The SAT no-calculator section is one of the main sources of nightmares for the students preparing for this prestigious test. The no-calculator Math section mainly tests the problem-solving skills and the questions are fairly easy. It also occupies one of the crucial portions of the SAT coaching classes and is one section that tests the perfect blend of speed and problem-solving skills. While the no-calculator section is one of the most dreaded sections, it is also not invincible if you plan accordingly. It is just the confusion and tendency to make mistakes under pressure that messes up a candidate’s performance in this section.

Well, in the coming sections, we are going to discuss some really helpful tips that all the exam aspirants can follow to make their performance an absolute hit. Read the post carefully and don’t forget to practice keeping the tips shared here, in your mind.

How SAT Classes Help to Prepare for the No-Calculator Section?

The SAT classes taken by the experts are able to prepare you for the exam in the most comprehensive manner. Always remember, it is extremely important to keep your exam preparation in accordance with the exam. It doesn’t matter whether you are able to solve a question or not, but the time you take to solve a question and how well you manage to solve the questions in a time-bound scenario.

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SAT math tutors focus on problem recognition, technique and logic more than they focus on pure memorization. The SAT classes don’t only teach how to solve the basic equations they teach you how to solve them while saving time and without losing your mental cool. They hone your already existing skills and transform your abilities. Hence, they are a must for cracking the exam with impressive scores.

Now, let us move on to the no-calculator exam section.

Everything You Must Know About No-Calculator SAT Math section

The no-calculator SAT math section has 20 questions of which 15 are MCQs and 5 are grid-ins in which you have to put the solutions from your side. The test is fairly easy and poses no threats unless you rely too much on the calculators for basic calculations. This section has a 25-minute duration, which means you get 75 seconds for each question. This section also counts for one-third of your total Math score.

The no-calculator section tests your skills in the following three areas:

  1. Algebra (8 questions)
  2. Advanced Math (9 questions)
  3. Additional Topics (3 questions)

Mostly, the questions come from complex numbers, linear equations, linear inequalities, quadratic equations, geometry, graphs and functions etc.

As all these topics generally involve a lot of steps for problem-solving, the section tests your abilities to bypass these steps without making a mistake to solve the questions in the allotted amount of time. Hence, keeping your mental calmness is a must in this section.

Now, let us move on to find some tips for solving the no-calculator section of SAT maths.

Tips to Tackle the SAT No-Calculator Section

1. Don’t spend too much time pondering

Don’t spend a long time understanding the meaning of the question as it might affect your speed. You might have heard that ‘if it is taking too much time, it's most probably wrong, and this is something that you must keep in your mind. Investing too much time on one question will not only affect your overall performance but also earns you frustration which is the last thing you might want.

2. Direct questions mean direct solving

Don’t skip on solving the questions. Sometimes, verbal or mental problem-solving leads to confusion in the answer. Hence, instead of being dependent on your mind at all times, try to increase your problem-solving speed. Most of the questions asked in this section are direct and only require a step-wise solution. So, simply solve them.

3. Avoid silly mistakes

Overlooking a minus sign, confusing the powers, roots and mistakenly writing wrong numerators – these are some of the so-called silly mistakes that can be easily made during the exam. Hence, check the equations once, before you proceed to solve them.

4. Practice

Take mock tests online that come with a timer and step-wise solutions. These tests will test your problem-solving skills and how well you fare during the time stress. So, irrespective of the number of shortcuts and tricks you learn in your classes, until or unless you solve the questions on your own, it is impossible to qualify this section.

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Solve mock tests daily to test your skills and also to get that mental boost for the exam day. So, practice your backward problem-solving skills as well.

5. Don’t forget the elimination rule

Sometimes, you arrive at a solution that is not present among the choices given to you. Then you must opt for the elimination rule or backwards solving to arrive at the right answer. However, this is something that you can achieve with the right amount of practice and swift calculation. 

6. Don’t lose your cool

Ok, so you don’t know the answer to the first question itself. You skip it and the second question also doesn’t ring a bell. This is a situation when most of the students come under pressure and fail to perform as per their level of preparation. Hence, before you go for the exam, prepare your mind for a situation where you don’t know how to solve the questions. It is something natural, right? The exam will have some questions that you might not know how to solve. So, don’t lose your cool while solving the exam.

Well, this brings us to the completion of our discussion. We hope all our readers find it helpful. Always remember – a good preparation starts from Day 1 and starts preparing for the exam well in advance.

This compiles the list of best tips to tackle the no-calculator SAT math section. Being one of the leading SAT training institutes in Dubai, Sage Education provides personalized development and customized study plans for every student to ace the exam. For more expert tips and guidance please contact us at +971 564081202 / +971 43790899 or email address [email protected]. Our representative has all the answers you were searching for.