Who We Are

Sage Education Services was formed out of a desire to fill a gap in quality exam preparation and tutoring in Dubai. We are dedicated to providing students with a critical range of exam preparation courses as well as group and individual tutoring with a unique methodology in conjunction with talented and responsive trainers.Applying to universities in the US and surviving high school and college exams can be daunting, but they don’t have to be. Our sole aim is to help students achieve their dreams, and guide them through these often overwhelming processes

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Our Mission

The future is with us

We are committed to providing students with high quality and individualized exam preparation and tutoring, empowering them to succeed, whether that be applying to universities in the U.S., or succeeding in the primary, high school, and university courses here in the UAE. Through unique strategies, positive encouragement, and time and stress management skills, we empower students to tackle whatever academic challenges may arise.


Experience & professionalism

Beyond just raising scores and grades, we ensure that students have a thorough understanding of exam and class material in order to ensure lasting success. We weave time management, stress management, and goal strategies into our courses in order to fill in the gaps with extraordinary success rates. Our professional and highly qualified trainers have years of success in helping students achieve their goals, and our classes are always vibrant, engaging each and every student to bring out his or her best. Our unique course material developed by American educators focuses on critical exam strategies and ensuring high success rates.

University Acceptances


  • We provide crucial time and stress management skills in addition to critical exam strategies.
  • We offer guidance and support during the challenging process of applying to universities throughout the world.
  • We have experienced and talented trainers and mentors.
  • Our creative teaching methodology is guaranteed to assess weaknesses and help you succeed.
  • We develop the strengths of each individual student by designing individualized paths to success.
  • Our group classes are small to ensure personalized attention for every student.

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