GMAT is an online exam that is conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council for admissions in management courses. The exam is well-known for being a roller-coaster ride with less than one minute for each question to answer. Further, the questions test the actual level of analytical skills and understanding of the concepts. Generally, the exam has four sections, namely – Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning.

However, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the exam pattern has been modified this year such that there will be THREE exam sections. The Analytical Writing Assessment section has been omitted this year. 

As the exam has a certain degree of notoriety when it comes to the hardness of the questions, almost all the students opt for GMAT training in Dubai. Training under the guidance of the experts leads to skill enhancement and targeted preparation for the exam. 

In the following post, we are going to share some extra tips that can take your GMAT exam preparation to the next level and can help you make the most of your GMAT exam training. 

So, what does it take to guarantee your admission? How to make sure that you get the best value out of your GMAT training and tuition?

Let us find out the answers to these questions and decode the rightmost way to prepare for the GMAT exam.

Tips to get the most out of your GMAT training

1. Stop postponing the targets

Never postpone your exam preparation or revision. Always remember that every day counts when it comes to exam preparation. Postponing things, again and again, will lead to a huge attitudinal shift that will certainly have detrimental effects on your exam performance. Always remember, preparation for a tough exam like GMAT takes months to be perfect. So, be serious from day one and make sure you keep a target in mind while preparing for the exam.

2. Don't lose focus while preparing 

It is very easy to lose focus while preparing for an exam with a vast syllabus. The GMAT exam helps you stand out during the admissions process. The admission consultancy is based on the career interests, profile, major, and universities of interest. For GMAT, you have to prepare for three sections, and it is easy to lose focus and get wayward with the type of questions you are solving. The main reason for this is the endless number of reference books claiming to be the best for GMAT. However, this habit is going to affect your exam performance. 

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So, you must ensure that the topics and concepts you cover daily are in alignment with the exam. Though you cannot do a forecast for any question, you must know that there will be no question on simple direct formulas. You must always be attentive while choosing reference books and solving them. Solving questions that are not mentioned in the syllabus or that are way too easy is only going to waste your time. Prepare to keep only one thing in mind - "I will crack GMAT" and keep your preparation on the same lines.

3. There is a sure-shot way to cram things

There are many types of questions that depend on short-cuts, tricks, formulas and some mnemonics that you come up with during the exam preparation. A number of tricks for solving questions in a shorter amount of time are taught by the teachers as well. While the students with a great memory will surely face no trouble here, it becomes hard for others to learn and remember all these things. For cramming the right way, you must remember that it takes more than a day!

Paste some chart papers on your room's walls and write all these tricks, formulas and short-cuts etc on them. Write to them as soon as you come across them. Within a few days, you will have a lot of tips on your walls that will serve as a permanently open book of references and formulas. Revise these formulas etc daily and you will not fumble with them during the exam.

4. Follow the golden flowchart of mastering every concept

We are going to share the golden flowchart of mastering every concept

  • Revise the concept taught by your teacher in the class
  • Solve the questions (basic to hard) from the coaching material and reference books
  • Solve questions from reputed mock tests or practise tests on that particular concept
  • Solve (if any) questions from the previous year's papers

Do this daily for all the subjects. This habit will surely pay-off and will keep on the right track of exam preparation. This is one of the most reliable and sure-shot methods of doing a holistic and exam-oriented preparation.

5. Revisiting the already covered concepts

It is important to revise the concepts you have already covered once in a while. This keeps the concepts fresh and clear in your mind.

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Schedule this re-capturing at an interval of 15 days. When your preparation progresses, there will be a large pile of concepts left to be revised. So, the best way is to solve some questions on each concept. However, you must ensure that you solve quality questions that have higher odds of getting included in the exam. The practise papers and previous years' papers can come handy in this regard.

6. Keep a journal

Take a diary and write down the concepts you covered in one day from all the subjects and the type of questions you solved on them. Don’t break the routine and in a few days, you will feel confident of your exam preparation. You will get motivated by it and it will act as the best reference for your exam preparation as well.

This brings us to completion 

Now that you have the right set of sure-shot ways to make the most out of your GMAT exam preparation, what are you waiting for?

Start following the tips and give GMAT exam the best hit!

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