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English Tutoring for Kids

English is a universal language that is essentially required for communication in most countries. The lack of knowledge about grammar, syntax, usage, and communication formats can adversely affect the performance of an individual. Proficiency in the English language is a mandatory requirement for migration formalities to many countries, employment at elite multinational companies, and enrolment to reputed universities and so on.

These points make in-depth knowledge of the English language vital for enhancing the growth prospects in life. It is the best thing to nurture the kids and induce the knowledge from the initial days in school, i.e. from kindergarten. Recognizing this very fact, parents start preferring English tutoring for kids. Private English tuition for kids is helpful to strengthen the basics of the language, including language and vocabulary. Correcting their pronunciation and comprehension, the English teachers for kids at kindergarten will guide them through the right path.


Benefits of English Tutoring for Kids

Cement the Basics – The English tuition will help the students to cement the basics of grammar, idioms, phrases, vocabulary, syntax, pronunciation, and usage. In turn, they will have a strong understanding of the language, enabling the children to use the language confidently. He or she will turn a stalwart in the language with time. It will be a complicated thing to educate those who don’t have strong basic knowledge of the language.

One-to-One Coaching – The English tutor for kids will be having a one-to-one interaction with them. It will help the teacher to understand the flaws or issues encountered by the children. By providing customized lessons, the English tutor will resolve the doubts and confusions to make them understand the topics difficult for them.

Feedbacks on the Improvement – The English tutor for kindergarten will provide insight into the kids’ improvement to the parents. This will help the parents in understanding the level of knowledge of the kids. As the English tutoring for kids will ensure gradual enhancement in language proficiency, the parents also will get reports on the same from the English tutor.

English Tutors at Sage Education

We have a panel of handpicked English tutors for kids in Dubai. They not only have extensive experience and expertise but also the result-oriented pedagogical methodology. That will be fruitful in educating your kids thoroughly and guiding them through the right path.

The Sage English tutors for kindergarten are:

  • Selected after ascertaining their quality and qualification, for educating the kids in the most optimal manner
  • Capable of understanding the kid’s psychology and formulate the teaching accordingly, to garner the best result
  • Efficient with an eminent position among the English teachers in the region
  • Capable of understanding the methodology to educate students through fun games and entertainment

Sage offers kid-centric English coaching for kindergarten students in Dubai. Talk to us to learn more about our coaching methods and enrol your child.

Why Sage Education for English Tutoring for Kids?

Sage Education is one of the pioneers in English tuitions and other coaching classes for kids and youngsters in Dubai, UAE. The organization delivers comprehensive services in every field of education. It includes online and physical tuition classes on subjects including English, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Business and Economics, overseas educational consultation, coaching for competitive international exams and many more. We have exclusive sections and faculties for each type of coaching. The English tutoring for kids is under an exclusive section, with eminent teachers with proven mettle in teaching children. Since the English tuition for kindergarten is entirely different from other coaching classes, our team makes concerted efforts to make the classes effective and result oriented.

Enrol your kids for English tuition by Sage. Watch them turn proficient in the language, to achieve greater heights in life. To discuss private English tutoring for kids, contact us now.

Aylia Ayub

English Trainer

Aylia Ayub is an experienced, enthusiastic and focused teacher who is committed to safeguarding and promoting the education and well-being of children and young people at all times. She is passionate about giving young children the best possible education in life, and enjoys working in a busy environment and relishing the challenge of managing a diverse workload. Her attributes include being able to establish a supportive relationship with not only students but also their parents and fellow teachers all with the aim of promoting and reinforcing a student’s independence and self-esteem. She is someone who is fundamentally committed to good practise and innovation and who is very much a team player.

Saira Ahmed

English Trainer

Saira Ahmed is an enthusiastic focused individual who is passionate about the teaching profession. She relishes challenges and develops strategies to overcome them. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, the language was, at times, a barrier. However, she met the different learning requirements for each student by using a variety of teaching styles. She possesses many skills to bring to the teaching profession, including creativity and a motivating attitude. As a teacher, she hopes to inspire students to be ambitious and driven to achieve their future goals.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

English is the most popular language in the world. Language proficiency is a mandatory requirement for many purposes including immigration, higher education abroad, employment etcetera. By inculcating knowledge from childhood, they will turn experts in English.

Yes, Sage Education provides not only physical tuition classes but also online English tuition for kids.

Grammar is the main aspect of every language. The individual must have a thorough understanding of the grammar to frame sentences and communicate correctly. The English tuition for kindergarten will include basic grammar lessons also. However, in-depth grammar classes will commence in later classes only.

We have a proven way of teaching, which includes games, activities, and fun, for ensuring their attention. The kids will be learning English through entertainment. It has proven effective since our initial days.

Yes. We carry out tests at frequent intervals to understand the efficacy of our English tuitions. Necessary corrective measures would be implemented based on the results.

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