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Sage Education Services is one of the pioneers in online education. We endeavour to present you the best possible online tutoring in Dubai for various syllabuses. Sage has teachers in the curriculums including American, UK, AP, IB, GCSE, IGCSE, SABIS A-Levels and University Level. Our students have been qualifying competitive and entrance exams with high grades. The number of students joining Sage online tutoring in Dubai has been on the rise since inception.
We focus on the student’s overall development. Hence, we monitor each student and prepare a study program according to his or her strengths and drawbacks. Every student is important to us. And we focus on elevating them to the standard required to crack highly competitive exams. The competitions have turned global. The students need to be brought up to the level, where they can score well to get admissions in the school/college/university of their choice.
Our handpicked tutors have years of experience in the teaching field. They use unique pedagogical methods to nourish and nurture the students and improve their understanding of the subjects. This has been the main reason for our unparalleled success in the online tutoring classes in Dubai.


Online Tutoring - Key to Success

It will be of paramount importance to have someone the students can turn to when they have confusion, doubts or lack of information about the subjects. An expert tutor can guide him or her to imbibe the crux of the topic. Thereby, it will stay cemented in their brain. This will enable the student to perform great during the exams.
Sage Education has teachers from around the world. The students can choose the teacher of their choice. The student-teacher chemistry is essential for him or her to follow the subject effortlessly. We assure that each teacher with us, for online tutoring in Dubai, is exceptionally talented. They have been aiding students to perform wonders since the beginning.

Why Sage Online Tutoring Classes?

Sage Education Services have teachers qualified in American, UK, AP, IB, GCSE, IGCSE, SABIS A-Levels and University Level syllabuses. Our online tutoring subjects are Maths, English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Business and Economics. The well-qualified teachers have been handpicked to deliver outstanding online tutoring services in Dubai.


Online tutoring classes for Maths include Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus AB & BC and Statistics. Sage follows a predefined and proven methodology to impart adequate knowledge to the students. Thereby, they can score extremely well during the entrance exams. Sage provides coaching not only for the above-mentioned curriculums but also for standardized exams around the world.


We use a comprehensive teaching technique to strengthen the students’ knowledge, including the basics of English. We teach Grammar, Language and Literature, Creative Writing, Academic Writing, TOK Essay, Extended Essay Writing, Business Writing, Official Writing, Spoken English etc. This improves the confidence of the students. Therefore, he or she can attend an English exam without any nervousness or confusion.


Our speciality is the custom-designed teaching formulae to educate students on Introductory Biology, Zoology, Human Biology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Cell Biology, Ecology, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Evolution, Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular, Structural and Theoretical Biology. We ensure that the students understand the subjects in detail. Thereby, they can compete successfully in standardized exams across the globe.


The complicated theories and principles deter students from studying the subject. They tend to avoid reading Physics thinking of the complex formulas. We have formulated an unmatched way of teaching students on the all-around aspects of Physics. It will encourage them to approach the subject without apprehensions and understand the theories and principles into their heart. This has made us one of the most appreciated and leading educational services in Dubai.


Understanding the broad aspects of Chemical reactions, the obtained results and chemical theories is vital to score well in Chemistry. We have online tutors, who have proven their dedication, in enlightening the students in theories and concepts of Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry. We guarantee unparalleled online tutoring in Dubai covering all the topics in Chemistry. To enable the students in acquiring optimum knowledge on the subject. The student will be capable of cracking every standardized exam around the world.

Business and Economics

Exemplary coaching is required to brighten the student on the rapidly changing trends in Business and Economics. So that they can shoulder higher responsibilities. And become highly performing business magnets and Economic advisors. Through the learning of the subjects can only ensure that the students turn successful in life and conquer their dreams. We do not leave any ball unturned in the process of online tutoring of Business and Economics. The students will shine as if a polished gem after attending the classes by the elite professional tutors of Sage.

Features of Sage Education Online Tutoring Class

The inimitable features that distinguish us from others are depicted below:

  • Expert Tutors– Teachers with ample experience and expertise in the subjects.
  • Affordable Rates – High standard of education at affordable rates.
  • Flexible Timing – The student can decide the time schedule. Additional classes even if they miss any session.
  • Individual Monitoring – Our teachers monitor every student to understand his or her weak areas. This enables the teachers to design coaching accordingly. Thus the student can be brought to the standard necessary to succeed in competitive exams.
  • Secure & Time Saving – Every second/ every minute is valued in education. The teachers ensure that the time is adequately utilised to teach the students.

You may contact Sage Education Services at Call +971 56 408 1202 / +971 4 379 0899 or via our email id [email protected] to discuss regarding classes for various competitive and entrance exams. We are here to support you to reach your dreams. Join us and let us help you.

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