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A Level Tutoring in Dubai

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A Level Tutoring in Dubai

A Level or Advanced Level is the ultimate qualification that reflects a student’s knowledge, capability, and understanding of a subject. When attended by students in their final years before joining the university, it gives them clarity about their way forward. Clarity on the subject they excel in would also give the student an idea of which stream or course programme they should choose. You can join Sage Education today itself if you have been looking for the best A Level tutoring in Dubai.

Do not limit the A-Level tutoring to one subject. The aspirant is free to choose more than one subject. The A-level coaching in Dubai, under the guidance and coaching of expert tutors, would enable you to qualify for the exam with exemplary grades. This UK-based qualification has been highly popular across the world and accepted by leading educational institutions for ascertaining the student.


Subjects Included in the A-Level Qualification Program

Many a time it would be difficult for a student to decide upon the subject or stream to pursue in university. The ambiguity would be more when they feel comfortable in more than one subject. The same confusion can arise if they are not enthusiastic about any of the subjects.

Our comprehensive A level coaching in Dubai would coach the students in all the subjects they plan to attend. aiding them to finalise the subject to be chosen. The student would receive separate certificates for each of the subjects they are attending. instead of a combined certificate, as in the case of many other such exams.

The subjects included in our A-level classes in Dubai include:

  • Mathematics
  • English Literature
  • Further Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • History
  • Business
  • Economics

We have handpicked A-level tutors in Dubai for each of the subjects. Rest assured, you can get the best A-level coaching in Dubai with our exclusively formulated pedagogical methods, keen monitoring of the students, constant feedback, and individual guidance for each student.

Our GCSE tutoring in Dubai has been developed considering the exam pattern and the method of grading. The meticulous GCSE coaching by our expert faculties would equip the aspirants to obtain sought-after grades.

GCSE Subjects

Maths, English, and science are compulsory subjects for GCSE. Students take at least eight to ten additional subjects along with these. Recognizing their strong areas and the subjects they can excel in are important. Sage GCSE tutors in Dubai can help you in picking the subjects that would in scoring well and attaining Grade 9. The professional teachers at our institution ascertain each student and suggest to them the best way forward.

GCSE subjects include:

  • Maths
  • Science (Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology)
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Other Languages including French, Spanish and German
  • History
  • Geography
  • Music
  • Art and Design
  • Sociology
  • Religious Education
  • Computer Science

We have handpicked A-level tutors in Dubai for each of the subjects. Rest assured, you can get the best A-level coaching in Dubai with our exclusively formulated pedagogical methods, keen monitoring of the students, constant feedback, and individual guidance for each student.

How Are A-levels Assessed?

A student is assessed based on the project work and the final examination after the two-year course. The amount of project work, to be completed by each candidate, has come down significantly subsequent to a set of amendments to the curriculum. Some of the project work is considered for the student's final grade. Therefore, Sage A-level tutors in Dubai guide and assist the students in the preparation and completion of the projects assigned as well.

We follow a systematic coaching process for both physical and online A-level tutoring. The tutors would observe the performance of each student and offer feedback for improving the weak areas, understanding the basic concepts, and imbibing the core of the theories taught.

The A-level qualification is awarded after a set of examinations conducted by an external exam board. Sage A-level tutoring in Dubai has a series of scheduled practise sessions and mock tests aimed at improving the candidates' confidence and knowledge level. Further, our tutors are able to recognise where each student lacks proficiency by assessing the answer sheets and correcting them accordingly.

How are A-levels Graded?

The A-level exam grading is from A* to E. A student must obtain a minimum of 40% of marks to qualify the A-level exam, which would offer him or her a grade E. Those who score above 90% of marks would earn an A8 grade. Being the number one provider of A-level tutoring in Dubai, we always strive to achieve 90% or higher for the majority of our students. The teaching process at Sage is formulated with this single objective.

Note that those who score below 40% would receive a U, or Ungraded grade. That means, he or she will have to reappear for the A-level exam. It is not allowed to appear for a single module but must attend the whole exam. There are no limitations regarding the number of times one can attend the exam.

You can join us at our coaching centre or opt for an online A-level classes. We provide perfectly planned A-level tutoring in Dubai for both.

A Level Exam Grading

Percentage Grade
90%+ A*
80-89% A
70-79% B
60-69% C
50-59% D
40-49% E
0-39% U (Ungraded. The student will have to attend the whole exam again)

What Do We Offer?

We, Sage Education, offer comprehensively designed A-level tutoring in Dubai. Besides physical classes, we also have online A-level coaching for those who want to attend the classes from their homes.

Our faculties include handpicked professional tutors with years of experience in the field. They render exclusively defined coaching tactics for ensuring the best outcome. The tips, tricks, and techniques taught by our A level tutors in Dubai would help you score an A* grade on the exam.

What Do You Learn with Us?

Come and join our A-level classes in Dubai and reap the best results. We promise methodical coaching for this highly intricate exam. The A-level tutoring at Sage would infuse you with confidence and the capability to obtain an excellent grade.

Who Can Enroll?

The two-year-long A-level programme is intended for students who want to join top universities around the globe. The A-level certification has an excellent weightage. It would give the student an upper hand when applying to elite educational institutions abroad.

All students from age 16 to 19, planning to join universities, can enrol in the A level tutoring and attend the exam. Formulated for improving the knowledge, attitude, skills, and capability of those desiring to join renowned universities, the syllabus is an intricate one. Hence requiring expert A-level tutoring. By picking the specialists, we became the top academy in A level coaching in Dubai.

Why Choose Sage Education?

Sage has created an envious identity in the tutoring sector in Dubai. We offer coaching and tuition for a wide variety of subjects, as well as, competitive exams. Sage provides proven A-level coaching in Dubai. Our outstanding track record itself states how successful we have been.

You may talk to us about A-level classes in Dubai. Discuss and determine which subjects you want to pursue and join our classes for the best results.

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