Are you planning to pursue higher education abroad?

It would be a great decision, a life-changing one, to attend overseas universities. Renowned international educational institutions would offer you a promising career, and thereby a life of accomplishments.

Do you know the documents required to apply for a university abroad? Do you have an idea about the university you want to attend? Have you identified the colleges that offer courses in your favourite subject or stream?

We are listing here the documents required to apply for a university abroad to obtain admission in foreign universities. For detailed information on the preferred educational destinations and ideal colleges abroad, you may reach out to us right away.

  1.     Application Form

An application form is a primary document for applying to a university/ college. You should fill in the correct and relevant data in the application. Avoid false statements and fake documents. The universities undertake a thorough examination of each of the applications. If they find any anomalies or untrue statements, the application will be rejected.

  1.     Academic Transcripts

An academic transcript would contain a consolidated mark list, indicating your academic performance to date. The comprehensive data should include the grades you obtained, the degree courses you have undergone, the overall percentage you gained, etc. The academic transcript would aid the university officials to identify your true potential and to ascertain whether you are the right student for the stream you have applied for. Experienced Canada education consultants in Dubai will be knowing all documents required to apply for a university abroad in Canada . So they can help you better in preparing the academic transcript properly.  

The documents to be included in the academic transcript are:

  •  Mark sheet

  •  Academic certificates, including diploma and degrees,

  •  Record of achievements

  •  Academic record

  •  Transcript of Records

  •  Cumulative record files

  •  Permanent record

  • SOP,  SOP or Statement of Purpose

A Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement has to be prepared meticulously to justify why you are eligible to be enrolled in the course. The statement would describe your educational qualifications, experience (if any), how passionate you are about the course, your plans ahead, etc. The pitch should be strong enough to create a positive image of you. That would make the team consider you for admission.

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  1.     Proof of Language Proficiency

Leading educational institutions and renowned universities normally ask for a certificate of English proficiency from the applicant. Although there are many colleges that do not ask for a language proficiency certificate, the majority seek the same. You need to submit IELTS, TOEFL, or any other similar certificates. The universities normally accept only those students who have scored preferred grades on the language proficiency test. You may also have to submit a medium of instruction certificate.

  1.     Reference Letters

The university officials would examine the candidate’s qualifications and eligibility with the documents they have submitted. There would be many candidates with similar qualifications and academic accomplishments making the selection process difficult. Reference letters from noted individuals would reduce the labour. The letter would offer a clear idea about the applicant, stating why he or she is ideal. The words from renowned personalities would amplify the possibility of the candidate's selection. Reference letters from reputed personalities are essential documents to be submitted while you are applying to universities abroad. Make sure that the letter describes the positive aspects of you, stating your skills and talent to persuade the selection committee that you are the best candidate for the university

  1.     Curriculum Vitae

A Curriculum Vitae would provide a comprehensive view of your personal, academic, and extracurricular achievements. Even if she does not excel academically, a student who excels in the arts or sports can be admitted to prestigious universities.You may seek professional help in preparing the CV. A well-prepared CV can increase the chances of selection manifold. You may get the CV checked by experts or a knowledgeable person if you are preparing it yourself. We have a specialist team for CV preparation. You can contact us as well if you want any assistance or support in preparing the CV.

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  1. Essays

Some universities abroad ask for essays from the applicants. Make sure to prepare an outstanding essay that would engage the selection panel instantly. The university admissions team would evaluate the essays to assess the candidate.

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So, you have decided to go for higher education abroad. Now the real task starts. Finalizing the overseas education destination, identifying the university/college where you want to take the course, ascertaining whether the college is good or not, determining the financial implications, assessing the career opportunities of the subject course, and so on.

A set of complex concerns, aren’t they?

That is where we come in. Sage has been the most trusted education consultants in Dubai  for years. Our experienced abroad education consultants would help you with the complete process. They would take the responsibility of enrolling you at the best international educational institution to ensure that you have a successful, rewarding, life. Get in touch with us to simplify the process of admission to foreign universities.

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