GRE or Graduate Record Examination, is a key step toward the admission process for graduate school or business school applications. It is a multiple-choice-based question, which is administered through a computer or online format. The score, along with the other academic requirements and supporting documents, is analysed to determine whether you are fit for the rigorous courses provided by graduate schools and business schools. A good score on the GRE can help you secure a seat at your dream college or university.

As the GRE is a highly competitive exam, it is necessary to figure out some strategies while preparing for the exam. In this blog, you will find some helpful strategies on how to improve GRE scores in your upcoming GRE exam.

Come Up with a Test Strategy

When you begin preparing for the GRE, you should have a plan in place for how you will attend the test.The goal for the exam is to move through the questions quickly and confidently, which helps you attend to all the questions and still finish the exam on time. As the exam areas are divided into arithmetic and verbal, Different plans have to be devised to achieve good scores in each of these sections. The verbal sections require you to be collected when answering those questions, and the quantitative section expects you to be quick and spontaneous in your answering technique. 

Stick to a study schedule

A study schedule can only make sense until you set an examination date. Once the date of the examination is confirmed, you can start preparing your study schedule accordingly. It would be ideal to set your schedule in reverse chronological order, starting from your examination date. Make sure to give yourself at least two months of preparation time before setting your exam date. A strict schedule will help you study with enough time to prepare yourself for the examination without any unnecessary hassle. A study schedule will help you be grounded and keep you in a strict routine.

How much do you study?

The amount of time you set aside for studying will have a necessary impact on your GRE score. It is ideal to understand the scoring and dish out a recipe for preparation correspondingly. Setting aside achievable goals will help you score the maximum possible score on your GRE tests. 

How to Improve GRE Scores?

The study method you adopt will have a proportional effect on your GRE scores. Joining GRE classes in Dubai will help you to set objectives and address your shortcomings effectively and thereby  harness the power of preparation. Preparing notes and making a number of revisions are some of the age-old strategies that still have not gone out of practice. Let's look at some methods adopted on how to improve GRE scores

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Take Practice Tests

Practice tests play an important tip to improve GRE scores. Getting used to different kinds of question structures is necessary to get an upper hand in the speed and spontaneity of solving questions. While preparing for the verbal sections, make sure to prepare different flashcards and study the roots of common words. The quantitative section requires you to be more adept at answering, which can only come by hand through solving more and more questions. In GRE, as the use of calculators is allowed, you needn't waste your time on basic calculations; instead concentrate on getting the concepts well. The writing section requires you to comprehend ideas in a short amount of time. Therefore, make sure you practise your writing skills on instruments where the auto-correction is turned off.

Start studying vocabulary

Your vocabulary skills are tested in the GRE indirectly and directly. A good grasp of vocabulary is needed for you to ace your verbal reasoning, and vocabulary has to be handled well in order to comprehend the reading passages in the GRE. Some study guides have given a common list of words that have been tried and tested during the past GRE exams. Studying all of it seems overboard. But figuring out an effective way like learning five to six words a day and trying to remember the meaning through pictures or illustrations can help you score well in your English-related sections.

Don't ignore the other subject

Make sure to give prominence to the subject where you are low on marks. Choosing to score well in your favourite area and contradicting the score for the area which you have ignored, can give mixed impressions to the admission board of your dream school. Make sure to give equal validation to all sections of your study area.

Use good materials.

Using good materials for your exam preparation can help you score better in your exams. The materials that you purchase for your exams should be able to deliver good questions with answers and explanations for each question. Good materials for the GRE exam can be expensive. Take a good look at the materials before purchasing them.

know the question types.

The first step in preparing for the GRE could be to study the concepts and topics. But when it comes to highly competitive exams such as this, you will need to give preference to the different types of questions they constantly ask. Practise well and formulate your own shortcuts to reach the answers to such questions. 

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Keep a record of your mistakes!

An error log might seem silly, but it will help you streamline your preparation effectively. Working out in a notebook regularly and continuously doing question types that you constantly make mistakes on will make it less likely to throw you off balance. 

Plan on taking the exam twice.

Most GRE aspirants score better by taking the exam twice. After the first attempt, you have to wait 21 days to take the next attempt. The chance to retake the GRE test can help relieve the necessary stress on the first attempt.


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