If you wish to pursue an MBA from a top business school in the world, then you need to clear the hurdle of clearing the GMAT exam. The score you achieve on this test will determine your entry to your preferred business school. The GMAT test is not only helpful in getting admission into an MBA programme but also in your career path in the long run. Scoring good marks on the GMAT will help you in your career as you can start entry levels at better remuneration, giving you a competitive edge over others.

Students are often confused about determining the most suitable test for them because there are various entrance exams available, including CAT (Common Admission Test) and GRE (Graduate Record Examination). In this current scenario, many colleges are making entrance tests such as GMAT optional. In this article, we'll explore who must take GMAT and what are the benefits of taking this entrance exam.

Why should you take GMAT?

If you aspire to get into a business school, then a GMAT test is important, as many colleges grant admission based on the score you get on the exam. GMAT scores are accepted by over 6,000 graduate business programs at approximately 1,700 universities and organizations globally, as stated by the Graduate Management Admission Council. Business school admissions committees only accepted GMAT scores as standardized test scores for a long time. While GRE scores are being accepted by more business schools, the GMAT remains the primary standardized test for admission.

What is the GMAT test?

GMAT test is specifically for students seeking admission into business and management courses which assess their preparedness for the course. The questions on GMAT test your ability to solve different types of problems you will face while pursuing your MBA and career. Colleges and universities give importance to GMAT scores of the applicants because they give them an idea of whether the student will be able to keep up with the rather rigorous curriculum of the MBA program. Since GMAT is a standardized test, the format is the same for all test takers in different parts of the world. The test also helps in comparing the abilities of the test takers with each other.

Benefits of taking the GMAT exam

Here are some of the benefits of taking the GMAT exam.

Entry into top Business Schools

GMAT is a standardized examination exclusively for students to gain entry into business and management courses. Thousands of business schools require students to submit their GMAT score to get admission into various programs. If you dream of studying in one of the finest B-schools in the world, then you need to clear GMAT. Since the B-school curriculum is quite rigorous, GMAT plays a major role in determining your ability to handle the curriculum. All other parameters, such as past academic performance and letters of recommendation are subjective matters, but they also influence the selection process.

Study on scholarships

Studying an MBA program in a top business school can be expensive. You might still have to pay the tuition fee even if you score high on GMAT. Paying the fee can be challenging for many students. However, securing a scholarship is the best way to study in an MBA program without worrying about the expense. An excellent GMAT score can help you get a scholarship if the competition is fierce. But this requires a lot of preparation. You need to find out the average GMAT score for getting a scholarship in the B-school you wish to study in. Once you know what score you need to get, work hard to achieve them. However, scoring a high mark on GMAT might not guarantee you a scholarship. Colleges consider various other factors as well while offering scholarships to students. 

Better placement opportunities

An excellent GMAT score is not only essential to gain admission into a well-known business school but also plays a crucial role in securing a good placement in a renowned organization. There are several recruiters who take into consider the GMAT scores of the applicant during the hiring process. Therefore, scoring good marks on GMAT is also necessary to land a well-paying job in a reputed company.

Gain exposure

For students who wish to study abroad, GMAT is really beneficial. Studying in a foreign country for sure can be challenging, but is an important part of your personal growth. Seeking education in a foreign country provides you with opportunities to interact with different people, helping you develop a positive outlook towards the world. This also enables you to understand differences, respect different opinions, and embrace change. The skills and experiences you gain while studying in a different country will contribute to your professional development as well.

Upgrade skills

GMAT exam tests your logical, analytical, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. To get a high score on GMAT, you need consistent practice and thorough preparation. While preparing for GMAT, your ability to understand and organize information, as well as your decision making skills are honed, which are some of the essential qualities you must possess to excel in your career. You will also learn how to efficiently manage your time to get things done in your professional and personal life.

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