The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay inside their homes and has brought life, as we know it, to a halt. The education sector is one of the most affected sectors now. The students are practically confined to their homes and don’t have any way to attend classes and tuitions. Their exam preparations are also affected and everything seems to be halted. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have any way to keep preparing for their exams. Joining some expert and reputed online tutoring classes that actually make online learning possible, is one of the best ways to ace through this tough time. 

Of all the subjects, Physics and Maths are the toughest subjects that most of the students need tuition for. Both these subjects are resource-intensive and require a proper class set up to be taught. So, it is important to join those online classes that have expert tutors with high-quality resources for teaching. 

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The following discussion is for the students that are looking for online teachers for Maths and Physics. We will discuss how to make the most of your online classes, how to choose the right classes and how to ensure that you stay motivated towards the subjects in this novel education methodology.

So, read on carefully and take your online learning to the next level.

How to choose the right online teacher for Math and Physics?

There are many characteristics of a great teacher. While most of the teachers qualify the prerequisites for physical or classroom-based teaching, the majority of them fail to do so in the online classes. So, when you have to choose an online teacher for Maths and Physics, you must look for the following characteristics:

  • Engaging voice quality and high-quality teaching resources.
  • The teacher must be audible and understandable at all times. 
  • He or she must not shy away from using the digital boards, wall-boards, notebooks, or other such materials while teaching. 
  • Sessions must include hand-written teaching and discussions. 
  • You must be able to raise hands, ask questions and re-visit the pages already covered in the online teaching sessions. 
  • Many reputed coaching institutions are allowing their teachers to work from the centres in complete isolation. So, they can use the teaching materials and impart the lectures as usual.
  • Instead of verbal or pre-written notes, all the calculations, derivations and solutions must be done in real-time.

Now that we have covered the various characteristics that must be present in an online Physics and Math tutor, let us move on. Let us explore the ways to get the best out of your virtual classes and make sure that your preparation is not harmed in any manner.

How to get the most out of the online Physics and Maths Classes?

  • Have good seating with all the necessary materials and no distractions around you.
  • Focus on listening, watching and understanding. Most of the calculations and derivations are shown by the teacher can be found in the books or reference material provided by them. Hence, even if you don’t write-down everything, fast, it is OK!
  • It is important to have everything in your mind.
  • Have a good internet connection and make sure you are always ready for the class well in advance.
  • Have a routine and stick to it. A casual attitude toward online classes is going to affect you severely. This is because; the exam is still going to be conducted in all seriousness and your performance will suffer if you don’t pay attention to the classes.
  • Solve the questions from practice papers and previous year papers that are based on the recently covered concepts in the class. Once you are done with that, solve the reference books that you have. This way, you will have actual doubts and actual questions to ask your teachers during doubt-resolution sessions. 
  • Track your progress in terms of a journal. Write the topics covered in the online classes, the books and papers etc that you have solved the questions from, and make sure you update this journal daily. This way, you will stay on track all the time and will get a sense of achievement from your preparation.
  • Don’t resort to listening only. Physics and Maths are practice-intensive subjects that require constant practice for better understanding. So, don’t keep on just listening and watching the teacher in the online classes. Focus your senses and do the practice work as well.

After covering a few tips for the students taking online Maths and Physics tutoring, let us move on.

Now, take a quick look at the various ways both the teachers and students can make the online classes an actual and meaningful success.

How to make online Physics and Math classes a success?

  • While the teacher is focused on discussion, don’t focus on copying down the diagram or notes.
  • The teachers must keep some classes in a week for doubt resolution and discussing questions from previous years’ papers. This way, the students can stay focused, engaged and motivated in the online classes. 
  • The teachers should work towards making online learning success by organizing presentation sessions, taking online quizzes, and conducting weekly tests. All these will help students to realize their progress and performance. And, the teachers will be able to introduce variety in online teaching.
  • The teachers should have a pre-specified teaching plan for a session and should stick to it. This plan should be shared with the students as well. When everybody knows what comes next, the time wastage and dilly-dallying get minimized.

These are some tips to improve Physics and Maths with online teachers and to get the best value out of the online classes. Physics is a subject with numerous concepts, formulas, and equations. Many terms and equations of math and physics are more or less similar. A strong base in math will make you an expert in physics too. Being one of the best tutoring centres in Dubai, Sage Education offers both expert classroom and online tutoring for subjects including Physics, Maths, Biology, and more. Sage Education follows a predefined and proven methodology to impart adequate knowledge to the students. Sage Education assures that each teacher for our classroom as well as online tutoring in Dubai is exceptionally talented. This has been the main reason for our unparalleled success in both online and classroom tutoring in Dubai.