Choosing a university for foreign education is one of the most daunting decisions related to studying abroad. The university, its facilities, educational environment, academics and overall research or exposure scene can actually affect your overall experience and career prospects. This is why it is essential to choose the best university as per the course is chosen by you. In the following post, we are offering some tips and pointers that will help you to find the right university in the UK and give your higher studies the best start!

How do you choose the right university in the UK – Basics that you must know:

  • The UK has some of the most impressive and sterling universities in the world that impart the finest quality education in almost all the streams. 
  • Most of the universities from the UK feature in the topmost global QS Rankings. 
  • Most of the top-notch universities offer almost all types of educational programs. However, we recommend choosing the university after researching its history and offerings for the program you are wishing to take. Many times, students make a wrong choice by opting for a science course from a university that has a relatively new science department and is famous for Arts, or Management Studies or Fine Arts or Language etc. In such a setting, it becomes tough to find lucrative research and career opportunities; which are otherwise readily available in the premiere science universities.

How do you choose the right university in the UK – Things to consider when choosing a university:


  1. Online Research is Crucial:

    No matter how many experts, past students, current students and admission consultants you consult, the research was done at the personal level is of the highest importance. This will educate you about the various universities that offer the course you wish to study. Further, you will develop an overall idea of the job prospects after the course completion and whether the university offers the prospects that you wish for or not. 
  2. Take a glance at the course structure:

    Having a look at the course structure offered by the universities will allow you to understand whether the course is relevant as per the current job market or not. Further, you can compare various universities on the basis of course structures they offer and then choose the one that appeals to you the most.
  3. Scholarships and Promotional Policies for International Students:

    Most of the students go for higher studies after taking an education loan which is a mammoth amount. Scholarships for international students; bright students and top performers can help you out with the budget crunches. Many reputed universities have rewards; fee reduction or scholarship programs for the international students that you must check before applying for the admissions.
  4. Approach the helpdesk and online student fraternities for a better idea:

    You can also make calls to the student helpline numbers or international admissions departments for getting deeper and better information regarding the courses, admission processes, form submissions, infrastructure and hostel facilities etc. With the advent of the internet, it has become really easy to get some help from the student fraternities and online student groups as well. 

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  5. Location and Political Situation:

    Both of these things influence the overall quality of education. Choose the universities that are located in areas that offer all kinds of facilities and amenities and can also offer part-time jobs etc (case-specific). The political situation must be stable and peaceful with student protests and marches being rare. Being a minority, it might be tough for you to tackle these situations. So, the best way is to steer clear of these troubles.
  6. Co-curricular Activities are also important:

    Education is not limited to the lectures and classroom sessions only. The co-curricular activities, recreation, sports, student clubs and societies keep the learning environment engaging and make education a wholesome experience. Hence, we recommend opting for the universities that offer a plethora of such activities to make the most of the once in a lifetime opportunity of studying abroad.
  7. Alumni Records and Placement Stats:

    Most of the students opt for joining the workforce after the course completion. Therefore, it is important to choose a university that offers impressive job prospects as well. Finding a job can become very challenging for international students. This is where a sound placement department comes to the rescue. The reputed universities always offer placement support and career guidance to all its students irrespective of their nationality and ethnicity. This is we are stressing the importance of choosing the university with the progressive and student-oriented work culture. 
  8. Finances must not be ignored as well:

    No matter how much you save or how much loan you apply for, it is a known fact that studying abroad comes with a huge weight on the finances. Ignoring the budget constraints in the light of higher education or some famous elite university can be a big mistake that can lead to trouble later on.

How do you choose the right university in the UK – How to choose a university course?


Now, let us move towards choosing university courses. Though most of the students are generally clear about the course they want to pursue. But, there are various courses for one subject and many universities also offer different courses for specialisation and higher education. For example, you might want to join a program for Nursing. But confusion can arise when a university that you prefer offers 5 different courses for Nursing; right?

In this situation, follow the tips mentioned below and choose the right course:

  • Gather information regarding the course
  • Check the job prospects after completing the course (all based on your interest)
  • Check the job prospects for the course professionals in other countries and home country
  • Read about the course in detail and check its structure and admission requirements
  • Take help from the student helpdesk or admission consultants to make the best choice

These are some tips to choose the right universities in the UK. We hope you find them useful and pick the right university.

Good Luck!