The standardized test for admissions in the universities of the US is attempted by many students every year. Preparation of the SAT requires a proper schedule and effort. There are various subjects such as reading and math to be taken care of. A brief of a perfect SAT study schedule is mentioned here. 




  1. SAT Study Schedule

    Make a perfect SAT study schedule. It should be reasonable so that you can adhere to it. Fix minimum hours of study for each day. Try increasing the number of hours after every week or so. For instance, you can study for 2-3 hours in the starting week of your preparation. You can subsequently increase it to 5 hours.


  2. A brief note of everything you study

    Keep a note of everything. While studying, you would find areas which seem difficult. Start noting down the problem and the solution in one place. This will help let you remember things.

  3. Practice Tests

    Make sure you appear for practice tests regularly. You can select a day from the week to write the tests. These tests will be indicative of your understanding of all the subjects included in the SAT. Each segment of the test paper has its time limits. Find a place where you can sit alone and solve the questions. While answering, follow the time-limit as mentioned in the question paper. Such an exercise would be beneficial in increasing your pace of answering questions.


  4. Establish a goal

    Merely appearing for the practice tests would not be of much aid. You will have to set a goal for yourself. This is because a renowned university demands at least a score of 1200-1500 in SAT. Set up the target mark you want to achieve based on the college you wish to attend. This would motivate you to study. Proper SAT study schedule and its strict implementation have the capability of increasing your score by 200 points.

  5. Analysis of test reports: 

    Spend at least an hour in inspecting the result of your test. Through the test results, you would be able to identify the areas you are weak in.
    Do not get thrilled if you perform well in one section. Each part of the SAT question paper is important. Analyze the practice test report. And start improving yourself wherever possible.


  6. Common mistakes

    You will also notice a pattern in your mistakes. It is quite possible that you might not be scoring well in advanced math. Or you might be facing issues in the expression of ideas. Appearing for practice tests frequently will allow you to scrutinize such patterns. Pay attention to these details so that you can avoid it in the actual test.

  7. Build up strategies

    SAT includes reading, writing, and language, math with and without a calculator. The sections vary from each other. It becomes important that you build up a strategy to study for each sub-section. Move from the weakest section to the strongest. Spend more time on the former. But do not leave the part you feel most confident in. in short, do not skip any portion while studying. You just have to prioritize what to study first. 

  8. Refer to study materials

    Interestingly, there are a lot of study materials that can be found on the internet. These are accessible to all. Read the contents of the materials carefully. Differentiate between the guides written by students and those published by professionals. The latter would have in-depth content. Refer to them whenever you have time. Course materials provided by institutions such as Sage Education Services are also highly beneficial. The latest exam techniques are incorporated into those modules. It helps in building critical thinking and analytical skills of the student.


  9. Study group

    Many of your classmates would also be preparing for SAT. You can share your doubts with them and clarify some of theirs. Some students tend to learn more when they study in groups. You can also try forming a study group of our own. This way you would be helping yourself as well as others.

  10. Tutors or mentors

    If you are unable to understand a subject, you can always opt for tuitions. Tutors pay attention to the problems their student faces. For instance, Sage Education Services ensures that our students have a thorough understanding of the materials provided by them. Moreover, they adopt time and stress management techniques. This helps the students to achieve high scores in SAT. 

  11. Learn about the concept of exclusion

    This is not a step to be followed while attempting every question. But at times, you can make a clever guess while answering. You will come across some questions where you can eliminate options. For instance, you might be sure that the two options are wrong. Pick up the option you feel is the closest to the solution asked. This can fetch you marks sometimes.


  12. Memorize the basic theories

    The basic formulas for solving problems in math are needed to be memorized. You should also be thorough of some Standard English rules. For instance, use of punctuation, clarity in using pronouns etcetera. Learning such things would not consume much of your time. But if you know them, you would be achieving good marks on your SAT. It is thereby recommended to spend some time in reading such theories.

The practice is the key to success in SATs. You need to devote time to achieve good scores. If you have started preparing for the SAT test early, the above-mentioned tips would be of immense help. Even if you have only a few days left for the exam, you don't have to worry. Instead of studying for 2-3 hours a day, begin with a minimum of 5 hours. Appear for the SAT practice test every alternate day of the week. Assess your results and then increase your study hours based on your performance.

You can improve a lot if you stick to your SAT study schedule. But do not overburden yourself. Take short breaks to ease your mind. By following simple techniques every day, the standardized admission test would become uncomplicated for you.