Methodical preparation is crucial for scoring high grades in the exam. A predefined study schedule will give enough time to prepare each section. Let’s look into the ACT exam preparation tips, tricks, and study plan to cover all the portions and attend the exam confidently.

As you know, ACT has five sections viz. English, Science, Maths, Reading, and Writing. Each one is significant in scoring grades and you cannot neglect any as unimportant. You must take the exam seriously and start the preparations from day one. Last-minute hurrying is not advisable in the case of the ACT exam.

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ACT Exam Preparation Pattern


You can derive a preparation pattern depending on your time availability. Covering bit by bit would reduce the stress. Eventually, you will be covering all the topics well in time. Giving enough days for revision.

  • Make an ACT exam preparation schedule

  •  Attend practice questions at the end of each chapter/ topic

  • Identify the weak areas based on the practice questions

  • Focus on improving your flaws

  • Obtain support from a professional tutor. S/he will be able to guide you concerning the way forward

  • Attend mock tests as much as possible. It would not only help familiarize with exam pattern, identify important topics and strategize the exam but also would make you confident

  • Revise the portions with special attention to important topics

A confident mind and a positive attitude are the mainstays behind every successful person. You must realize and repeat in your heart that you have prepared well and you can score excellent grades. Doubtlessly, your state of mind matters a lot in performing in any exam.

Preparing an Exam Strategy This is a step you must undertake well before the exam. The mock tests and guidance from experienced tutors will be useful in strategizing the exam. Approaching with a predetermined strategy will aid you in attending the maximum questions correctly. Coaching at a reputed academy like Sage Education would have a remarkable effect on the way you attend the ACT exam.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time on One Question Not all the questions would be easy even if you have prepared very well. There would be difficult questions as well. Don’t spend much time on such questions. Mock tests would have given you enough idea about the time to give for each question. 30 to 45 seconds is the maximum time for one question. Don’t be adamant and skip the question if you fail to reach an answer within this allotted time.

Eliminate the Wrong Ones if You Aren’t Sure About the Right One This theory can be applied to all the subjects, especially in the reading test. There would be only one perfect answer to the question. Try to eliminate the wrong ones to reach the right answer. Even then, don’t forget the time limitation of 30-45 seconds for each question. You can mark the probable answer in the question booklet and move on to the next question. 

Attend Every QuestionUnlike other competitive exams, ACT doesn’t have negative markings. Answer all the questions even if you are not clear about the right answer. Use the probability method or elimination tact for the questions that are slipping away from your hand. It would help you in answering the questions blindly, reducing the possibility of answering correctly.

Bubble After Going Through the Question Paper Mock tests will give you an idea about the time consumption. One thing to note is the time lost switching between the question booklet and answer sheet. A helpful tip is to bubble the answer sheet at the end, i.e. after going through the complete question paper and marking the answers in the question booklet itself. Consider this only if you are comfortable and enough time is available.

Don’t Panic Do not panic even if you have very little time left and several questions to answer. Read each question with a calm heart. You must practice a calm attitude. Otherwise, your blood pressure may shoot up causing unwarranted tension at the last moment.

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Preparing Yourself for the ACT Exam

Many fail to score well in the ACT exam even after exhaustive preparation. Stress and anxiety are the villains that impact the performance of many students. High expectations from parents and teachers will amplify the tension. Every aspirant must bear in mind that the ACT exam is not an unscalable summit.

You must follow these tips to ace your ACT exam with confidence:

  • Be confident that you can crack the ACT exam with excellent grades

  • Believe that nothing can stop you from achieving the best result

  • Have healthy sleep during the time of preparation. Sleeplessness can affect your performance in the exam

  • Consume healthy diet

  •  Stay calm whilst attending the exam

  • Be positive

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