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Sage Education Services was formed out of a desire to fill a gap in quality exam preparation and tutoring in Dubai. We are dedicated to providing students with a critical range of exam preparation courses as well as group and individual tutoring with a unique methodology in conjunction with talented and responsive trainers. Applying to universities in the US and surviving high school and college exams can be daunting, but they don’t have to be. Our sole aim is to help students achieve their dreams, and guide them through these often overwhelming processes.

Assaf Hamad Al Ali


Assaf is an Emirati national who owns over 82 companies from real estate to construction, education, and facility management among others. Assaf is passionate about education and has a strong desire to further the quality of education in the UAE and prepare students to study abroad. Apart from his passion for education, Assaf enjoys collecting vintage sports cars.

Ghali Jorio

Senior Admission Consultant

Ghali earned his A Levels high school degree at the African Leadership Academy, a Pan-African institution dedicated to developing the next generation of African leaders in South Africa. Then, he pursued his Bachelor's degree at Cornell University where he received his Bachelor of Science with a major in hotel administration at the SC Johnson College of Business and minors in Real Estate, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Ghali's global perspective expanded through participation in international experiences and programs held in Egypt, China, France, Singapore, and the United States. Notably, at the age of 14, he co-founded and led Aider Sans Limite, the first NGO in Morocco initiated by teenagers, and introduced impactful programs like the Moroccan Youth Social Entrepreneurs Camp. With his extensive experience as an admission consultant, Ghali has assisted students in gaining admission to some of the most prestigious universities globally, including Ivy League institutions, as well as top universities in Europe and Canada. Ghali's hobbies are traveling, hiking, going to the beach, and also enjoying cuisines from around the world.

Chafic Mekkaoui

Senior Admission Consultant

Chafic completed his high school here in Dubai with the IB Program from Emirates International School and graduated from the University of British Columbia with a major in Sociology and Law. After graduating, he began his career working with Student Counselling Services and has gone on to work as a corporate consultant since returning to Dubai. He's currently the verbal trainer for our SAT, UCAT, and GMAT along with specialties in AP and IB Humanities. From teaching to career coaching to scholarship selection, Chafic comprehensively understands the overall admissions process and recognizes the importance of storytelling in college applications. He utilizes his admissions, teaching and writing experience to help students fine-tune their writing, illuminate their personal brand and find their perfect college fit. Due to his vast experiences and knowledge Chafic’s students have been accepted by the top universities around the world including the Ivy league, Russell groups and the top U15 Canadian universities.

Nour Cherradi El Fadili

Senior Admission Consultant

Nour is a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Economy, specializing in Economics, from Duke University and Duke Kunshan University (DKU) where she earned a spot on the Dean’s Honors List for her outstanding academic achievements. Throughout her academic journey, Nour demonstrated a strong commitment to education and leadership. She served as a teaching assistant, tutor, and community mentor. These roles allowed her to refine her skills in mentoring and guiding students throughout their academic journey, preparing her for her current role as an admission consultant at Sage Education. Nour’s professional experience includes working at a business consulting startup, where she excelled in analyzing competitive market strategies and enhancing market performance through client relationship management. This experience honed her analytical and strategic planning skills, essential for guiding prospective students through the admissions process. At Sage Education, Nour leverages her diverse background and expertise to help students navigate the complexities of college admissions, ensuring they achieve their academic and professional goals

Aml Hamed Elamin

Senior Admission Consultant and US Admission Strategist

Aml Hamed ElAmin is an experienced education professional with a comprehensive skill set in admissions, student counseling, and youth development. Equipped with a Master's in Education, specializing in Learning Design and Technologies from Arizona State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Youth Development from St. Olaf College, her academic journey has been both diverse and enriching. During her undergraduate years, Aml immersed herself in a Global Semester program, delving into the complexities of Education in a Global context across four continents. Notably, she also conducted observational research at UNESCO headquarters in France, delving into international higher education dynamics across Egypt, Tanzania, India, China, and Argentina. Aml's educational path was marked by remarkable achievements, including being selected for exchange programs in the U.S at a young age and completing her ALevels at the prestigious African Leadership Academy in South Africa. Recognized as a MasterCard Foundation and Al-Ghurair Foundation scholar, she pursued both undergraduate and graduate studies, furthering her commitment to academic excellence and social impact. Aml has mentored over 200 students, guiding them through internships, job searches, and professional growth. She is deeply committed to education and youth development, evident in her dedication to fostering transformative opportunities for students.

Rand Alsharu

ECL Mentor and Career Consultant

Rand has over five years of expertise in guiding students through the intricacies of higher education for both local and international universities. Rand's career is marked by a passion for tackling challenges and a commitment to helping students find their ideal academic paths. Raised in the UAE since 2000 and a proud graduate of Al Ghurair University, Rand brings a deep understanding of diverse educational landscapes to their role. Rand's professional journey is characterized by a dedication to mentoring and supporting students, ensuring they are well-prepared for their academic and professional endeavors. Outside of the professional sphere, Rand is passionate about horseback riding, finding joy and adventure in each ride. Additionally, Rand has a keen eye for decoration, transforming spaces with creativity and attention to detail. Rand's multifaceted interests and professional expertise make them a valuable asset in the field of admissions counseling.

Subin Koshy

Head Quant Teacher

Having already earned a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology in Nagpur, India, Subin is now finishing his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the National Institute of Technology in Calicut, India. He has worked as a teacher and mentor for the last eight years In Dubai and India, instructing students in the subjects of Calculus, Physics, and Electrical Engineering. He is excellent in dealing with prominent online education platforms as well, and he has prepared hundreds of students for regular worldwide examinations such as the IB, AP, IGCSE, GCSE, SAT, UCAT, A Level, AS, and other similar examinations. He’s working with children at all levels, from college to elementary school. Because he takes an interactive lively approach, students have been able to not only enhance their grades but also their enthusiasm in the material they are studying.

Ratna Kumar

Head Math Teacher

Ratna is an accomplished educator and mentor with a diverse educational background and a passion for teaching. He holds an MBA degree in Finance from SPJAIN School of Global Management, Dubai, and a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the prestigious IIT Bombay. It was during his time at IIT Bombay that he discovered his deep interest in teaching, and he has since dedicated himself to helping students excel academically. With a natural aptitude for mathematics and a knack for simplifying complex concepts, Ratna has earned a reputation for making challenging subjects accessible and memorable for his students. Over the past decade, he has guided and counseled over 8000 students across a spectrum of standardized tests, including GMAT, GRE, SAT, SAT II, SAT CHEM, AP, ACT, UCAT, BMAT, IB, A LEVELS, IGCSE, and GCSE. Under his expert guidance, more than 80% of his students have achieved impressive scores, including 700+ in GMAT, Band 5 in AP Calculus, 1450+ in SAT. Ratna's teaching philosophy centers around being approachable, friendly, and deeply committed to his students' success. He fosters a dynamic learning environment, engaging students in lively academic conversations and discussions to gauge their progress and encourage intellectual growth. Beyond education, Ratna is an avid solo traveler who finds serenity and self-discovery in his journeys. His passion for mentoring and love for exploring the world make him a well-rounded and inspiring educator who goes above and beyond to empower his students on their educational journeys.

Ahmed Mustafa Al Kilany

Senior Mathematics Teacher

Ahmed is a highly motivated and dedicated Mathematics Teacher, committed to ensuring all students becoming successful learners. Ahmed holds a Bachelor Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering from United Arab Emirates University (2015) specialized in Concrete & Steel structures and has excelled academically, achieving high grades in 9 IGCSE/A Level subjects. He is experienced in teaching IGCSE, GCSE, A levels, SAT and ACT, GMAT and IB Diploma. He is passionate about engaging students on all levels, using various teaching methods such as physical demonstrations, drawn illustrations, and visual presentations to enhance learning. Ahmed's extensive experience and innovative teaching methods is a significant benefit to students, enhancing the academic success and overall learning experience for his students. With excellent communication and interpersonal skills, he is committed to nurturing students' social and educational experiences, empowering them to reach their full potential in Mathematics.

Wajeeha Sohail

Biology Teacher

Wajeeha holds a Master's in Biotechnology from India's Excellence College. She has worked with students from elementary school through high school for the past five years, both in Dubai and India. She has helped hundreds of students all around the globe get ready for standardized tests including the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, International General Certificate of Secondary Education, General Certificate of Secondary Education, A Level and AS Level. She serves as a teacher for the disciplines of Biology, Biotechnology, and Chemistry. Her pupils have reported increased interest in class and performance because of her dynamic and engaging teaching style.

Bhavna Adwani

Science Teacher

With 10+ years of experience teaching a variety of subjects across IB, American and British Curriculum, Bhavna is passionate to engage women in STEM education. She believes that nothing in this world is impossible, as she navigated her way through a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Management (2016) where she specialized in Fluid Sciences and Thermodynamics as well as Project Management and Consumer Behavior. She's currently working in the field of Particle Astrophysics following her degree in High Energy Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology (2021). Along with the theoretical skills, she's on her way to be a professional in High Performance Computing technologies. Her approach to the students is fairly simple, she believes that each kid she comes across is unique with his/her/their own skills based on their lives as they grow up. She encourages them to be their best empathetic version of themselves, and is their biggest cheerleader when they continue to excel in their academics.

Fedaa Fouad Garzaldeen

Verbal Teacher

Fedaa has studied for his high school diploma here in Dubai with the IB program and graduated from the top university in the UAE, majoring in English language and literature. He's currently the verbal trainer for our SAT, ACT, CAT4, UCAT, and GMAT, along with specialties in AP, IB, and A levels. An English Teacher with 10+ years of experience in education and teaching. An authorized trainer and a member of the Arab Trainer Association in Jordan. He is also privileged to work with students of all levels and grades in Dubai.

Rabia Tahir

Chemistry Teacher

Rabia is experienced in teaching IB (MYP and DP), AP, A levels, SAT and BMAT. Holder of MPhil Chemistry (Certified by WES and Attested by Ministry of Education UAE), and BS(Hons.) Chemistry degree. Being a teacher at Raffles World Academy and many others reputed tutoring centers across the world previously, she has excellent command of Chemical analysis and Laboratory tests, experienced in conducting both individual and group support sessions based on student needs and assessed abilities. Examined and explained undergraduate and graduate-level course concepts, including organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and chemical separation. Prepared course material and lectures centered on AP, SAT II and BMAT, proficient in online learning platforms.

Noor Siddiqi

Business and Economics Teacher

Noor is specialized in teaching Business Studies and Economics at high school level across all major boards, be it IGCSE, A Levels, AP or the IB Diploma Program. Noor is a silver medalist graduate in International Business and is currently pursuing Teaching and learning diploma by UK's prestigious body OTHM. ‘To me teaching comes not as a job but as a purpose.’ she says. She has a great experience in preparing students for IGCSE and O level examinations across Business Studies and Economics subjects, raising grades by 30%. Some of her achievements in teaching include: 100% pass rate across IGCSE and A levels, Successful supervision of Internal Assessments at the IB diploma level. Delivering effective Zoom lessons, developing and incorporating engaging web-based support material to meet the needs of distance learners. Counselling students regarding learning barriers and offering support to improve academic well-being.

Daria Brekotkina

Admin & Student Coordinator

Daria is our Admin and Student Coordinator. She has studied Economics at the Belarus State University. She has been working in the hospitality industry internationally for the past nine years. Daria is fully dedicated and passionate to serve the clients and students to the best of her abilities. She has also worked within five-star hotels and restaurants. In her spare time, Daria is fond of visiting art exhibitions and opera.

Sheikh Talat Ali

Managing Partner

Talat undertook an intensive Masters of Business Administrations from the Highly reputable University of Bangalore, one of the top universities in India. Sheikh Talat has worked for multiple 500 fortune companies, which include Oracle, Colgate and HSBC. He was able to use both his educational and experiential learning to instill core values within SAGE Education Services. Sheikh Talat chose to manage a business in education as he is passionate about students being able to experience high quality learning and receive the necessary expertise to succeed within Dubai. He wishes to revive the education market from being purely business focused to learning centered.

Nigar Fatima

Sales Manager

Nigar brings her considerable experience across diverse roles in the industry to her profile as Sales Manager at Sage. Among her various responsibilities, she engages with institutions to help them understand their requirements and makes appropriate product recommendations from the wide suite of solutions SAGE offers. Based on the students' requirements, she ensures that they are matched with the right college, and that they have all the preparation that they need to go through the application process with confidence. Within the scope of her responsibilities, she also prepares sales strategies ensuring their efficient execution towards consistent business development.

Moazim Ahmad

Business Development Manager

Moazim has Master Degree in International Business and Business Strategy from Harvard Business School. With over 14 years of experience in consulting organisations on Digital Transformation and Digital Initiatives, he has worked across industries and regions with multinational organisations and developed successful business cases for customers and clients. He has been recognized as an exceptional leader to drive sales and business cases.


Verbal Trainer

Sarita Kumar has to her credentials, a Post Graduate degree in English Language and Literature, CICTL – the Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching & Learning and TESOL Certification, from the University of Manchester (ETON Institute of Languages, Dubai).

She specializes in English Language and Literature and has been teaching various courses including Literature, linguistics, creative writing and communication skills at University level and in various British schools in Dubai. Before moving to Kings’ School Al Barsha as the Examination Officer and Exam adviser, she has been working at Arab Unity School, Rashidiya. She gathered extensive teaching experience and attained massive leadership skills while working here as the Head of Department of English and Academic/Curriculum coordinator. She taught Advanced English Language and Linguistics to the Sixth Formers and English Literature to the GCSE cohort at Arab Unity School, Rashidiya for over 14 years. Her teaching also extends to providing guidance to students in preparing for IELTS, TOEFL SATs and various other Standardized tests. .

Sarita has a comprehensive grasp on her area of teaching. She demonstrates strong commitment to promoting academic excellence in students and she is capable of motivating them to achieve their goals. In her own words:

“I generally begin with the end in mind and think about what I want students to know or be able to do. Then I design the rest of my lessons using different teaching techniques such as direct instruction, student-centered small groups, one-to-one sessions and student-led teaching, so that my assessments and instruction will help me and students to reach that goal. I start with what I want my students to learn and works backwards from there.”

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