The International Baccalaureate, or IB, is an international syllabus that has acceptance all over the world. The IBDP program, rendered by the International Baccalaureate, prepares students to face the real world and gives them the opportunity for critical learning. The A-level programmes proposed by the Cambridge curriculum can be substituted with this internationally acclaimed curriculum. Today, most educational institutions and students favour moving forward with the acceptance of the IB diploma as a component of their academic training. 

This blog explains the various reasons to study the IB diploma in high school.

  1. Breadth of study

The A-level expects students to help them with three to four electives or subjects. Whereas, in the IB diploma program, students are expected to take up electives or subjects from six different subject groups. The subject groups will include languages, humanities, sciences, and math. By giving students the opportunity to learn about different subjects, you are giving them the chance to understand in-depth the different aspects of knowledge in depth. Such structuring is what makes the IB diploma stand out.

2. Experiential learning

The IB Diploma Curriculum presents its students with a very versatile way of learning. They have introduced a subject called CAS -" Creativity, Activity Service." The CAS gives IB students the opportunity to explore different elements along with their academic requirements. CAS is not academically rewarded within the IB diploma programme but provides seven learning outcomes, which are going to help the overall growth of the students. They pursue their interests in projects, clubs, community service, sports, and other co-curricular activities. It will help them to be well-rounded individuals and an asset to society.

3. Freedom

One of the reasons to study the IB diploma in high school is that the IB curriculum is set in such a way that it encourages the students to become self-learners and helps them take ownership of their own learning. It will make them much more capable of dealing with real-life situations. Students get hold of two subjects simultaneously, and it aids them in creating an integrated study plan that is going to help with the academic preparation as well. Another subject in the IBDP curriculum that allows students to think outside the box and personalise their learning with real-world events is the extended essay. It also has the ability to personally inspire students and help them gain the independence to learn different concepts. 

4. Research skills

In the IB Diploma Program, there are two subjects that genuinely provide a different kind of learning benefit. These are the extended essay and the theory of knowledge, respectively. Both these elements add uniqueness to the entire diploma program. The Extended Essay, a 3000-word paper that must be submitted as a thesis on a topic from society that is subject to some specialised subject headings, is one way that the International Baccalaureate (IB) encourages students to learn about and critically analyse their surroundings. According to the promise, students' research and investigative skills will be enriched by the extended essay and TOK.  Additionally, it develops the organisational skills that are essential for pursuing higher education.

4. Independent thinking

One of the reasons to study the IB diploma in high school is that IB encourages students' questioning abilities to promote learning.They expect the students to have a very inclusive and interactive learning session with their tutors. Their original thoughts are valued and help initiate better perspectives on the real world. The mind will be much more open to viewpoints. 

5. Global citizenship

The IB curriculum and its diploma certificates have validity in over 150 countries all over the world. Colleges and universities all over the world also consider the diploma certificate to be accepted for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in 90 countries. Universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford accept students with IB certificates with proper imminence. This gives them a chance to be more prepared and culturally aware as global citizens.

6. The challenge

The IB diploma poses a challenge for the students, as it is academically intensive. It helps students potentially grow and be capable of accepting the hurdles and challenges on their way. Students acquire lots of skills, enhance their profiles, and are fit to face the world.

7. Time management

As the IB possesses different elements that require deadlines, this brings in time management, and doing this well will become routine for the students. Students who master these skills will have an advantage when they transition to university-level education. These skills include developing effective study habits, allocating time for assignments, developing personal revision techniques, and avoiding distractions.

8. University Admissions

With an IB diploma certificate, it becomes much easier for students to get that needed representation. According to the admission statistics, UK universities give preferences to IB students, and thereby they have better chances of enrolling for higher studies. IB graduates have unique capabilities and better defined profiles, which makes it even easier for them to get admissions to universities in the US as well.

9. Personal growth

The IB curriculum has the first and foremost aim of developing the student from within. The structuring is done to initiate both the academic and personal development of the child. They help students to have a balanced life wherein they are pushed to go beyond their comfort zones and must adapt to extracurricular activities that will evidently support their growth. 

The IBDP programme is a renowned study structure that is gaining roots all over the world. The comprehensive curriculum that is intended to enhance the student’s learning capability is what makes it stand out. Through taking up IBDP, students are challenged to broaden their skill set and prepare them to face the real world.

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