Looking for the best study in UK admission consultants in Dubai? Then you have landed at the right place. Before learning more about the UK study consultants, let’s peep into something more about the study abroad in the UK. 

Studying abroad is a dream that materialises only for a few. Choices for studying overseas are aplenty, but getting into a university of repute is not that simple. Stringent admission processes often act as a roadblock, and not knowing how to steer through each step, is the proverbial, final nail on the coffin.

Many aspiring students aim for higher studies in the UK, which hosts some of the oldest and finest universities in the world. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students from across the globe get admission into the universities across the UK. The UK comprises four nations, namely England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The universities in all these countries offer a plethora of courses, at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, and opportunities for research and doctorate programmes. Hence it remains one of the most preferred education destinations in the world.

Reasons to study in the UK

The UK has been an education hub for centuries. It boasts of Cambridge and Oxford, two premier educational institutions, which are among the oldest in the world. Some of the world’s famous luminaries have received their education in the UK. The universities here are known for their high standard of education. However, the real advantage of studying in the UK is that you receive more than just an academic education.

Living in the UK, studying, and interacting with students of different nationalities helps broaden horizons. Students experience different kinds of growth, learning of not just new cultures, but also social etiquettes and work ethics. Studying in the UK prepares you to be a part of a global workforce

Advantages of Getting Education in the UK

  • World rankings: The universities here are ranked high in the world rankings compiled by Financial Times and similar organisations. These rankings are based on varied criteria. Candidates with a degree from a UK university are more likely to get a job with high salaries.

  • Courses and programmes: Students get a varied range of education programmes to choose from. There are close to 400 universities spread across the UK, offering programmes ranging from diploma and certificate courses and undergraduate and master’s programmes, and of course higher studies.

  • Real education: Campuses have students from all over the world; so it is a great learning experience. The knowledge and skills grasped through interactions with other students help in overall development.

  • Infrastructure: The facilities in the UK are top-class, especially the academic infrastructure – excellent libraries and study material and great opportunities for research and networking, as well.

  • Quality of life: The standard of living in the UK is very high. The quality of life here is outstanding

Studying in the UK is not about getting a degree alone; it is a great way to develop your personality and become ready for the real world. Apart from being a temple of knowledge, the universities here encourage personal growth through a range of societies and clubs, that each student is welcome to join.

Study in the UK from Dubai

Students from all over the world apply for admission to universities in the UK. You can choose to study in the UK from Dubai if you are a student or living in this country. The procedures for admission are the same for all students. Universities grant admission to aspiring students based on pure merit. International applicants have to go through a mandatory admission protocol, which involves having a qualifying score in an English proficiency test. IELTS and TOEFL scores are accepted. Finding the best study in UK admission consultants in Dubai is crucial to make your admission process hassle-free.

Additionally, international students should have appeared in one of the standard examinations, mentioned in the university prospectus. The usual tests include GMAT, UCAT, SAT and GRE. Students must also make available transcripts of the school or college/university marks. They will also need to submit financial credentials to prove that they or their guardian can fund their education and stay in the UK.

Other processes involve answering questionnaires and writing essays and going through interviews. Universities conduct interviews online, via skype, at a scheduled time. Admission is granted if the student meets the required criteria, and found eligible. Post which starts the process of paying the initial deposit (fee), following which the university provides a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) number, making the applicant eligible to apply for a TIER IV student visa to the UK. 

Sage Education - The Best study in UK Admission consultants in Dubai

The hard truth is that only a select few can manage everything on their own, without assistance from an admission consultant. The procedures can be confusing and overwhelming to applicants. You may have the aptitude and the right credentials, to get admission into a top UK university, but you wouldn’t want to miss your chances because of some silly error in the way you proceed.

It is in your interest, to approach an admission consultant in Dubai, who can guide you through the whole process. Sage Education Services is the Best study in the UK Admission consultants in Dubai. They offer their expertise to aspiring applicants and ensure that their admission into a UK university happens smoothly.

Here is an overview of the different admission aspects that SAGE EDUCATION SERVICES assist candidates with –

  • Weekend batches for coaching for ACT, SAT and GMAT. These special coaching classes improve analytical skills, making it possible for students to achieve good scores in the standardised tests

  • Selection of universities is a major decision. SAGE helps applicants shortlist the best universities, based on their qualification, where they stand a solid chance of getting admission

  • Guide students with the application process

  • The essay editing service ensures that the essay submitted makes a strong impression on the admissions team. Apart from correcting language and grammar of the end piece, the trained professionals at SAGE work with the applicant to develop an inspirational essay – one that stands out.

  • Interview preparation is one of the key assists that SAGE offers. From how to dress and conduct yourself, to how to answer questions, without becoming nervous, SAGE shows you how to do it

Provided here is just a gist, of how SAGE can help you. The fact of the matter is that Sage is a team of professionals who are in the business long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. They coach and train you, so you can ace every step of the admission process, and live your dream of walking through the coveted gates of a university in the UK.