Getting the opportunity to study abroad is a life changing prospect. But one of the biggest challenges students face is how to finance their education or find ways to support themselves. This is where the importance of scholarship comes in. By securing a scholarship, a student can support their studies and their life abroad to a great extent. With the plethora of scholarships available both by universities and governments, it is important to know the best way to ensure a scholarship for yourself. In this article, we are going to shed light on a few tips for applying for a scholarship in a university.

Get organised

First and foremost, you need to put a clear plan in place to get your affairs in order. Ensure that you do not leave anything to the last minute or pull an all-nighter. Have the deadlines in mind and work backwards to ensure that you don’t miss anything important. This can help avoid stress to a large extent. Make sure you proofread all the necessary documents and applications before submitting them. You also need to plan ahead to submit your application a few days before the due date so that you can avoid any technical mishaps or contingencies. 

Make sure your essay makes an impression.

Your essay is one of the most important documents that can make or break your scholarship application. Write your essay with the specific requirements of each scholarship application in mind. Do not copy and paste from other applications, but rather write fresh essays for each university so that you can address the specific requirements of that particular scholarship in the best way possible.

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Pick references who know you and your work.

Most scholarships require recommendation letters from references to identify whether you are the deserving candidate for their scholarship. In such cases, it is vital that you give references from people who clearly understand the scholarship criteria and know you best so that your chances of obtaining the scholarship are high. You can give your references a brief idea of the scholarship criteria, which can help them frame their recommendation letters in the appropriate manner. Make sure you inform them well in advance so that they get ample time to develop thoughtful responses. 

Take steps to make sure your application gets where it needs to go.

Ensure that you send your application to the right address/email id with all the necessary information and documents. Keep a copy of all the documents in your scholarship application packet for safekeeping and records. This helps you to reproduce your application in case your application unfortunately goes astray. Another thing to ensure is that your name appears on all pages of your application, which can help identify your application in case it goes missing.

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Apply for as many as you can.

Do not just limit yourself to a few universities, apply to as many universities as you can for your scholarship. A common mistake made by students is that they underestimate themselves and fail to explore many scholarship opportunities. By investing a little time and effort in researching and preparing your application, you can find the best scholarship that meets your needs. The point to remember is that the payoff is worth it in the end!

Ask for help if you need it.

If there is a point in your scholarship application process that leaves you stumped, it is best to seek help either directly from the scholarship office in the university or from professional experts like Sage Education Services, who can guide you through the process. Seeking help is perfectly fine as it can help improve your scholarship application and help you through the bumps in the road. With their expert eye for detail and experience in helping thousands of students through their scholarship application process, Sage Education Services can help you realise your study abroad dreams by perfecting your scholarship application.  For more information on how to write the best scholarship application or for further help with scholarships, contact Sage Education Services today. We are the leading overseas education consultants in Dubai, having qualified and trained professionals to guide you. Contact us today to know more!