates the most prestigious universities while a poorly drafted one will decrease your chances of finding even a decent college. The consultant will help your child in writing essays that highlight his achievements.




Reasons to choose the right overseas education consultant 

Your child must choose a career that will not only allow him to make money but keep him happy after college. It should not be an impulsive decision influenced by outside factors. Hence, you should select the right education consultants in Dubai after viewing all the factors. A right college will help your child in maximizing his potential and carving out a niche for himself. If you ever get dissatisfied with the agency, you can always to another one. Please ensure that when you investing time and money, you reap the benefit. Ask your agency to prepare a budget for the costs to be anticipated in the admission process and henceforth. 

Education is a blessing that not all are blessed with. If you are providing your child with this golden opportunity, make sure it is done wisely in the right manner. A right education consultant can come to your rescue if you are planning to get your child admitted to a college abroad or if your child needs career counselling.

You can connect with us anytime through call, message, or by visiting us at our head office. You can also check our website to learn more about how we become the best Overseas education consultant in Dubai also, the experience and our success ratio in sending a student to his dream college. It is better if you register with us as soon as possible. This is because the application process takes a lot of time and you would not want your child to miss out on the deadline. 

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