A big hurdle called SAT awaits the students aspiring enrolment into colleges. The SAT competition has turned tough with a number of institutions undertaking coaching for the same. The SAT exam has undergone a revision in 2016 and the total marks have been brought down to 1600 from 2400. That means, there were 03 subjects of 800 earlier and there are only 02 subjects now. The SAT exam consists of Reading, Writing and Language and Mathematics. There is a third optional Essay test, which is mandatory for some of the universities/ colleges.

The reading test will have passages from Social science, History, Literature, Chemistry, Physics etc. The student will have to read, analyse and answer the questions based on the passage. At the same time, the writing and language test consists of multiple-choice questions based on packages, a student has to read, edit and proofread. SAT exams are conducted 05 to 07 times in a year, depending upon countries and regions.

The Mathematics examination has two parts. One part with complicated calculations, where the student can use calculators. The second part is meant for ascertaining the student’s capability in analysing and understanding the concepts. The second part restricts the usage of a calculator.

The students can apply for the exams online and pay the registration fee. There is an option for disabled students to request for special accommodation. It is difficult to pinpoint a perfect SAT score. The competition is increasing day by day. And you have to perform extremely well to get into the best universities. The colleges prefer students from the top segment only. Since it will have a positive effect on the image of the college. Being the best among the lot, it will also reflect on the result of the college. Thus amplifying the value of the college.

The SAT has two sections, i.e. Reading and Writing and Mathematics. The minimum score one can get in each subject is 200 and the maximum is 800. Each right answer will earn you one point. 



Perfecting the SAT score needs consistent preparation from the student. You must be able to glide through the question paper answering each question right. Even a single mistake can pull you back from reaching the perfect score.

Along with preparation, the student must have the strategy to answer the questions without wasting much time on a particular question. Because more the time spent on one question, less the chances of finishing the question paper. 

The steps for scoring the perfect score in the SAT could be as follows:

  • Perseverance

As in any competition, the most persevering one will have upper hand over others.

  • Hard Work

Hard work is the key to success in anyone’s life.

  • Strategy
Strategy is of ample importance while attending SAT exams. The student needs to strategize the way they attend the exam so as to have the optimum result.
  • Guidance
Proper guidance from experienced tutors is paramount. With years of experience in teaching and guiding students, they have the tips and ideas to turn your hard work into results.
  • Attitude

As it is said, “your attitude decides your altitude”. A positive attitude can deliver you the results. Rather than thinking about the number of students you are going to compete with, you must think about improving your quality to reach the next level.

  • Learn from Mistakes

Learn from yesterday’s mistakes and grow. You should never make a mistake twice.

Guidance from experienced teachers can change the fate of students. A well-experienced tutor can turn the coal to glittering diamond. A right kind of preparation in the right direction is necessary for the right result. A teacher can pass down knowledge in an organized manner. So, it remains intact in the mind of the student. Thereby, ensuring better performance from the student. 



Sage Education Services has been a guiding light for the students for years. We are passionate mentors and determined go-getters. Our professional faculty members have a proven track record of success. 

There are two types of SAT preparation available at Sage Education Service. Those are Individual courses and Group courses. Students can select the course of their choice and convenience.

Individual Course

Individual course at Sage will have custom study plans based on the capability and calibre of the student. Our qualified teachers will finalise the plan after interacting with the student and understanding their capabilities and weaknesses. The course material is also prepared accordingly. There will be a flexible study schedule for the student to choose from. The student will be assessed on a periodic basis and progress will be monitored. Further, courses and training will be planned in accordance with the progress made by the student. The student will be taught and trained in time management strategies. He or she will be provided with ‘unlimited’ feedback on essays.

Group Course

The students will have 36 hours of classroom sessions and 76 hours of exam preparation training as well as 40 hours of practice tests. There will be a weekly review of difficult questions. Time management strategies will be taught to ensure that the students attend maximum questions in a short period of time. Feedback on essays also will be provided.         

Sage Education Services is a well-established organisation that not only provides training to the students but guides them until admission also. Being the trusted educational service in Dubai, we have helped thousands of students to succeed in SAT exams. We strive to take each student to the summit of success. And have been successful so far.  

If you are a parent searching for the right institute for SAT coaching for your child or a student confused about the right institute to join, you are at the right place. Contact us in +971 56 408 1202 / +971 4 379 0899 or email address [email protected]. Our representative has all the answers you were searching for.