Thinking of how to get a perfect score on the SAT? Read on for helpful tips and strategies that every test-taker should know to prepare for the SAT exams. You have to prepare well to score high in the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) for obtaining admission to leading educational institutions in the US. The SAT exam focusses ascertaining the student’s reasoning aptitude, problem-solving capabilities and perceptive thinking. The preparation for the SAT should focus on the question pattern.

Understanding the requirement, the student needs to allot time accordingly. Remembering theories and practising maths are not the only requirement for scoring outstanding grades. The most sought after universities/ colleges have less number of seats. You must be in the top lot for enrollment in the college of your choice.

Tips to Prepare for the SAT

Your SAT scores will definitely impact your college admission. So, you need to figure out the best way to prepare for the SAT. Read on the helpful tips and tactics that every candidate should know to prepare for the SAT exams.

Prepare SAT Maths Well

The Maths exam in SAT will have questions from Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Data Analysis and Trigonometry. It will have two sections, one with the usage of the calculator, and the second one without using a calculator. There are 58 questions in total. Although difficult, Maths is a subject on which you can score good marks. More than doing all the calculations on paper, you must be capable of doing mental calculations too. Practice mental maths as much as possible. So that you can reduce the time required for calculation substantially. Math tutoring is the best way for those who need to improve their Maths subjects for various exams.

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There are shortcuts for solving complex questions. Practice the subject questions using the shortcuts. The professional SAT exam preparation centre may also help you in learning shortcuts.

Practice Fast Reading

As said in the introductory paragraph, SAT aims at analysing a student’s critical thinking, perception and reasoning aptitude. Therefore, the questions are also formulated in such a manner. You will have to read long paragraphs and answer questions. The time consumed for reading itself is high.

The student has to understand the content whilst reading. There is no sufficient time for rereading or thinking. If you spend more time reading and thinking, the time you will get to answer the question will be too less. Thus, adversely affecting your total score.

Read books as much as possible. Try wide reading rather than in-depth reading on a particular subject. Reading will nourish your brain and make it capable of imbibing the crux of the topic. That is essential for performing better in the SAT exam.

Choose the Right Kind of Books

Do not overload yourself with books. Purchase books after consultation with seniors or professional experts. One right book will be sufficient in place of ten wrong books. Reading from too many books will burden your brain. You may get bored with the subject.  
The books with quality will have all the vital contents arranged in a correct manner. Therefore, you can understand the topics in its correct sequence. Further, you will not have to search around for a particular portion when using the right quality books.

Practice Old Questions

Practising old question papers will be beneficial in understanding the question pattern. It will familiarise you with the type of questions and the portion that is more important than others. The portions may be given extra attention during the SAT preparation.

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All those successful students practice old questions. It will be beneficial for you in the final preparation. 

Enhance Your Grammar

Learn grammar perfectly. It is a section where you can score well. Eliminate all your doubts about grammar, verbs and other sections starting from the basics of English grammar. Once you are thorough with the English grammar, you can approach the subject section confidently. The improved confidence will reflect in your score too.

Attend Mock Tests

Attempt mock tests as much possible. The mock tests will aid you in recognising your weak areas. Try to improve upon the weak topics/ subjects. And continue attending mock tests. It will remove the fear of the exam from your mind. In addition, the mock tests will augment your confidence. A confident mind can move mountains.

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You can prepare an exam strategy based on the mock tests. Join a professional SAT tuition academy or get help from a professional SAT instructor if you are unable to prepare strategy yourself.

You must plan, prepare and revise extensively to crack the SAT exam in the first attempt. The number of students attending SAT exams is increasing each year. So, you must prepare as good as possible to reach the creamy layer at the first attempt.

Formulating a preparation method and practising accordingly can boost your confidence and motivate you to clear the exam. There are professional academies that can help you in preparing for the SAT. They have professional tutors, guides and counsellors for educating you and motivating you to achieve the optimum.

This compiles the list of best tips to prepare for SAT. Being one of the leading SAT training institutes in Dubai, SAGE Education provides excellent training for SAT candidates to ace the exams. The SAT courses of SAGE are designed by the expert faculty and the teaching is intensive as well to help the students achieve a good score.