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We are committed to providing students with high quality and individualized exam preparation and tutoring.

  • Over 76 hours of exam preparation
  • 36 hours of Classroom Training
  • 40 hours of Practice Tests
  • Weekly Review of Difficult Questions
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Individual Essay Feedback
  • Custom Study Plans
  • Individually Tailored Course Material
  • Flexible Class Schedules
  • Diagnostic Exams to Chart Progress
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Unlimited Individual Essay Feedback

We use the latest test prep techniques developed by global prep experts. We then customise our delivery for each and every student, so that their personalised needs are met. We understand that real learning takes place when the student is actively involved, which is at the centre of our teaching philosophy. Be involved in dynamic and engaging sessions which not only develop your knowledge but challenge your mind-set.

Many students come to Sage after failing to improve with other centres and tutors. Our rigorous recruitment and relentless standards result in our services being delivered by American and British experts. Our holistic methodology guarantees to ensure lasting success as the student’s needs are our priority. No student meets their full potential within a process where everyone receives the same. Get the personal SAGE touch.

In addition to exam preparation, we offer academic and admissions guidance for students applying to universities throughout the world. Our process is student centred ensuring not only does your profile match your dream university, but also that your dream university truly matches you. Far too often a universities ranking is prioritised over school ethos, course content, and internship opportunities. Make an informed decision with SAGE.

Why Sage Education?

At Sage Education Services, we use a proven system for our GMAT Exam prep courses. We have the most effective tutors and employ innovative materials. Our GMAT tutors will identify and strengthen your areas of weaknesses, thereby boosting your confidence levels and making you into a confident test-taker who hits the high scores. We are one of the best coaching institute for GMAT Exam Preparation

Sage offers comprehensive and engaging Group and Individual courses to help you succeed. Our trainers are highly experienced and impart knowledge based on unique strategies. Our unique combination of highly experienced trainers, comprehensive courses, and difficult review classes improve speed and stamina. That’s why our students come out in flying colors, year after year.


At Sage, we use a combination of real GMAT questions, as well as exclusive, test prep material designed by American test experts with PhDs in their fields from top universities and over 25 years of experience. Our exclusive math and verbal guidebooks synthesize the latest exam preparation techniques that are designed to help students increase efficiency, avoid test traps, and build critical thinking and analysis skills.

All of our full practice tests use GMAT questions and are taken under real test conditions so that students gain an accurate sense of the difficulty level as well as time constraints of the exam. All Sage courses include with access to our library of GMAT study materials so that students have a plethora of additional practice questions segregated by difficulty level to use.


Since it is a computerized test, there are numerous dates one can take the GMAT exam. Both exam locations in Dubai are listed below.

  • 1. New Horizons CLC – Dubai The Business Center Building, 2nd Floor, 201, Bur Dubai, Khalid Bin Waleed S (Bank S), Opposite Burjuman Mall, 37022 Dubai, UAE Phone: +971 4 3962222
  • 2. Society of Engineers Dubai
    Street 46, Al Wuheida Road, Behind the Mamzar Bowling Center, Society of Engineers-UAE Bldg. Dubai, UAE
    Phone: +971 4 2399555

The Sage Advantage

Bold, Strong, and Creative

At Sage Education Services, we use a proven system for our SAT prep courses and coaching classes. Our unique combination of highly experienced trainers, comprehensive courses, and difficult review classes improve speed and stamina. That’s why our students come out in flying colors, year after year.

Diagnostic tests to determine
if you should take GMAT or GRE.
Quant or verbal GMAT tutoring
1-2 week intensive classes
with test reviews.
Proctored, timed exams
and test review sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Sage Education provides 36 hours of online classroom training, 40 hours of practice tests, and 76 hours of special exam preparation coaching as part of the GMAT training.

Sage has 20 years of experience in live online tuition classes in Dubai. Our online tutors are well experienced, and we proudly say that Sage is the best coaching institute for GMAT training in Dubai.

Of course, we provide 1-2 week intensive crash courses for GMAT students. Generally intakes fall every month.

Highly experienced and qualified GMAT trainers are the asset of Sage Education with expertise in various subjects.

The Graduate Management Admission Test, also known as the GMAT is an integral part of the business school application process. It is a multiple-choice, computer-based standardized exam which is to be taken by students who wish to get admitted to MBA programs globally. The difficulty level increases with every step you take towards the preparation of this exam. You need not worry, as SAGE provides you with one of the best GMAT Training in Dubai. Since it is a computerized one we provide testing centers for GMAT at various locations in Dubai. SAGE provides you with one of the best learning opportunities with its leading GMAT Training Centres in Dubai. We have committed ourselves to high-end results and qualitative performances. Our training centers provide you with innovative strategies, increased improvement and admission consulting programs that assure consistent productive performances. We ensure that every student meets his personalized needs. Our methodology aims at lasting success as their needs are our prerogative. read more >

We understand your need to have well-equipped classrooms that would provide you with an atmosphere to be at your best. We provide one of the best GMAT Classes in Dubai with proficient classrooms and coaching centers to enhance student productivity. Every student is a priority and we give our students a lifetime learning experience to them. We know it’s either a make or break situation hence through our GMAT Classes in Dubai, we provide with all what you need. The tests are designed and proctored to enrich individual performances. We test our students in real exam conditions so that they get a precise sense of difficulty level as well as time constraints of the exam. Our courses include access to library and other GMAT study materials so students have a plethora of additional practice to get accustomed to a difficulty level we put them through. We will strive with you until we get through this.

We know how difficult it is to be consistent and a meticulous reader. We make sure that the course material you receive is the best you could receive. Our GMAT Courses in Dubai use a combination of real GMAT questions as well as exclusive test prep material that is designed by American test experts from top universities. We at SAGE provide GMAT Preparation with a focus on the individual as well as group courses. Our group course comprises of 76 hours of exam preparation, 36 hours of classroom training and 40 practice tests. We also provide a student analysis program by providing a weekly review of difficult questions developing time management strategies along with the students. We help students to become a voracious writer by giving them individual essay feedback. On the other hand, our individual courses comprise of customized study plans, flexible class schedules, and diagnostic exams. We provide time management strategies as well as unlimited individual essay feedback to boost the morale of the students.

GMAT requires smart and meticulous study with a step by step approach. Getting admitted to the MBA program at an international level is not an easy task to be done. SAGE provides you with one of the best GMAT Tutor in Dubai. We provide a systematic course curriculum pattern designed for every individual student. Our testimonials will give you an insight into the success stories of a number of students who have relied on our course materials and have emerged in flying colors. We have committed ourselves to provide our students with the learning experience of a lifetime by providing high quality and individualized exam preparation and tutoring. SAGE’s GMAT Tutor in Dubai provides a proven system for GMAT Exam prep courses. Our effective tutoring employs innovative materials strengthening your weakness and ensuring a wholesome individual development to face the exam. We provide for tutors who are highly experienced who will make you a confident test taker who hits the high scores with ease.

Nothing but practice makes a man perfect. We want you to perfect the art of facing the exams with the utmost ease. We at SAGE provide you one of the test GMAT Prep Practice Test in Dubai by providing you with tests in real examination conditions. We try to condition your behavior at exam halls, saving you from the anxiety and panic situations that you might face in the real examination. Our priority is to get you through the top-notch University of your Choice. We build individual students’ strengths and capabilities. Our GMAT Prep in Dubai provides math and verbal guidebooks synthesizing the latest exam preparation guides designed to help students increase their efficiency and avoid test traps. We help students to build critical and analytical thinking. Since it is a computerized test there are numerous dates when one can take the GMAT exam. The exam centers in Dubai are the New Horizons CLC and the Society of Engineers Dubai.Close

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