An erroneous or improper application process can spoil your dream of studying at a US college or university. This very thought scares the aspirants, and they become tense. A well-informed guide might be of help in such a scenario. This post is intended for the dreamy candidates, who don’t have anyone to assist in the US college admission process.  

Alternatively, you can reach out to us for comprehensive guidance and support. So that you can comply with the process without any ambiguities. The admissions to the US colleges comprise a set of processes including essay writing, letter of recommendation, filling of data, and selection of the college. The activities have to be planned and scheduled according to the admission schedule for each of the universities.

What do you need to know to make a successful application?

US colleges have weighted averages over almost all of the other international educational institutions. The identity they create through exceptional educational standards is what makes American universities the most sought after. This causes an overcrowding of applications to US colleges.

Now imagine how tough it will be to get enrolled in the top colleges. You have to undertake detailed research and prepare a to-do list. Prior to commencing the applications to the US colleges. In case, you are planning to pursue the admission process all by yourself.

The factors you need to understand are:

  • IELTS : It is mandatory for international students to clear an English language proficiency test. IELTS is the most preferred one.

  • CGPA – The CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is the method used to evaluate the student. Zero to four (0-4) grading system is followed by most colleges, where 4 is the top grade. Some pursue a nine or ten-point grading system.

  • SOP – Statement of Purpose (SOP) is basically the essay that would detail why you want to study in the US, your academic performance to date, your professional background etc.  A brilliantly written SOP is the foundation for your admission to an American university.

  • LOR: – Letter of Recommendation (LOR) has to be submitted by the candidate. You may have to forward two or three LORs, depending on the course.

  • College/ University to Choose – Undertake proper research and analysis to choose the right college/ university for you. You can drop us a message or connect with us for guidance from our experienced US admission consultants.

  • Research Statement:– A research statement may be necessary to be submitted by those seeking a graduate programme that leads to a PhD. The research report should reflect your calibre.

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What Are the Other Key Components of a US College Application?

Now let’s look at the key components of the application. The insight would aid you in preparing an impressive application to US colleges.  

  • Personal Info - Information about you, your family, academic qualifications, address details, etc.

  • High School Transcript – Many of the US college admission offices would direct the student to request the schools to forward the high school transcript directly to them.  The high school transcript would contain the academic performance of the candidate.

  • SAT/ACT Scores -The organisations conducting the SAT and ACT exams forward the scores to the colleges directly. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many educational institutions removed the requirement for SAT/ ACT from their criteria.  You can consult us to learn more about this aspect.

  • LOR—Letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, or people with similar qualifications are required to be attached to the application. Two or three LORs containing academic qualifications and personal traits have to be forwarded.

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Tips on How to Make a Successful US College Application

The application to the American colleges should indicate your true self. Exaggerated claims may not be good to gain admission. You must project yourself as an honest person, trying to attain the best.

These tips on how to make a successful US college application would tell you more about this:

Do Not Start at the Last Moment 

In fact, you should start the application early. Filling out the application in a hurry can cause errors or inaccuracies and may impact the possibility of admissions. Starting early would give you ample time to think and prepare.

Be Passionate About the Stream You Choose

The elite US colleges are looking for passionate students, with the mettle to produce great results. How much you love the subject and how much effort you are willing to put in to gain the best, should be evident from the essay you prepare. You may take guidance from expert counsellors or overseas education consultants if required.

Connect with the Institution

You can communicate with the US college directly if you want clarification on some specific things. Be gentle and confident while discussing the matter.

Write an Outstanding Personal Statement 

You must prepare the personal statement after a thorough self-preparation only. It may also be good to prepare the statement, keep it for a week, check it against the original, and correct it. Revision three or four times would help you make a polished statement that stands out.  

Be Yourself

Never try to be someone else. Use your own voice in the application to US colleges.

Calendar of Application Deadlines

Maintaining a calendar of application deadlines would help you avoid delays.

Be Honest

Be truthful about yourself. The admission team can see through you, even if you try to project yourself as something else. Avoid faking your personality.

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How Sage can help you to make a Successful US college application?

The US college admission process can be completed successfully if you are supported by a professional abroad education consultant. Frequent doubts and confusion can mar your admission application. Overcome such issues by using our proven services.

We have been the leading US education consultant in Dubai with years of experience in the field. Sage offers you complete support and guidance for filling applications, preparing essays and all the associated processes for US admissions.

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