Admissions to higher education are now not just dependent on the academic performance of students but also on other defined qualities such as leadership and other extracurricular activities. The intention behind bringing other aspects into the selection process of higher education is to help students find themselves as individuals with overall qualities that help them achieve better goals in their future endeavors. Such futuristic measures can help students think beyond books and engage themselves in philanthropic and leadership activities that can aid in building a profile that can stand out amongst the other applicants. 

Here’s what you need to know more about extracurricular and leadership mentoring in Dubai. 

Importance of extracurricular and leadership profiles in admissions

The world of extracurricular and leadership activities in Dubai is limitless. Anything that ranges from starting your own social media page to having your own business can be part of an extracurricular profile. The profile that is different from your academics can actually help create an understanding for the admissions panel of your dream university about a side of your life beyond your GPA scores. Your extracurricular profile clearly demonstrates your authenticity and genuineness of self. 

Therefore, it becomes a necessity to build your extracurricular profile along with your academic profile from a really early stage on. The panel should understand and be conveyed that you have been working on the role for a long time and that it is not just for the need for admissions processes into their college. 

Let us look into the different ways that an adept extracurricular and leadership profile can help with your further academic journey:

  • Improved academic performance

Investing in extracurricular activities can take away some of the time that you are putting towards academics. But, when planned well, extracurricular activities can actually bring better structure to your academic life. As you become more available for your passion project, your brain functions better when it comes to setting up your academic progress. If you are focusing your time in sports, it gives you better endurance, stamina, and concentration power.


  • Broader perspectives

When you are actually promoting the child to focus more on academics, it can actually shut them off from the reality of life. Whereas, extracurricular activities can help them experience different tastes of life and unlock different passions that they never knew they had in them. The new developments can also be conveyed in the admissions interview, which can help the panel see a unique perspective on your profile.

  • Higher esteem

 As extra-curricular activities become a part of the selection process at the top universities in the world, children who are not so brilliant in academics will also get a chance to prove their worth. Their extracurricular achievements will help elevate their profile, and with fairly good GPA scores, they can easily achieve their dream of studying at their dream college. 

  • Productive breaks

Developing your extracurricular and leadership profile can even provide quality induced breaks between your academic activities. These breaks also provide the opportunity to learn some essential life skills like analytical thinking, leadership, time management, social skills, etc.

Importance of Extracurricular and Leadership mentoring courses

The right guidance is required to choose the right extracurricular and leadership courses that can enhance your college admissions application. Choosing a good institution that offers the same will help relieve half of the stress of the ambiguity of what to choose.

A good extracurricular and leadership programme or mentoring course provides benefits like: 

  • Opting for an institution that gives the opportunity to engage on a global scale can help open up the level of scope and opportunities for the students to look forward to. They also invite themselves to get better competition not just from a local perspective but from an international perspective. 

  • The extracurricular and leadership mentors in Dubai can help enhance the ideologies of the students, as the tutors are effectively trained in different areas ranging from non-profit/community service, entrepreneurship/start-up’s, computer science, engineering (mechanical, electrical, chemical, etc.), physics, biology, medical sciences, and fine arts.

  • The tutors also possess additional qualities like project management skills, attention to detail, and good communication skills, both verbal and written. 


Types of sessions involved in the training programme

The different kinds of sessions that a good extracurricular and mentoring programme can offer children range from:

  • Debating programmes that equip children with the skills and help them participate in different local, national, and international debate competitions

  • Entrepreneurship programmes that actually help children get and understand the seeds of owning a business.

  • Health and fitness programme that will help promote the benefits of being a fitness enthusiast and even bestow on the child the opportunity to document their journey. 

  • Community services that help transcend even international boundaries. It also plays a very important role in getting a good admission profile.

  • Arts and culture will help in bringing a different hue to the entire profile, which includes visual arts, drama, theatre, dance, etc. 

Why choose Sage as your Extracurricular and Leadership mentoring in Dubai?

By choosing Sage as your extracurricular and leadership mentors in Dubai, you are giving yourself the opportunity to make your dreams come true. The adept crafting of programmes that cater to every child’s interest and need is what makes the course the best out there in the academic industry. We also provide good guidance to students to help them apply in the right way when it comes to college and university applications and represent their leadership and extracurricular activities in the best possible way. We develop our children in such a way that their applications will stand out among thousands of other applicants.