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IB Coaching classes in Dubai, UAE

The International Baccalaureate comprises methodically formulated coaching programmes for students. It has courses offered for three-year-old kids to nineteen-year-old teenagers. Designed after in-depth analysis, the pedagogical technique followed by IB initiates advanced traits in the students. Getting the best IB tutoring can help students ace the exams with a good score.
By joining the IB tutoring in Dubai from Sage Education, the student will be starting a new chapter in life. With the immensely experienced and qualified teachers involved, the students will be able to imbibe even the most intricate aspects of IB.
A renowned coaching program, IB initiates critical thinking ability, induces problem-solving skills, opens windows to the global arena, generates curiosity to ask and learn more, and instils optimism. Our IB coaching is aimed at making the student capable of taking up challenges and shouldering greater responsibilities.
We are here to present the students with a promising and progressive life. Join Sage for IB tuition today.


About IB Course

The student has to have a clear picture of the IB course to gain the most from it. Mastering the subjects, understanding the examination framework, and preparing oneself for the final battle necessitate guidance from experienced teachers. Consisting of internal assessment, TOK essays, presentations, and extended essays, the course requires the student to be hard-working, enthusiastic, and active.

A target-centric approach is vital for completing the course successfully. In effect, the student would be skilful, capable, and knowledgeable once he or she completes the IB course. We have been the go-to tutors for the IB course in Dubai. Nothing can replace knowledge, experience, and talent. We are fortunate to have the top IB tutors in Dubai; all have these qualities

First proposed in 1960, the International Baccalaureate has been producing highly qualified students. The course has been designed in such a way that the student will have a thorough disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding. A student reaching for the standards set by acclaimed educational institutions would be able to gain admission easily compared to others, significantly improving career and growth prospects.

What We Offer

Sage, being one of the leading IB tutoring service provider in Dubai, provides intensive coaching to students. We offer comprehensive coaching for IB courses in Dubai, UAE. Our tutors have extensive experience in the field of IB coaching.

  • IB Maths
  • IB Physics
  • IB Chemistry
  • IB Biology
  • IB English
  • IB Economics

IBDP Tutoring : Recognized by many famed universities around the globe, the IBDP, or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, is available in 140 countries. The student, in the age group of 16–19, will receive a qualification post the two-year diploma course, which could be used for obtaining admissions to higher education.

IB MYP Tutoring : The IB Middle Years Program is of five-year duration, from the age of 11 to 16. The course has eight subject areas for the students to study. Besides these, there’s an Integrative Subject. The student is expected to undertake a personal project as well. We have designed the IB MYP programme diligently, understanding the complex nature of this programme vis-à-vis the adolescence of the students.

IB PYP Tutoring : Designed for kids from 3 to 12 years old, the IB Primary Years Program incites curiosity, thinking ability, and analysis skills. The students would start exploring things to find solutions. His or her growth will go beyond the four walls of the classroom. By becoming highly efficient in tackling situations, reaching decisions, and identifying solutions, the student will become successful in life. For IB tutoring in Dubai, Sage has professional teachers with exhaustive experience in offering PYP coaching.

What do you learn with us?

Sage has been a known name in the field of education in the UAE. We take the responsibility of offering the best tutoring for IB in Dubai. Our comprehensive IB tutoring in Dubai will surely infuse skills, capability, attitude, and knowledge into the students.

Who can Enroll?

IB is a high-quality education programme offered worldwide, comprising three different course programmes viz. IB PYP, IB MYP, and IBDP. Any student from the age of 3 to 19 can join this program.
For more info in this regard, you may reach out to us right away.

Why Choose Sage Education?

Sage Education provides a methodical coaching solution for IB. We are the top one IB tutors in Dubai.
Our IB tuition timings are as follows:

  • Weekdays– 04.00–08.30
  • Weekends – 10.00 to 07.00

The reasons that make us the best ones are:

Meticulous Tuition Tailored to the Student : The student will have a productive learning experience at Sage. Our tutors would assess the student to understand his or her strengths and flaws. The IB tuition would be modified accordingly to bring out the best in them.

Teachers with Expertise in IB Curriculum : IB curriculum is different from other course programs. Tutors with ample knowledge and experience in this sector can only deliver optimal coaching. Our team of tutors in Dubai have years of experience, making them experts. With them being the mainstay, we can assure top-notch coaching for IB.

Promising Results for Several Years : More than anything, the results that we produce speak for us. As it is said, action speaks louder than words. A look at the previous years' IB results will show you why we are the best choice for IB tuitions in Dubai.

Methodical Tuition Classes : Instead of just going through the specified syllabus, our tutors affirm that each student is indulged in discussions, debates, analysis, and answering sessions. The tutor would take the whole class along, guiding them in the right direction empowering them with knowledge and optimistic qualities.

These are a few of the factors that make us a cut above the rest. Your future is safe in our hands.
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