Many colleges and institutions use the SAT courses in Dubai to determine if students are prepared for higher education. The SAT assesses your ability to think critically and solve problems in math, reading, and writing. Even though the SAT currently only includes two sections—Mathematics and Reading & Writing—it is still important to prepare well.

The entire SAT exam lasts 2 hours and 14 minutes. The highest possible score is 1600, with 800 being the top score for each of the two categories. Preparing for the SAT can be difficult and stressful, but it doesn't have to be. You can prepare for the exam and do well by avoiding frequent mistakes.

Starting SAT preparation late

Begin preparing for the SAT as soon as possible. Late studying is ineffective since you can easily forget what you learn. Early preparation allows you to detect and correct flaws in your skills, knowledge, and test-taking tactics. Create a personalized study plan to prepare for the test if you have enough time. Technology facilitates SAT preparation. Everyone has access to online study materials and practice tests. Use these online SAT preparation materials whether you're getting ready for a test or just need a refresher.

Making Errors While Scrambling the Answer Sheet

This is another reason why guessing is frequently preferable to leaving a question blank. If you miss an answer, you must be extremely cautious when transferring your responses to the answer sheet. Skip the matching bubble if you skip a question! Don't put the correct answers in the wrong bubbles by accident.

Not Guessing in the Math Section

In the Math section, you don't get penalized for wrong answers in the Student-Produced Response questions, also known as "Grid-Ins." So, when answering these questions, always make a rational guess! For example, if you're asked what fraction of a pizza is left, don't answer "2" - a better guess may be "2/3."

Leaving Out Too Many Questions

Guess on the SAT whenever you can rule out one or more answer choices! On 95% of the Reading and Writing questions, you can usually delete at least one answer. Surprisingly, many students fail to answer 10-20% of these questions. Usually, there is one really unlikely answer, so rule it out and make a reasonable guess.

Underestimating the Math Section

Don't underestimate the SAT, even if you're in advanced math classes. It's not your typical math exam. It will occasionally ask you questions regarding topics you studied in middle school, which can be confusing. The arithmetic component of the SAT is more about reasoning than pure memorizing.

Neglecting Vocabulary Words

According to the College Board, the SAT is not a vocabulary exam. While it is possible to earn a perfect score without knowing the definition of every word, most test experts think that vocabulary is important. A typical high school student understands roughly half of the vocabulary words in the Reading questions. Many of the other words are learnable with a little effort. These "other half" terms are frequently used on the SAT, thus creating a word list will assist you in tackling common SAT vocabulary.

Overthinking Reading Assignments

Many students may narrow down two possible solutions to a Passage-Based Reading inquiry. However, allocating enough time to consider those two options can be difficult. It's sometimes easier to choose the incorrect response than the correct one. Knowing the characteristics of incorrect replies will help you locate the correct ones. For example, answers that use extreme language, give only partial truths or repeat the text are usually not the right choice.

Not Prioritizing a Positive Mindset

A good attitude might boost your confidence and, as a result, your test performance. To succeed, you must have faith in yourself. Take a moment to adjust your thinking if you're feeling nervous or doubtful. Set yourself up for success by focusing on the good!

Bringing Your Phone to the Test Centre

This should be avoided at all costs. Cheaters use their phones to look up formulas, photograph the test, and exchange answers with friends. If a test proctor discovers you using your cell phone, you will be asked to leave and your score will be canceled. So, leave your phone at home.

Depending too much on memorization

Memorizing without understanding is not enough. The SATs your knowledge and abilities rather than just your memory. Memorization can impede your understanding of the content and make it difficult to apply what you've studied to answer issues during the exam.

Advantage of Sage Education

Sage Education offers the best SAT classes in Dubai to prepare students for the exam in a success-oriented manner. The programme for SAT preparation has been crafted by the expert faculty and the teaching is preparation-intensive as well. 

Remember that the path to a high SAT score is about more than just memorizing information; it is also about understanding the topic and developing problem-solving skills. If you live in Dubai and are looking for effective SAT preparation, consider enrolling at Sage Education sat coaching in Dubai, where skilled professors and preparation-intensive instruction can help you achieve your goals. Your SAT journey will be difficult, but with the appropriate approach and resources, you can flourish and open doors to higher education.


To summarize, the SAT is an important exam that plays an important part in college admissions. To succeed on this test, it's critical to start preparing early, avoid typical mistakes like filling out the answer sheet incorrectly or underestimating the math portion, and not rely exclusively on memorization.