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Why Sage Education?

While there are various education services providing different UCAT course structures, Sage Education Services has undoubtedly proved to excel in terms of results. As seasoned tutors, we make sure that the UCAT coaching remains guided, effective and efficient. This is seen by contriving a compendious course particularly designed as per the unique pattern of the exam and the projected developments speculated by our experts. To further a comprehensive UKCAT/UCAT classes in Dubai for success, highly experienced trainers, as well as review classes are provided, that lay the groundwork for the real-time exam situation.

The best part of the programme is that the expert UCAT tutors help identify the weaknesses and strengths of the students and accordingly, shape their programme structure and critical exam-time strategies. Characterised by individualised and high-quality tutoring, Sage ensures the success of each student in the UCAT.

Sage Education services provides the best UKCAT/UCAT classes in Dubai and keep the students engaged by altering the course accordingly to their needs and expectations. This is why specialised course structure is designed with an effective combination of tutoring, mentoring and mock tests. The trainers are available at all times to engage students, address their queries and solve their problems, which becomes necessary for preparing for UKCAT which has a robust competition in the market.Our quality and results are validated by the fact that the previous students vehemently recommend Sage Education Services.

The Sage Advantage

Bold, Strong, and Creative

Sage Education Services is indubitably the best-in-class and we ensure it stays that way with our unique methodology that warrants great results by fostering the strengths of the candidates and removing the impediments to their success. Our tutors are seasoned experts delivering high-quality performance and the best speculations regarding the UCAT. The exam exhibits a vigorous competition and at Sage, we ensure that the candidates use it to their advantage and pass with flying colours, thus, ensuring a seat at their dream Medical or Dental School.

Section Questions Time(UKCAT) Time(UKCATSEN) Average Score
Verbal Resaoning 44 22 minutes 28 minutes 300-900
Decision Making 29 32 minutes 40 minutes 300-900
Quantitative Reasoning 36 25 minutes 31.5 minutes 300-900
Abstract Reasoning 55 14 minutes 17.5 minutes 300-900
Situational Judgement 69 27 minutes 34 minutes Band 1-4

At Sage, a combination of real UCAT questions, along with UCAT test prep material is used. These are specially designed by highly qualified professional test preparation experts from the UK that have vast knowledge relating to the UKCAT having a lot of experience. Exclusive and compendious guidebooks are provided that cover each topic specific to the UCAT designed as per the previous examinations as well as the projected trends. Verbal, Qualitative and Abstract reasoning guidebooks are made to guarantee the success of students by helping them avoid test-traps and increasing their efficiency. They also help improve the analysis and critical thinking skills of the students that is very important for any aptitude-based test like the UCAT. Furthermore, our UKCAT preparation course material is supplemented with Decision making and Situational Judgment questions as well as proper theory base and techniques to handle those questions best. Since the syllabus of the exam is focused on the mental and ethical ability of the students, our sessions ensure that an environment is built which will help the students in learning adequately and think the way they would be required to think like medical professionals. We also ensure practical participation which shall help them to apply their thoughts in UCAT-style questions. This makes sure that the students don’t merely learn and improve, but perform.


The 120-minute exam is designed to check “Clinical Aptitude”, with questions that test the ethical as well as cognitive abilities expected of good medical professionals. The importance of the exam is indubitable in light of the fact that almost 27 out of the 34 Medical Schools in the UK require the UCAT/UKCAT Scores as a part of their admission process. Even though the object of the test is to check the aptitude of the candidates, the questions range from verbal, quantitative and abstract reasoning to decision making and situational judgment. Coupled with heavy competition, it becomes almost impossible to secure a seat in a good medical school without proper and guided preparations beforehand. The UCATSEN is an extended version of the UCAT for those with documented disorders or disabilities. The exam is a must for all students planning to pursue a medical programme in the UK, which is needless to say, the best-in-class. The competition is vigorous, as is apparent from the fact that only about 30% of the applicants are accepted into medical schools. The rate is much lower for more prestigious colleges requiring a high standard of qualification. It thus becomes necessary to go for a result oriented guided preparation for the same.


Before starting the UCAT classes in Dubai, it is important to understand where one stands and what is aimed at. There is no precise speculation of the “perfect” UCAT score since the same depends on the level of competition as well as the university one wishes to pursue. While the scores fluctuate every year, depending on the varying difficulty over the years (even so slightly), the previous results help us make speculation. These scores make the eligibility criteria of students to appear for the university interviews. A score ranging from 660-690 can be regarded as a good score since major colleges in the UK are ready to take candidates having these scores. In addition to this being an overall score, some colleges like St. George’s University of London, St. Andrews, Southampton etc. require minimum cut off score in each category like a minimum of 500 in reasoning. Thus, for getting a good college, the candidate must have a good score in each category and secure a UCAT score in the top 30%. A high score ensures a greater chance of admission in prestigious medical and dental schools in the UK like Birmingham, Bristol and Dundee School of Medicine among others. For these, a score in the top 20% of UCAT may be required along with exceptional interview scores as well.

The group course comes with classroom training, practice tests, and a weekly review. It suits the need of the students by providing guided assistance and a competitive environment while focusing on the individual needs of the student. Since individualised tutoring characterises our services, the group UKCAT classes are small which makes sure that each student is given personalised attention.
Our Individual course is absolutely personalised and structured according to the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. Their Custom study plans and Diagnostic Exams are supplemented with Goal setting techniques, crucial time management skills and an individually tailored course material. Additional Individualisation is ensured through one-on-one sessions and flexible class schedules.

The test preparation by Sage is characterised by its unique approach. We utilise the most recent preparation strategies designed by global experts who have the best analysis and speculations. These are then altered to suit the needs of each student to ensure an effective delivery with their active involvement. To ensure this, specifically tailored course structures and expert tutors are employed providing dynamic sessions to improve the aptitude as well as knowledge thus, making them adept for the UCAT.

Sage has witnessed over the years, overwhelming increased improvement in the performance of the students after the courses owing to our indelible yearn for standard results being delivered by British experts specifically engaged with the UCAT. In addition to being better than the other services in the market, the secret to this is what we call the “Personal Sage Touch.” We understand that no two students are the same and thus, provide tutoring aimed at helping them reach their full potential.

In addition to exam preparation, we offer academic and admissions consultance for students applying to universities throughout the world. Our process is student centred ensuring not only does your profile match your dream university, but also that your dream university truly matches you. Far too often a universities ranking is prioritised over school ethos, course content, and internship opportunities.

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