The Scholastic-Aptitude-Test or the SAT as it is commonly known as, is a standardized test for evaluation in getting admissions is most of the colleges. The SAT exam is neither a test of intelligence nor a test for academic excellence, it is rather a test of skills in English and Math that the students have already acquired through out all these years in school. As such there is no detailed syllabus or books that one can refer to prepare for the exam. However, it is possible to understand each of the sections and analyze the type of the questions in order to get the skills required to appear for the exam. Here in this article some of the key things needed to prepare for the SAT preparation courses in Dubai are discussed, have a look at these.

1. Reading Non Fictions

The SAT Papers lay emphasis on reading comprehensions taken from various subjects like science, social studies, history, fiction and more of the kinds. This is to test how well can the students interpret things coming from varied sources. There are direct questions as well as questions from the charts and tables accompanied with the passage that requires thorough interpretation and basic knowledge. SAT requires reading and comprehending 5 long and dense passages back to back within a period of 1 hour. It is not that the questions are complicated but they are quite straight forward but the thing is that your brain would shortly run out of energy at some point during the reading of the dense passages. In order to avoid this, you need to practice more and more reading nonfictions outside of your class and start preparing for SAT.

2. Get Your Grammar Right

In order to get the high SAT scores, you need to get your grammar right. In the verbal section, most of the questions will be on grammar. These are basic grammar questions that you have already learnt in high school and it is one of the easiest parts to score high. Just brush up your grammar skills a little before appearing for SAT.

3. Learn Mental Math

1 of the 2 sections of SAT mathematics will not allow the use of calculators. Here’s where you should train your brain to do mental math by working as a mental calculator. Your brain transitioned as a mental calculator cannot sprout overnight, you really need to practice a lot in order to gain that skill.

4. Become Familiar with SAT

Get the feel of SAT and try to familiarize with the SAT subject assessments. The different section of the paper evaluates the different areas of your skills and knowledge. Moreover, the SAT has a typical and specific way of asking questions that you need to familiarize with. The preparation of the math section is distinctively different from the preparation of the reading section and that is where SAT is unique.

5. Register for SAT

The SAT examination registration is pretty easy. You can register yourself by logging into the website of the college board. All you need to do is to create an account with the website and fill in the form to register. As for the location of the examinations, you will have to choose the most convenient one from the drop-down box.

6. Get Oriented with the Exam Pattern and Structure

Devote at least 3 months’ time for SAT preparation. Get oriented with the structure and question pattern so as to prevent yourself from being surprised on the exam day. The exam is out of total 1600 points distributed in 2 sections of 800 each for math and evidence-based reading. The lowest score to obtain is 200 points on each section. There is also another essay part which is optional. The total time duration is 3 hours and 50minutes if you also appear for the essay section.


7. Set a Target Score

Once you get the idea about the College board SAT, its high time to start the preparation. Set a score target that you can realistically accomplish rather than expecting too high. It all depends on the amount of quality time that you can devote for the preparation.

8. Set a Consistent Study Schedule

As the SAT exam dates comes nearer, your heart starts pounding at a much faster rate and that is quite natural. But if you start your preparations well in advance then the scary exam feeling goes away as you are well prepared to battle the first step towards your dream. Make a study plan that you can actually accomplish every week rather than just a plan to be stuck on your wall.

9. Take Online Classes

There are SAT classes available online. You can avail the classes by registering yourself on the online portals. Your attendance will be recorded in those portals on a weekly basis. These classes act as online mentors to help you make progresses at a steady pace.

10. Group Study

Preparation courses for SAT at times may seem boring. Instead of studying alone try studying in groups. This will keep you engaged as will be also a kind of mutual help. The things that you do not know may come easily to your partner and vice versa.

11. Work on Your Weaknesses

Overtime practice can sharpen the edge of your skills. More and more practice can get those things under self-control. But there are areas where you struggle and this is the area you need to work upon. Take a diagnostic self-review on the areas that you falter upon and try to steer things in the right way.

Preparing for SAT can be a daunting task where you know every part of the test and you have studied every single thing at your high school but the approach is entirely different. Just mugging up the concepts won’t help you to get a good score in SAT. You need to have a strong grip and in-depth knowledge on the subjects so that you can answer the questions that come even in its trickiest form. Practicing a lot and devoting a lot of time to its preparations comes as your rescue.