Canada is one of the top global educational destinations. The country registers an approximate turnover of 6 lakh international students every year. Along with world-class educational institutions, the governmental policies, growth prospects, safe environment, and peaceful society attract students to this beautiful country. It offers a possibility of settling down as well, for the students with exceptional calibre and good academic or extracurricular records. Obtaining advice from international educational counsellors or abroad educational consultants would make your enrolment at the universities in Canada easier.

According to the latest evaluations, 32 out of the top 1000 universities around the world are from Canada. The basic stages involved in joining an elite educational institution in Canada are elaborated in the succeeding paragraphs.

Understand Your Need

Each student will have his or her choices and dreams. Choosing the course that can lead him/ her to the aim in life is essential. Once you have a clear idea about the course you want to pursue, search for the universities and colleges in Canada that offer the subject course. Alternately, you can get in touch with us to get a list of top universities offering the particular program.

Choose the Universities

There would be more than one university with the program available. Many a time, all the universities you handpicked may have similar value. Guidance from expert abroad educational consultants can be useful in such a scenario.

Qualify Language Proficiency Test

English or French language proficiency is a compulsory requirement for prominent universities in Canada. Although there are universities that don’t need language proficiency, qualifying for the proficiency test is advisable. As it would eradicate any type of limitation from your end, regarding the universities you can choose.

Application to the Handpicked Universities

The universities will have customized application processes and timings. Therefore, you must check their website for the peculiarities and additional prerequisites. As is the case, a carpet application may not be possible. Utmost care must be observed whilst filling out the online application and uploading the documents. It should not happen that you fail to obtain admission only due to some minor discrepancy in the application.

The next stage can be pursued only after receipt of acceptance by a university. You will have to confirm the interest for the university to forward you the final acceptance letter.

Student Permit

You must get a student visa for travelling to Canada and commencing your course. Either visit a visa support centre near you or apply online, for a student permit. The documents for the visa must include your passport, relevant educational documents, statements indicating your financial status and the acceptance letter from the university in Canada. The students, who have opted to study in a university in the Province of Quebec, will receive an additional certificate confirming the same. The same also must be attached to the student permit application.

Once you complete all the formalities and the visa has been issued, you can travel to Canada and join the course program without any issues.

Studying in Canada – Important Things to Note

Enumerated below are a few things that may be useful to you. Read on, if you are a student or a parent planning to choose Canada for your child’s higher education. 

  • Different universities have different criteria, as well as enrolment procedure. You may have to browse the websites of the relevant universities to know the exact procedure.
  • The fees and other charges for enrolment may be considered before applying if you have budgetary constraints
  • There are numerous scholarships and grants available for international students in Canada. Check out the scholarships/ grants available to make sure whether you are eligible or not. Apply to attach the relevant documents if found eligible.
  • The living cost and expenses will depend on the area you choose for the education and stay.
  •  Not all the universities offering higher education in Canada have global recognition. Therefore, the certification from those universities is not much valued.
  • Most importantly, beware of frauds pretending as abroad educational consultants and counsellors. Approach only a reputed international educational consultant, with the office in your home country and Canada. The governmental authorities in Canada have also been warning the students repeatedly regarding the high number of fake educational consultants.

You may contact us to know more, or for admission to elite universities in Canada.