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AP Physics Tutoring in Dubai

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AP Physics Tutoring in Dubai

AP, or otherwise elaborated as Advance Placement, are college-level courses that help students get that extra credit right when they are in high school. Taking up this course can actually help students ace their college applications and get that extra edge in getting admitted to their dream college. The AP Physics courses are categorised into four parts:

  • AP Physics 1,
  • AP Physics C - Electricity and Magnetism, and
  • AP Physics C - Mechanics

The best way to ensure that students get to score the best in these exams is to get them an adept AP physics tutors who can help them learn throughout these categories and help them get that benefit of good scores, which eventually provides better visibility into their college applications.

At Sage Education Service, we provide AP Physics 1 and 2 classes. All our AP physics tutors in Dubai are experienced enough to meet the students expectations and help them.


Benefits of AP Physics Classes in Dubai

Here are the advantages of AP Physics classes in Dubai offered by Sage Education Services.

Let us take a look at that:

  • Our AP physics tutoring in Dubai are provided by trained professionals who have years of experience teaching the subject and have trained many students. Their expertise in the subject helps them convey even the hardest topics with ease.
  • Personalised attention: The tutoring times are arranged by Sage Education Services in Dubai in such a way that they cater to the individual student's learning process. There are options to choose from: individual classes or group classes with a limited number of students.
  • Individual pace attention: The Sage AP tutors know how to be with the students and give them the care that is required to ensure that they understand each topic. The tutors adapt to the learning speeds of their students and adapt to methods that meet their needs.
  • Exam Preparation: The entire AP Physics tutoring process will be aligned to meet the needs of the final examination. The course will be taken in such a way that it follows the exam syllabus and develops strategies that will help them get the best marks.
  • Academic Support: The students are usually intimidated to ask questions in the classroom. By getting help from Sage Education Service’s AP Physics tutoring, the students are assured of homework support, extra hours to clear doubts, and a comprehensive classroom atmosphere where their outputs are valued effectively.

Courses Offered

AP Physics 1

This is an introductory physics class that is infused with the concepts of algebra. The course aims to empower students to understand the concepts of physics and solve the relevant problems with the help of algebraic methods. The topics covered under AP Physics 1 are: kinematics (motion), dynamics (forces and Newton's laws), circular motion and gravitation, work and energy, momentum, rotational motion, and simple harmonic motion.

The basics and foundational concepts are discussed in AP Physics 1, and these topics will help build an evasive understanding of the subject.

AP Physics 2

This is the second-year course and is based on the student’s understanding of AP Physics 1. This is also based on algebra, but in a much more advanced version than the previous one. The topics covered under AP Physics 2 are fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electrostatics, electric circuits, magnetism, optics, and modern physics. It is more intensive than that of the syllabus for AP Physics 1. It goes in depth, requires the student to have clarity in their understanding of the concepts, and gets them to apply those concepts in real-life scenarios.

Why Choose Sage as your AP Physics Tutors in Dubai?

We strive to provide the best possible assistance and support to all AP-level students of physics. Our highly experienced AP physics tutors in Dubai have a curated system of teaching that is comprehensive and understandable by students of different learning capabilities. We have students who come out with flying colours every passing year. We make sure that the fundamentals of physics are strong, individualised score goals are set, we practise previous question papers, we discuss areas that can be exam pitfalls, and so on. Sage Education’s ultimate aim is to help our students score the best possible marks and get admission to their dream university.

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