Many students aspire to study at prestigious universities around the world. While they may be aware of the process for applying to international institutions, professional advice on universities, career options, and countries is essential. During the application process for studying abroad, an education consultant serves as a mediator between you and foreign colleges. They'll assist you with documentation and application procedures that require precision and accuracy. This is why study abroad aspirants rely on education agents for assistance. These international education consultants help  students study abroad by representing foreign universities in their native country. In this year's QS Foreign Student Survey, more than one-fifth of international students said they used an agent.

For many years, agents have played an important role in student recruiting, serving as many prospective students' first point of contact in-country. Students seek education consultants' advice and support with deadlines, fees, and processes, as well as other key elements to consider while deciding whether or not to study abroad. 

Benefits of taking the services of an international education agent

Let's discuss some of the reasons why study abroad aspirants rely on education agents for assistance.

Expert Counseling

Being in the field and working on it 24/7 is a great way to learn a lot about a subject or area. Study abroad counsellors are more knowledgeable about visas, their procedures, and other details. As a result, you can avoid making costly mistakes when applying for a student visa through them.

Visa Assistance

You must first apply for a visa for any nation to which you wish to travel. Your ambition of studying abroad will not be realised unless and until your visa is accepted. Because the visa application process varies in each country, it is best to use educational consultants to ensure that your visa applications are error-free. Any incorrect response will result in an immediate visa denial. By preparing you in advance through mock interview rounds, the experts ensure that you provide the finest answers in your visa interviews.

Quick Responses

As foreign colleges receive hundreds of applications each year, filtering out the most promising or brightest candidates can be tough. Using overseas education services might help you get quick responses. This makes the procedure go more quickly, easily, and smoothly.

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Consultancies for study abroad are direct and sincere. They will look at your profile and previous grades to see which countries and universities/colleges you should apply to. They'll also help you get a visa for the country where you want to study abroad.

Financial Assistance

 An educational counsellor can also assist you financially. They go over the many scholarship options available, as well as the criteria for applying for them and the application process. If you require an educational loan, they can help you by providing a list of institutions that provide low-interest loans. 

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How to choose a good education consultant?

Know your needs.

Studying abroad is divided into four stages: i. course and college selection, ii. preparation, iii. application, and iv. pre-departure. In each phase, one might select a consultant based on his or her needs. Some companies specialise in helping people choose courses and colleges, while others specialise in choosing countries.


We know we say it a lot, but studying abroad is a life-changing adventure, and you can't afford to take anything for granted. You must demand the best. Ask as many questions as you can about the consulting firm's expertise in the sector.Examine whether they provide adequate assistance to students from the time of application until the time of departure. If you could write it down, it would be fantastic.

Clear communicator

A student wants answers to his or her queries, but in a form that they can comprehend. Students come from all walks of life, and while some may have prior knowledge or be comfortable navigating the application process on their own, the majority have no idea. To make the best decision, you need an agent who can communicate with you in a language you can comprehend. After all, it is your future that you are attempting to determine.

Strong connection with universities

Agencies with strong relationships with colleges will be able to provide first-hand knowledge to their clients. Clients will have a clear grasp of college standards, procedures, and accommodations if they are given timely information. This will result in a higher success percentage for visa acceptance. Finally, this will relate to creating the groundwork for a higher agent trust factor.


Overseas education consulting is a business, just like any other. It costs money to pay the salaries of the employees and manage the office. However, the price may vary from one professional to another. Some experts who provide preparation services charge per session, while others charge quarterly or half-yearly fees.

Studying abroad is not an easy task; it is a continuous journey filled with numerous challenges and unpredictable events. It all depends on how well you’ve prepared for what's next, and the best way to find out is to seek advice from someone who knows what they're doing. This is the reason why study abroad aspirants rely on education agents for assistance.One of the best decisions you'll ever make is to contact a Canada Education Consultant in Dubai if you wish to study in Canada.

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