Sage student Sreekar Gudipati scored 1570 out of 1,600 points on the SAT test ranks, attaining an unparalleled feat by becoming one of the top scorers globally. It is a matter of great pride that he is one of the top one percent. Out of the millions who have attended SAT globally.

Sreekar could achieve an outstanding score of 770/800 in English and a full 800/800 in Maths. He has a dream of one of the top business schools in the USA. This praiseworthy score is going to augment his chances of getting selected phenomenally.

Responding to queries, he said, "I decided to attend SAT to bolster my application to the American universities I will be applying to, specifically Wharton Business School in the University of Pennsylvania. I want to study economics there." Stating his ambition, he added, "A bunch of the universities I’ve applied to want high scores in the SAT exams."

"Start early," Sreekar said as advice to those planning to attend the SAT. "Repeated practice, identifying the strengths and flaws, and correcting those are fundamental in gaining a good score."

His achievement is definitely going to be a booster for SAT aspirants. Definitely, it has been a matter of great joy for Sage. The professionals at the academy rejoiced in the accomplishment of the young Indian ex-pat and expected it to be a motivational factor for others.

"I spent a week or so with the English writing section, a week on strengthening grammar, and vocabulary." Sreekar was quite happy when talking about Maths. "With Maths, I went over the content real quick. Because Maths is my forte. "

He explains that it is good to take the subject test if one is planning to go to a top US university. An excellent score is going to boost the acceptance probabilities. To quote his words, "What is really important is the preparation for the actual exam. Constantly practising, getting familiarized with the exam pattern, and getting used to the way the exams are asked can enhance the possibility of scoring well."

"Understanding the concepts deeply, to apply them effectively even when there is a shortage of time, is vital for appearing in the SAT successfully. Practising SAT style question papers as much as possible in timed conditions will help in understanding the exact exam scenario. Undergoing an exhaustive preparation would enable the student to understand the question style, pressure of time, and mental fatigue," Sreekar Guipati further added.

Such achievements have been Sage’s strength from time to time. We empower the SAT aspirants with adequate knowledge, mental strength and confidence. The crucial factors for scoring exceptionally well on the SAT. Sreekar Gunipati has made us proud by claiming this elegant feat. We wish him the best of luck in his endeavours and thank him for providing motivation to SAT aspirants.

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