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Our goal is to pair students with expert Physics tutors who can help them unlock their potential, improving their grades and confidence.



At Sage Education Services, we use a proven system for Physics tutoring in Dubai. Our unique combination of highly experienced trainers, comprehensive courses, and difficult review classes improve speed and stamina. That’s why our students come out in flying colors, year after year.


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Sani F

Head Quant Trainer

Sani completed his education in Physics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and his PhD at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Sani is passionate about STEM education and his aim is to enrich all of his classes with engaging, scientific and mathematical concepts. For the past ten years, in the US and Dubai, Sanihas been teaching IB, AP, IGCSE, GCSE, SAT, SAT II, ACT,GRE, GMAT and University level students physics, calculus,and broader math. Sani has trainer over 10,000 students with a 90 % success rate of improving their scores exponentially. He has been a university lecturer in the US for physics and calculus as well as developed study plans and course material with students in Austin, Texas for the SAT, SAT II ACT, GMAT and GRE. Sani’s lively approach to math and science has garnered a reputation of excellence from all of students,who have improved their grades, exam scores, and confidence.

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  • Introductory Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Quantum Physics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Evolution, Genetics
  • Electromagnetism


  • American
  • UK National Curriculum
  • AP
  • IB
  • A Levels
  • University Level

Standardized Exams

  • SAT I & II
  • ACT
  • GED
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • GMAT
  • MCAT
  • LNAT
  • BMAT


Math and Physics Teacher

S. Al Moudarres completed his undergraduate and graduate education in France and Sweden in Engineering, when he discovered his passion for teaching. He has since has helped hundreds of IB, AP, GCSE, IGCSE, SAT II, and University level students prepare for their Physics and Math exams, improve their grades, and strengthen weak areas. He is fluent in French, Arabic, and Spanish, and enjoys camping, music, and theater in his spare time.

Students often have very striking opinions about Physics as a subject. Some students love the subject while some dread it. But we believe that the interest and inclination towards a subject depend on their teacher. Thus, it is pertinent to take the services of a qualified physics tutor in Dubai who can provide students with the required conceptual clarity, make the lessons interesting and endow the students with extensive knowledge of the subject. This is what our physics teachers in Dubai do. They have a profound experience in training numerous students with a success rate of over 90%. At sage, we have the best courses designed for various Physics curriculum like American, AB and IB physics among others, with specialized physics teacher for each. The courses cover various topics like Statistical Mechanics, Genetics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, etc. with specific emphasis on the challenging topics. To make the students adept at expressing their knowledge, we take various review sessions and practice tests. These tests are customized by our physics teacher as per the examination pattern and previous and projected questions. The object of conducting multiple tests is to make the students comfortable with the examination pattern, teach time-management skills and make them adept at avoiding common exam pitfalls. read more >

At sage with the most proficient IB Physics Tutor in Dubai, we specialize in IB Physics tutoring for both Standard level and Higher level. The teachers ensure the success of the students and guarantee grade improvement. We believe that the students must be provided with extensive knowledge and thus, we complement the same with strong fundamental clarity. In addition to this, our experts have prepared study materials as well as course plans that are focused on nurturing the students for IB Physics. At sage, our IB physics tutor in Dubai helps the students to cope with challenging subjects and provide doubt removal sessions as per their needs. This ensures that each student is tended to individually and receives prioritized attention. Also, since a comprehensive preparation not only requires deep theoretical knowledge, we complement the same with skill-development as well. This is provided through rigorous and difficult practice test sessions that test the students and groom them to be faster and perform better in exams with the presence of mind.

At Sage, we have the most qualified AP Physics Tutors in Dubai. Our teachers are experienced in preparing hundreds of students for AP Physics examination and have radically improved their grades, confidence, and understanding of the subject. The recipe for ensuring the success of our students is our unique combination of comprehensive syllabus coverage, creative teaching methods, and compulsory practice test sessions. Our AP Physics Tutor in Dubai helps the student with strategic tips peculiar to AP Physics that they have acquired owing to their years of experience. The students are also free to seek assistance from our teachers at all times. Students also find our tutoring course unparalleled due to the engaging and interesting teaching methods.

With incrementing importance of specialized tutoring, at sage our A Level Physics Tutors in Dubai cover comprehensively the A level Physics as per the AQA, Edexcel Board and CIE papers. The syllabus and study plans are planned to comprehensively cover the syllabus with a specific focus on Electricity, Magnetism, Oscillations, Nuclear Physics and waves among others. Our teachers ensure that the students have a very deep conceptual clarity and understanding and consequently feel confident, comfortable and capable in performing optimally in the examinations. Our A Level Physics Tutor in Dubai offers a variety of services to promote the overall skills and knowledge of the students like specialized course materials with lucid explanations that are systematically structured. In addition to this, our compulsory review sessions help to polish the students to perfection. To make the students more comfortable with the examination pattern through numerous doubt sessions and practice tests. These factors have contributed to the excellence of hundreds of students who have completed their A level Physics course with flying colors.

Owing to the complexity of this course, it is difficult to find an expert GCSE & IGCSE Physics Tutor in Dubai. But Sage Education Services provides customized courses for GCSE & IGCSE Physics. Since our faculty has a very good experience of teaching university students, they are well qualified to teach as per the level required for GCSE & IGCSE Physics. We guarantee the optimal performance of all the students and grade improvement with the help of our unique Sage Methodology. This encompasses a combination of regular classes by the best GCSE & IGCSE Physics Tutor in Dubai who provide the students with lucid explanations and understanding of difficult topics, study materials prepared by GCSE & IGCSE experts and difficult review sessions. Furthermore, a unique blend of these methods employed at Sage ensures that students do not have to do unwarranted labor. But since practice is an important element for success, the students are given various practice tests which help them become perfect and also instills a competitive drive inside them. Close

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