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How Important is the College Essay in the Selection Process?

College Essays are crucial and one of the most vital parameters that have a final say in the selection process. This is a trend for admissions in various colleges and universities in Europe and America. However, recent times have seen a global shift in the weighting of College Essays in an acceptance decision. Though these essays have a wide range of context and are not limited to the core curricula, they actually test the knowledge pool, the maturity of thought and the overall mental ability of the applicants. Further, there is no rule of thumb when it comes to college essays; there is no fixed pattern to follow. As a fact observed in the past years, the college essays involve answering among 1 to 4 questions in a detailed and explanatory format.

The students have to set their tone whilst answering the question asked in a personal manner through a well-structured and logical response.


College Essays – An overview

The college or university provides the essay prompt or guideline for content. These questions vary for each university, and sometimes between specific courses. These questions are designed to test the candidate’s abilities can be judged for course admissions. The candidates are shortlisted based on their answers and essays and it is an elimination phase of the admission process. This is why it is a highly crucial step in the admission process.

Types of Essays:

General Topics on which the questions are based:

  • Goals
  • Career Progression
  • Failures
  • Leadership
  • Challenging Situations
  • Ethical Dilemma
  • Achievements

Essay types based on word limits:

  • Very short write-ups: 50 to 200 words
  • Short Essays: 200 to 500 words
  • Long Essays: 500 to 800 words
  • Full-Length essays: More than 800 Words

Why do we need to edit the college admissions essay?

Most of the students make mistakes while writing essays such as losing the train of thought or choosing a completely inappropriate direction. Therefore, taking help from an expert admission consultancy firm offering Essay writing services is one thing that should not be ignored.

Reasons to go for essay editing help:

  • Editing of essays by admission experts having decades of experience
  • Coherent write-ups that are engaging without being mundane
  • Write-ups fitting the answering premise of the question and topics
  • Almost negligible chances of rejection

Sage Education provides a complete admission consultancy service and offers the best essay writing services in Dubai. With a team of experts having rich experience spanning over decades, Sage is a name that has carved a highly reputed niche for itself.

Sage Essay Editing Services in Dubai – What can we edit for you?

We offer academic essay editing help for all universities, colleges and courses keeping the recent admission trends in mind. Our college paper editing services span beyond just grammar and spelling.

The college essay editing service at Sage comprises:

  • Brainstorming of ideas
  • Outlining the structure
  • Developing initial drafts
  • Polishing end products
  • Correcting Grammar and Spelling issues
  • Sentence fragments tailored to perfection
  • Tackling run-on sentences
  • Improving the word choices
  • Expert reference and bibliographical checks by college admissions essay editors with rich experience
  • Checking and correcting the flow, accuracy of thought and consistency in the write-up
  • Diction, context and structure editing

Essay Editing Services in Dubai from Sage Education

At Sage, we offer writing services for different types of essays.

Extended Essay

This editing service is for IB, AP, A-Level, GCSE/IGCSE essays. The editing involves thesis statement editing and strengthening of conclusion, both of which are highly crucial for a high grading. The main body will be edited for logical progression, appropriate diction and quality analysis. The expert editors at Sage Education offer feedback on content quality to ensure students understand the weak points in their writing. The editors also suggest the various areas for improvement of the writing style in general and contextually. The essay writing services offered at Sage cover the spectrum of parameters that dictate the quality of writing and affect its grading. The team of experts at Sage has helped hundreds of students to gain notable improvement in their grade profile.

  • Perfect for:
  • IB, AP, A-Level, GCSE/IGCSE and other related essays

  • Includes:
  • Structure Reviews

    Suggestions for content development

    Logical Progression review

    Punctuation, grammar and spelling

Common Application Essay

The common application essay editing service is perfect for students needing help with the American University application essay. Most American universities use the common application portal, making the essay key to successful admission. We have a team of experts with excellent educational and experiential records that can help you with your college application essay. They understand the dynamics of admissions and the ways in which applications are judged. Further, being in the domain for decades now, the experts at Sage have mastered the perfect essay. They understand the various crucial elements that make the essays admission-worthy. From contextual writing, losing the train of thoughts, removing redundancy to answering the questions with precise diction – essay editing services at Sage touches all aspects of an essay. We also provide expert guidance and support for syntax reviews, grammar and premise of required answers.

  • Perfect for:
  • American university applicants

  • Includes:
  • Working with an expert editor

    Structure review, Reference list support and review

    Grammar, diction and syntax review

Research Paper (Dissertation)

The essay editing and proofreading services offered by Sage for Research Papers (Dissertation) are holistic, covering all aspects that make written work credible, publishing-worthy and meet the required standard. A thorough review with content, structure, and grammar remarks is initially provided to ensure that the entire write-up is coherent and well-formed; the entire premise of various sections of the research paper is maintained and the language used is purposeful. The expert editors at Sage have helped hundreds of scholars with their paper submissions; in our long career, we have developed the knack of guiding scholars through the areas of difficulty in order to become successful in their pursuit.

  • Perfect for:
  • Research paper and dissertation for Masters Programs

  • Includes:
  • Review of structure and logical progression

    Review of bibliography

    Refining grammar, diction and syntax

Personal Statement

The personal statement is required for admissions for the UK UCAS university portal. The Personal Statement should represent that you are the right person with the right knowledge pool and the right mental abilities to get admission in the course you are applying for. The UCAS personal statement varies from the common essays in many key areas. Not only the students have to maintain a coherent individual opinion but also they have to keep the entire thought process consolidated. The personal statement editing requires an expert grasp over precise and concise writing. We offer the best essay writing services that also involves working with an expert college essay editor to form the best statement. The expert editors also review the structure of the content, suggestions for contextual and content quality, references, personal perspective and grammar etc. The students are also guided about their writing style and understand what makes their writing credible and admission-worthy.

  • Perfect for:
  • Personal Statement for UCAS

  • Includes:
  • Working with an expert college essay editor

    Structure review, Improvement Suggestions, References and Grammar etc

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