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Sage remains one of the most personable and reliable US education consultants in Dubai. With a streamlined approach, we ensure admission to the best US universities by offering a comprehensive service process that supports students from initial profile review through to smiling photos on campus. Our proven results and student testimonials reflect that Sage offers the best service within Dubai.
Our team of professionals have immense experience and knowledge that has been gained from working within the education field for decades. As a one-point solution for all the international education requirements, we have a wide spectrum of services for the students to choose from: subject tuition, exam preparation, English proficiency testing, admission consultation for the US and enrollment guidance.
We are proud to be the top US admission consultants in Dubai. We stride ahead by putting out clients at the heart of all that we do.


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US Education Consultancy Services by Sage

As trusted US education consultants in Dubai, our sole objective is to ensure your profile is developed to maximize your capabilities and gain admission into the best university possible, whether for undergraduate, masters or a PhD.
Profile Building and Development – Your profile is a fundamental aspect of standing out from the crowd and professionals know both the common pitfalls and opportunities to impress to offer much needed guidance. The US universities desire an eclectic student body and developing your strengths to offer many benefits is sure to gain their attention.
Profile Evaluation – Profiles created by the students are evaluated by our seasoned professionals and reviewed to ensure that they are up to a competitive standard.
University Selection – With several famed universities around, selecting the right one may turn into a quandary. Our immensely experienced education consultants for the USA will guide you in choosing the ideal one and considering all factors: location, cost, equality mix, course specialisms, major and minor options to name but a few.
Interview Preparation – Performance in the interview is vital for entrance into the most competitive schools. You must be confident and knowledgeable enough to crack the interview successfully whilst retaining your personality that makes you individual. We offer interview coaching that will prepare you with optimism, knowledge and confidence.

How to Get Admissions in US Universities?

The applications for US universities are mainly processed through the Common Application or the Coalition Application; some universities have individual portals. The SAT score of each applicant can be a decisive factor in gaining admission to the best colleges.

  • Common Application – It is an undergraduate college admission application process for admissions to more than 900 colleges.

  • Coalition Application – Coalition Application is for more than 130 schools in the US.

  • Independent Applications- A minority of universities maintain the application process on their own personal portals.

  • Research and Select the University – An uphill task, especially if you have limited knowledge of the vast range of universities in the US and the various factors that universities are ranked by. The guidance of a knowledgeable expert who has time to dedicate to supporting you in the research process ensures the correct school is found for you.

  • Apply to the Universities – Whilst everyone has a preferred university, most applicants apply to at least 10 schools to ensure their success regardless of their exam results. The application submissions have to be completed from six to twelve months before the course commencement date. Juggling the application process on top of the final years at school can be a stressful and draining challenge. Having the support of an expert ensures that the organizational guidance is in place for you to submit successful and timely applications.

  • Enrolment Process – The response time varies depending on the university. Once you receive the responses, decide which university you want to join. It may turn into a difficult decision considering the neck-to-neck competition among universities.

  • Visa Application – You will get a visa application form from the US educational institution where you are enrolled. Apply for the US visa with the admission letter and letter of eligibility. Make travel arrangements simultaneously.

Best University Courses to Study in the US

One of the key factors that drive students to study in the US is that the country hosts a large number of institutions that offer a wide range of education programs to students. Although you can pursue any course in the US, some of the best and top-opted courses in the US are:

  • Business and Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Computer Science
  • Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • English
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Psychology
  • Medicine

Why Sage for US Admission Consulting?

Sage is your one-stop solution for higher education abroad. We became the top US education consultants in Dubai through offering comprehensive services and a committed approach. As a reputed US admission consultant in Dubai, Sage makes sure that the applicants get all necessary US study abroad services in the best-possible way. For admission to elite US universities, contact us now.

Why Choose the US for your higher education?

The question should be, ‘Why go elsewhere for my higher education?’. Not many countries can compete with the USA when considering the quality of education both delivered and received, which is testament to the high influx of international students who go each year.

  • Excellent quality of education which is recognized across the world and is consistently highly ranked.
  • Top-notch infrastructure, well-researched pedagogical methodology, and faculties with in-depth knowledge.
  • Multicultural environment that accepts people from different ethnicity, religion, custom and culture wholeheartedly.
  • A plethora of course programs to choose from. Our US admission consultants will elaborate on the course in order for you to select the correct match to your preferences and passion.
  • Flexible course durations. 
  • Students pursuing MS and PhD programs in the US have the flexibility to work alongside their studies. 

Why take the SAT test for US Admissions?

Clearing the SAT with high grades is vital for gaining admissions to the college of your choice. The multiple-choice exam graded on a scale of 200 to 800 requires effective preparation. Although SAT is not asked for from all the colleges, obtaining excellent grades can amplify the chances of your enrolment.
Sage offers you tuition, practice sessions and mock tests for cracking SAT with phenomenal scores. Our innovatively designed SAT training and exam strategy would be instrumental in performing well in SAT. The handpicked teachers at Sage offer optimal guidance and coaching to help you score exceptional grades.

Top Universities in the US

Being one of the top US admission consultants in Dubai, we help students get admission to the top tier universities in the United States that offer unsurpassable education and career opportunities. We provide admission to the top tier universities of the US. If you are looking forward to studying in US universities that are known for the top-level

learning environment, outstanding programs, expert faculties, and unmatched academic flexibility, then Sage is the best study in USA consultant for you. Whether you are seeking admission in the Ivy League, the top collegiate in the USA or any other highly reputed US institution, our team helps you with the best guidance. The following list comprises the best colleges in the USA for international students.

  • Brown University
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Harvard University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Princeton University
  • Yale University
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Stanford University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Duke University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Northwestern University
Things to Check for US Application Submission

Avoid mistakes while applying to US universities. Get the application and documents vetted by experienced US education consultants in Dubai to prevent any discrepancies.

  • Fill out the application correctly, without any mistakes or erroneous information.
  • Personal info should be according to the documents. All the data including mobile number, email, and address should be provided.
  • Details of extracurricular activities and outstanding achievements should be filled.
  • Internships, part-time jobs etc undertaken should be mentioned in the application.
  • Essays should be in the format prescribed. Don’t miss out on submitting the essays.
  • Excellence achieved in any other field should be indicated. Similarly, expulsions and disciplinary actions against you should be explained in the application.
  • Attach all the documents substantiating your claims.
  • Pay the fee as directed.

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