Everyone dreams of getting into a university of their choice for pursuing higher education abroad. Finding the right university for you depends on a variety of factors such as the course you plan to take, the country of your choice, your financial situation, etc. Nevertheless, certain colleges are a class apart from the rest which everyone, irrespective of the above-mentioned factors, wishes to get into. These colleges have earned such high regard and name for a lot of reasons - the quality of education imparted, social prestige in getting into any of these schools as well as the selective admission process which makes it all the more exclusive to secure an admission. These are the Ivy League schools. 

There are namely 8 Ivy League schools:

  • Harvard University

  • Cornell University

  • Brown University

  • Dartmouth University

  • Columbia University

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Yale University

  • Princeton University

 Which one is the most prestigious Ivy League school among the lot? It is a difficult question to answer. Each of the Ivy League schools excels over each other in being world-class and long-standing institutions of higher learning. Determining which one is better than the rest can be difficult, but we can take the aid of worldwide approved ranking systems such as US News Best National Universities, US News Best Colleges, and QS World rankings, etc. 

One of the reasons why admission into Ivy League schools is much sought after would be the stringent admission requirements. The acceptance rates are lower than other prestigious colleges of the world. However, it has been seen that Cornell, Dartmouth, and U Penn are relatively easier to get in. 

If you are interested in getting accepted to any of the Ivy League colleges, here are a few tips from admission experts on how to get into Ivy League Schools:

Start early

 It is always better to start early when it comes to preparing for your Ivy League journey. Even though your application does not start until Grade 12, it is better if you can aim high early on by joining clubs and taking part in activities from high school itself. This will show the admissions committee that you have been a consistent performer who has had a long-term and genuine interest in joining the school rather than a student who merely joined 5 clubs in Grade 12 just to make up for the lack of extracurricular activities. Joining early on would also put you in a position to take leadership roles in the latter leg of your high school journey. 

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Academic Performance

Even though grades are not everything when it comes to life, it does play a determining role in getting accepted into any of the Ivy League schools. Do well in school from a young age itself; not only does it help you score top marks and get admission but it also enables you to have momentum going as you start your college journey in an Ivy League school. Show that you have been a consistent student and do well on your SATs to ensure your way to Ivy League schools is that much easier. 

Get to know the school you are applying to and know it well

One of the most underrated tips for bettering your chances of acceptance into an Ivy League school is to demonstrate your interest in the affairs of the school. Research well on the philosophies and principles of your school as well as the latest news regarding the school and its alumni. This will show that you are not merely an applicant but a prospective student with genuine interest and vision. 

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Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation can go a long way in helping the admissions committee know more about you as an applicant and how well you would fit into their school. A compelling and well-written letter of recommendation can help you secure admission to an Ivy League school of your choice. But to make it happen, you need to establish good terms and relationships with teachers, important staff and leaders of your clubs, etc. 

Write an Awesome Essay

Along with letters of recommendation, another fundamental document would be your essay. This essay encompasses everything about why you are interested in the school, what makes you an ideal candidate, what your passions and aims in life are, your vision and ambition, etc. The essay is the perfect opportunity to showcase who you are without meeting them in person; so it is vitally important that you deliver your best self in the personal essay. 

Extracurricular Activities

Ivy League schools tend to give more preference to well-rounded candidates rather than those who are merely academically gifted. Ensure you utilize your high school years to the maximum by getting involved in extracurricular activities that add value to your personal and academic life. 

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It pays to know the right people when it comes to securing admission into the Ivy League of your choice. Half the job is done for admissions if you are an expert networker. If you know any of the faculty or admissions staff or even alumni, do not be afraid to reach out and seek their help and guidance. 

There you have it, these are some of the top tips from admission experts to get into prestigious Ivy League schools. Choosing the right admission consultant also helps you get admission to a prestigious university like Ivy League. Sage is one of the top education consultants in Dubai, UAE with proven track record and experienced counselors. Get help from our top US education consultant in Dubai and give your best shot at securing admission to Ivy League schools. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us here.