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Our goal is to pair students with expert Chemistry tutors who can help them unlock their potential, improving their grades and confidence.



At Sage Education Services, we use a proven system for Chemistry tutoring in Dubai. Our unique combination of highly experienced trainers, comprehensive courses, and difficult review classes improve speed and stamina. That’s why our students come out in flying colors, year after year.


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  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry


  • American
  • UK National Curriculum
  • AP
  • IB
  • A Levels
  • University Level

Standardized Exams

  • SAT I & II
  • ACT
  • GED
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • GMAT
  • MCAT
  • LNAT
  • BMAT
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Rabia Tahir

Chemistry Teacher

Rabia is experienced in teaching IB (MYP and DP), AP, A levels, SAT and BMAT. Holder of MPhil Chemistry (Certified by WES and Attested by Ministry of Education UAE), and BS(Hons.) Chemistry degree. Being a teacher at Raffles World Academy and many others reputed tutoring centers across the world previously, she has excellent command of Chemical analysis and Laboratory tests, experienced in conducting both individual and group support sessions based on student needs and assessed abilities. Examined and explained undergraduate and graduate-level course concepts, including organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and chemical separation. Prepared course material and lectures centered on AP, SAT II and BMAT, proficient in online learning platforms.

Chemistry is one of the most interesting and rewarding subjects for a student. While the subject is highly conceptual, with little assistance from a qualified chemistry tutor in Dubai, students can strengthen their basics and develop an interest in the subject. Moreover, since this subject is a very important base for the career of the students, it is important that a chemistry teacher in Dubai helps them strengthen the same. At Sage, we have the most proficient Chemistry teachers in Dubai. They have the experience of preparing various students for SAT II, ACT, IGCSE exams as well as teaching college students. In their years of work, they have found ways to provide conceptual clarity to students as well as creative methods to make learning fun. We have especially designed courses for various curriculums including AP, IB, A level, American and UK National Curriculum chemistry among others. We guarantee the success of every student by our unique Sage Methodology. The students are provided compendious course materials that are specially designed as per the curriculum of the students. Along with the studies, students are given various practical test papers that are made by our experienced chemistry tutor in Dubai. These tests are designed as per the exam structure, the probable questions and previous year papers also. This helps the student to develop concrete exam-time strategies and improve their speed and stamina. We have an individualized approach and help clarify the doubts of the students, boost their weak subjects and help them achieve their individualized score goals. read more >

At Sage, we have customized courses for IB Chemistry. Along with the best IB Chemistry Tutor in Dubai, we provide various materials and practice sessions, that guarantee grade improvement of the students. Since IB Chemistry is a highly structured and systematic course, to yield good results, the students need a profound knowledge base, the right strategy and technique, and good time management skills. Our Sage methodology ensures that the students are prepared in line with all the requirements of the IB Chemistry course. Our IB chemistry tutor in Dubai ensures that the students perform optimally by strengthening their fundamentals and teaching challenging topics with ease and clarity. Their preparation is strengthened even further by the study materials that are provided which are exhaustive as well as easy to understand. We also have individualized doubt removal sessions which help the students to understand the difficult topics. To polish the students to perfection, various practice tests and difficult revision sessions are also provided.

An expert AP Chemistry Tutor in Dubai is required to be well versed with the examination pattern, the peculiarities of the course and the strategies that the students must employ. All of these requirements are delivered by SAGE. We provide the best AP Chemistry Tuition in Dubai. We make sure that the AP Chemistry course is extensive and covers all challenging topics lucidly. The students are assisted with the best course materials that are prepared by our experts. Also, our AP Chemistry Tutors in Dubai are always available to assist the students and clear their doubts. They use creative teaching methods and analytical skills. The students are given individualized score goals that they achieve through a thorough knowledge and rigorous practice. To ensure that the students are able to apply their knowledge and perform well during the exam, various practice test and review sessions are conducted which helps them save time and avoid common exam pitfalls. This guarantees a comprehensive and adept exam preparation.

A level Chemistry requires the development of accurate analytical skills, a thorough understanding of challenging concepts and a deep and extensive knowledge of all the topics. This is what our A Level Chemistry Tutor in Dubai ensures. The students are given a coherent understanding of the concepts. In addition to this, the course materials that are altered as per the needs of the various curriculums suffice in providing a theoretical backing of all lessons. The practical application of this knowledge is ensured by our multiple review tests that help to assess the students and make them faster. At Sage, we believe that no two students are the same and thus, our A Level Chemistry Tutor in Dubai ensures that the needs of all students are met. Teachers help clarify their doubts and improve their understanding of difficult topics. The students are free to seek their assistance at all times. More importantly, the experts at sage ensure that the curriculum is designed smartly and the students do not have to do unwarranted labor.

GCSE & IGCSE Chemistry has a special curriculum and requires an adept understanding of the topics. Thus, the students necessarily need the assistance of a highly experienced GCSE & IGCSE Chemistry Tutor in Dubai. Sage Education Services provides the best tuition for GCSE & IGCSE Chemistry through our comprehensive curriculum expansively dealing with all peculiarities of this examination. Our GCSE & IGCSE Chemistry Tutor in Dubai ensures the success of each student by making them through with the topics and generating interest in the subject with their unique teaching methods. Moreover, owing to their experience, the teachers have a profound understanding of the requirements of GCSE & IGCSE Chemistry and consequently, give the students the right direction of preparation and examination strategies. We also provide the best-in-class reading materials which have lucid illustrations and detailed explanations. To brush-up the preparation, the students are given various practice tests and review sessions. Thus, we ensure success through our focus on both knowledge and skill development.Close

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