How prepared are you for the SAT? Imagine your answer if anyone asks you this question. It may be difficult for you to give a prompt response. Those who have burned their midnight oil may also become confused when anyone asks this question. The basic reason, for the lack of clarity concerning the level of preparation, is that the individual didn’t undergo any assessment tests.

Mock tests are advised by professional tutors and coaching academies to the Sat aspirant. It is vital for boosting the confidence of the aspirant, as well as, gauging the preparedness. The best concept is to attend as many mock tests as possible. The benefits of attempting mock tests before taking SAT are elaborated in this article.

1.         Level of Preparedness

Mock tests would reveal the level of preparedness of the candidate. Therefore, she or he can augment the studies accordingly. Mock tests will not be of much use if one just attends them for the sake of attempting or due to the pressure from the tutors or parents. The will to increase study time and focussed efforts must be followed based on the results of the mock tests.

2.         Identifying the Weak Areas

Just studying and memorizing concepts and subjects may not be helpful in recognizing the weak areas. The difficulty in understanding the topics may indicate the same. However, the mock test would help the student identify the weak areas properly. Accordingly, adequate importance may be given to the subject topics.

3.         Time Management

A mock test is similar to a real SAT in all aspects. The number of questions, the pattern, and the timing followed in SAT will be followed in a mock test as well. The student can organize the exam strategy and hone the time management skills. It may be advisable to get support from expert professional tutors to strengthen time management skills. Consequently, the aspirant will be able to answer maximum questions correctly.

4.         Boost the Confidence

Attempting mock tests would help enhance confidence. The performance will improve gradually, with each mock test. The increase in score would be a confidence-boosting factor. Nevertheless, the candidate should not lose hope if s/he gets a low score in a couple of mock tests. Low grades scored in mock tests should be the reason for relentless preparation.

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5.         Understanding the Question Pattern

The SAT follows a constant question pattern. The pattern would be clear to the student once she or he attends a number of mock tests. Additionally, s/he will be able to plan the right way to go about it. This helps in answering the questions right away without any dilemma, during the real SAT.

Other Factors that Affect Performance during SAT

Not only mock tests but also several other factors that affect a student’s performance during SAT. A thoroughly prepared student can score high grades and get admissions without any issues. The important elements that can aid one to improve SAT exam scores are:

Expert Guidance – It is advantageous for the student to join a reputed institution for SAT coaching. There are always limitations when one pursues preparation by self. The tutor would act as a guide, mentor, and motivator. Aiding the student to remain confident throughout the preparation, as well as, during the SAT.

Right Books – Instead of buying all the books available in the market and getting confused, it is better to buy some selected books only. The tutors or seniors would be able to suggest good books to buy. Don’t assume that buying too many books would enhance the level of preparation. 

Optimistic Approach – As known to all, SAT is not an easy exam to crack. It needs dedicated efforts and a confident approach. The student may consider counselling if s/he loses confidence or turns stressed as the exam date nears.  Teachers and academic experts have an important role to play in such a scenario.

Scheduled Preparation – The student should prepare a preparation schedule and follow it meticulously. Procrastination and indolence are the enemies of anyone who wants to achieve something in life. The same is the case with SAT aspirants too.

The Conclusion

Don’t defer attempting mock tests for a later date. Attending the SAT without attempting a sufficient number of mock tests is not suitable for those aiming to crack the exam.