Education has now grown a global phenomenon and no longer belongs to limited boundaries. To make your career successful and growing, you not only need a degree but one from a reputed University. With so many institutions in place, it has become a mandate these days to opt for a University that will not only enrich you with superior knowledge but a path that will lead you to the desired level of success. Students with ambition and motivation are becoming increasingly dependent on the foreign Universities that give them global exposure and an experience that will enrich them like no other.

If you are serious enough about your career and wish to provide it with an edge of international recognition, make sure that you choose from the top twenty universities in the world. There are plenty of names that appear in mind when we think of universities, but when it comes to selecting one, there are criteria and parameters that must be kept in mind. A University with global recognition, best faculties, and a record of impeccable placement is what an aspirant should look for. The best universities in the world come as a combination of all these and more. Following are the twenty most recognized universities in the world that every student should have a dream of attending.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

2. Stanford University

3. Harvard University

4. California Institute of Technology

5. University of Oxford

6. University of Cambridge

7. ETH Zurich-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

8. Imperial College London

9. University of Chicago

10. University College London (UCL)

11. National University of Singapore

12. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

13. Princeton University

14. Cornell University

15. Yale University

16. Columbia University

17. Tsinghua University

18. University of Edinburgh

19. University of Pennsylvania

20. University of Michigan

Choosing all these above mentioned high profile universities might seem to be a difficult task. However, with an expert’s advice alongside, selecting the right place for you would be more comfortable. Here comes the role of International Education consultants in Dubai who make your career choices easier and dependable with their years of experience in the domain of education. As far as Dubai is concerned, being one of the most important educational hubs of the Middle-East region, it has a number of overseas admission consultant in Dubai who can be helpful for you. They not only navigate the direction of your career in the right way but also help you to choose the best one in terms of compatibility keeping the subject and other aspects associated with an aspirant in mind. Hence, it is always advised and recommended that while picking up an international university, make sure that you visit an International Education  Consultant in Dubai and ask for his/her expert guidance on the same. The specific areas where the consultants extend their help and make your choices of universities flawless are as follows.

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Selection of University From the List

Making the right choice from so many options available is never an easy task. However, the expert consultants do the critical part of researching for the students and provide them with the best possible choices. With the data consisting of a student’s grades, extracurricular, goals, profile, and preferences for climate, region, budget, and other factors, the overseas consultants develop a fitting list of universities to help them pick the best choice for them. With the years of experience in the relevant field, the consultants do the best job, and the students get the name attached to their degree in the long turn.


Interaction Based Selection

While the consultants make a choice of the university on behalf of the student, the selection process goes through a comprehensive method that compiles introspection and requirements together. Every student goes through extensive interaction with the consultants to help them understand the goals, needs and the choices of the students which, in turn, helps them to select the best fit for the student concerned. Hence, the selections are never on random decisions. Every aspect is taken care of while deciding over the right university that a student must opt for through an inclusive process that allows the students to come up with their preferences as well.

The Application Process

When you are almost done with your preference list, it is time to apply for each of the universities. Every university has a different set of rules for the Admission Process in Dubai many times confuses a student while filling up the forms. The expert consultants help the students filling up the form in a flawless manner as in case of misappropriation; your application will stand a chance to be canceled. Moreover, the consultants also keep track of the schedules for Course Application Form, tests and exams and make sure that every aspirant submits the form well before time to be able to appear for the screening tests.

Active Assistance

Many of the universities of international level screens the aspirants based on the Admission Essay. Though in the high school levels, the students are often trained in writing an academic essay and literary analyses, admission essays are something that a student hardly gets any training for. The consultants give their best to make the students comprehend the idea of writing an admission essay and also help them through the process by making them create multiple drafts and revisions. With the help of an expert, your admission to any of the top-notch university this remains guaranteed.

Preparation for the Interviews

The final and the most critical part of the selection process remain the interviews. International Education Consultants in Dubai also help the students to get prepared for the same in order to be fearless and confident during the interview sessions. The mock interviews conducted by the consultants are of much help for the aspirant. 

If you are willing to give your career a boost, make sure that you select the right overseas admission consultant in Dubai and get grounded at one of the best Universities.

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