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GCSE Tutoring in Dubai

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GCSE Tutoring in Dubai

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) was introduced in 1986, replacing O (Ordinary) level exams and the Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE). Attended by students in their 10th or 11th, it requires guided coaching to score. GCSE tutoring in Dubai offered by Sage Education has been at the forefront offering the best coaching one can get in the region. We have been rendering GCSE offline and online courses for years. The students can choose the schedule of classes as per their comfort and convenience.

Creating a productive environment that would gently push the students towards great achievements has been our objective since the beginning. All our tuition, including GCSE tutoring, has been formulated with this single aim in mind. The number of candidates opting for GCSE coaching in Dubai has been witnessing a great leap for the past decade. Recognizing the advantages it offers might have been the basic reason behind this increased acceptance.

You are at the right place if you are looking for GCSE tutors near me. Sage would be the perfect tutor to assist you and guide you throughout.


How are GCSEs graded?

GCSE is for identifying the brightest students among the lot. Imagine the possibilities when you receive the highest certification from a widely recognised exam. That is what GCSE offers. We have been receiving constant queries for GCSE tutoring from aspirants dreaming of joining elite international educational institutions.

We are proud to be the top GCSE tutors in Dubai, who could ensure the best grades for the majority of the students. Read along with the fact that only 3-5% of students are able to achieve the top grading, Grade 9. This has been the case ever since the grading system was modified. The change in the types of questions asked as well as the new marking system also led to a reduction in the number of students scoring the highest grade.

In place of the erstwhile grading system that ranges from A* to G, the present grading is from 9 to 1. U, or ungraded, denotes failure.

Old Grading System Present Grade
Higher than old Grade A* Grade 9
Grade A to Grade A* Grade 8
Below Grade A Grade 7
Better than Grade B Grade 6
Grade C to Grade B Grade 5 (Strong Pass)
Grade C Grade 4 (Standard Pass)
Above Grade E to Below Grade D Grade 3
Grade F to Grade E Grade 2
Grade G to Grade F Grade 1

Our GCSE tutoring in Dubai has been developed considering the exam pattern and the method of grading. The meticulous GCSE coaching by our expert faculties would equip the aspirants to obtain sought-after grades.

GCSE Subjects

Maths, English, and science are compulsory subjects for GCSE. Students take at least eight to ten additional subjects along with these. Recognizing their strong areas and the subjects they can excel in are important. Sage GCSE tutors in Dubai can help you in picking the subjects that would in scoring well and attaining Grade 9. The professional teachers at our institution ascertain each student and suggest to them the best way forward.

GCSE subjects include:

  • Maths
  • Science (Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology)
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Other Languages including French, Spanish and German
  • History
  • Geography
  • Music
  • Art and Design
  • Sociology
  • Religious Education
  • Computer Science

You can pursue the coaching through GCSE online courses offered by Sage Education as well. For hybrid, physical, or online GCSE tutoring in Dubai, just ping us now.

Importance of GCSE Course

A GCSE grade is the most effective way to present your capabilities to the enrolment team. A high GCSE grade, i.e. Grade 4 and above can open the doors to renowned universities and colleges. It would be great if you were able to score Grade 6 or above. Systematic GCSE coaching in Dubai is necessary to become one of those scoring such phenomenal grades. Therefore, rather than searching for GCSE tutors near me, you must reach out right away to Sage Education.

Your score is indicative of your potential as well as your understanding of the subject. By imbibing the crux or the core of topics, you would also be able to understand intricate concepts you would be taught in the colleges. These factors simply imply that GCSE can offer you education at acclaimed institutions and promise a highly rewarding career.

What Do We Offer?

We offer nothing less than the best GCSE classes in Dubai. We have been known for the interactive and productive pedagogical methods that help in understanding concepts and theories. Our GCSE tutors observe each student and offer guidance, feedback, tips, and tricks based on his or her performance. Join our GCSE coaching in Dubai and achieve exemplary results.

What Do You Learn With Us?

Join us for a comprehensive learning experience. We became popular by exclusively formulating tuition for highly competitive global exams. Our GCSE classes in Dubai would surely get you in the top few. Connect with us today and start the preparations towards GCSE.

Who Can Enroll?

Students in their 10th and 11th grades, in the age range between 14 and 16, can enrol for GCSE coaching in Dubai. General Certificate for Secondary Education or GCSE, would act as the bridge connecting the students with the top universities of their choice.

Why Choose Sage Education?

Sage would be your mentor, guide, tutor, and counsellor to help you reap the best results in the sought-after competitive exams. As a famed name in the UAE education arena, we offer exclusively designed, meticulous GCSE tutoring in Dubai.

Our selected faculties have extraordinary experience in the field. They have the skill and expertise to teach and train the aspirants to attend the exam strategically and attain remarkable grades.

We offer both GCSE online courses as well. Thereby supporting those students who are located away from our coaching centre or find it more convenient to attend classes online. Therefore, you do not have to search for GCSE tutors near me. The online platform used by Sage creates a highly interactive environment that acts as a creative interface between the tutor and the student.

For GCSE coaching in Dubai, do connect with us today.

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