Learning from the comfort of your home is the latest trend. Getting adapted to new ways and methods is one of the best qualities of people. Learners who practiced traditional classroom learning got acquainted with the online learning method as soon as they had to face a crucial situation. The difficulty and strangeness that they had to face in the beginning, however slowly faded away. The online learning method is now well accepted by them. 

Apart from the routine classes, most of the students now opt for tuitions as secondary support to their academics. When the traditional classrooms became online classes, traditional tuitions too found their space in the virtual platform. Tuitions are online tuition now. Are you an online tutor who looks forward to improving your tutoring techniques? Here is what you need to know. This article will explain the best online tutoring Techniques followed by Sage Education.

Understanding What Students Need

Remember, you are the tutor! You must try to understand what mode of tutoring is required for your students. Unlike traditional tuition, in online tuition, you will have to deal with a limited number of students in a batch. This will help you give special attention to your students. At Sage Education, our online tutors understand that the students need our guidance and mentoring in order to learn new material.

Pre-Assessment of the Student 

At Sage, we focus upon assessing the academic strengths and weaknesses of the children and train them the right way. Understanding the areas where students require more attention will help you choose the right techniques to make them learn things in a better way. You can conduct a preliminary test from the syllabus to understand the area to focus on.

By conducting a test, you can understand the part in the syllabus where the students need special care.  You can also understand the academic strength and weaknesses of the students through interactive sessions and homework sessions. In between the class, ask the students to explain what topics and concepts they are studying. This will let you understand how attentive the students are. 

Providing Active Coaching

Are you wondering what this actually means? You might have often noticed students approaching their teachers to get their doubts cleared. A student might seem to be restless and would not entertain spending more time upon a doubt or query. But a professional tutor must induce curiosity in them and out of this curiosity, they must spend time to know more about their doubts. For example, a student might come to his/her maths tutor to get an answer for a problem from their syllabus. They might come to you only to get the answer, but you must spend time explaining the entire process that will lead to the conclusion. This is active coaching.

When a student comes to you with a particular question, make them recall the steps they would take to get to a certain point to determine where they got stuck in their understanding. Tutors must strive to comprehend the overall thought process before attempting to push them a little further with leading questions. In this way, you can help students develop an interest in the subject. Now let us look into how we can encourage students to learn more? The best way for this is to avoid yes or no questions. Asking these types of questions limits the thirst of students to know more. Also, remember that you should never try to pack the students with more information or work. This will create a feeling of tiredness in them.

Carry Extra Materials

Since you are providing extra academic assistance, it is necessary that you carry extra study materials. A student can come up with different types of doubts from the syllabus and thus you must be able to clarify their doubts. With basic study materials, this cannot be possible. You might require other resources to settle down their doubts. 

Making Class Interactive

Not all students join the tuition out of their own interest. There are students who are admitted to tuition classes because of the immense pressure they have from their parents. So it is necessary that you let children enjoy the study session. Making the classes more interactive and engaged will help you get the attention of the students throughout the class.

At Sage Education, we allow the student to actively participate both by doing and by asking questions while you guide them and pay full attention to what they are doing. It is important to note that for this type of student-tutor interaction, you must be an expert in your subject. Don’t tutor the subjects with which you are not comfortable and in which you can’t answer students’ creative questions.

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Tracking the Performance

We look forward to tracking the performance of the students regularly. For this, we conduct tests and exams at regular intervals. This will let our tutors know well the students have improved from the previous exams or tests. 

Always make sure that you maintain a professional attitude towards tutoring. Online tuition is the new normal and students and parents have started expecting more from the tutor side. So it is our responsibility to meet their expectations.

After reading the online tutoring techniques we follow at Sage, you might have got a clear idea about the best online tutoring practices to be followed. Not all institutions follow these strategies, but a learner-centric tutoring approach would be always successful. If you are looking for online tutoring in Dubai, Sage Education will be the ideal option. At Sage, we offer result-oriented student-centric tutoring techniques to help our students grasp the concept easily and to score high marks in their exams.

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