The majority of the students opting for abroad education in the US prefer to settle here post qualification. They may believe that it might be possible to apply for a visa or work permit after completion of the course. In reality, the student will not be permitted to remain in the US after the studies. This may push the student into a state of chaos. It is of paramount importance to apply for the relevant visa at the right time. If anyone stays beyond the approved course period without any firm reasons, he or she will be considered an illegal immigrant. One must know the detailed aspects of the work permit in the USA and visa to preclude such an issue.

What are the Types of Work Permits and Visas in the US for Students?

The international student pursuing higher education in the US can obtain Optional Practical Training (OPT) visa. The subject visa will help one to explore the job probabilities, identify the domains suitable for him or her, and try out one’s hand in a particular job.

Before we proceed further, we would like to let you know that our professionals would be able to guide the aspirants regarding the OPT. Moreover, we will also assist in the documentation part for getting the visa. So that the student need not worry about the visa processing. And s/he can concentrate on the studies.

A student visa limits the student to remain in the educational environment. It is prohibited for the person with this visa to apply or join for any job. Any such act would be considered unlawful and would have adverse repercussions. The Optional Practical Training visa will enable the student to work in specific jobs, for improving the practical skills, as well as, gaining experience.

One can get a work permit in the USA for a period of one year with an OPT visa. Apply for the visa 90 days before the course end date and set the start date within 60 days after completion. In addition, there are two types of OPT visas, i.e. Pre-completion and Post-completion OPT visas.

The visa for a student undergoing studies is a pre-completion OPT visa.  Post completion OPT is for those who have just qualified. Having no adequate knowledge concerning the visas, it would be better to approach a genuine and reliable education service for guidance in this regard. Sage Educational Services has been providing trustworthy advice for students for a long time and helping them with the OPT visa processing.

Where to Get Help for Visas and Work Permit for the US?

This is the most confusing part for many students. The lack of sufficient ideas about the ideal educational institutions, the courses or programs offered, and the procedure for obtaining visas & work permits in the USA cause a lot of trouble. Any candidate wishing to pursue higher education in an educational institution in the US may get help from the following resources.

  • Research Online – Google is the first stop nowadays. The search is a treasure of information. And one can get an answer to almost all the questions here. Search in Google to get clarifications on the doubts.
  • Reach Out to the Institution – Consider mailing the queries to the institution’s official id. Many times, it can happen that the officials are busy responding. Wait for a week or so before moving on to the next step.
  • Visit the Office of the Institution – A visit to the international office of the educational institution would be helpful. The executives will be able to render clarifications regarding the courses offered, the job prospects, and the process for obtaining a visa and work permit during/ after the course.
  • Approach an Abroad Educational Consultant –We have seen many students deceived by unreliable educational consultants, who use enticing advertisements to lure them. Be sure to approach only a reputed and credible overseas educational consultant. We are proud to be an immense help to several students since inception. We could enrol them in elite institutions in the US, UK and other top educational destinations. One can approach us any time concerning any doubt on the courses and visa or work permit in the USA.

The OPT visa is authorized only for a year. The student must try and find a sponsor to gain an H-1B work visa in the US. It would not be a problem, with the student having the requisite qualification, quality and work experience. Although the students with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) have more chances, others also get well placed in the US.  A skilled professional is always valued in the country. Therefore, such an individual will not find any complications in gaining employment of his/ her choice.

PS: Choose the abroad educational consultants wisely. Avoid getting into the traps of fake consultants, pretending to be professionals.