Before you start thinking about which universities to apply to or what you need to study in school, you should first know the way in. For some students, this simply means clearing the SAT exams. If you start preparing too late, you won’t get the highest scores to get admission in the best colleges. But if you start too early you might forget whatever you have studied by the time you appear for the exam. Good timing is required, set the right time to start preparing for your SAT exams.

Applicants to undergraduate courses, especially in US and Canada are required to take the SAT exam. It’s compulsory for them. If a student is hoping to get admission to a specific course, she or he can take the SAT subject tests to demonstrate his insight and comprehension of that specific subject. Subject tests are offered in Mathematics, Literature, History, Sciences and Foreign Languages.
For those living in Dubai, you can prepare in the SAT trainer center in Dubai and qualify the SAT exam.

When to start preparing for your SAT in Dubai?

For SAT, you should pick an exceptional study schedule which requires 10 hours of study for every week for continuous two months or a gradual study plan where you have to spend two or three hours per week for 6 months minimum. Both timings are great to prepare for your exams to get good scores. So picking any of the plans relies upon your way of study with full concentration and how your manage time. So, it’s time to know when the SAT prep classes Dubai starts does.

When to appear for your SAT exams?

Since sufficient time is given to apply for the colleges, you should attempt to take your first SAT exam in Sept-Oct when you are in 11th class. If you are not happy with the score and need better score, you can retake your SAT exams again in April-May or after your 11th class exams. If you get a decent score in this attempt you are absolutely free for the 12th class. You can freely apply for the best colleges once your board exams are over.

Best tips for the beginners

You can make your own timetable and stick to it. You can hone 5 to 8 practice materials consistently so you acquaint yourself with the test format and guidelines. If you are too bored studying the same thing, you can skip one or two days and work on something else. It’s important that you relax yourself as well. For Dubai residents, SAT preparation in Dubai is easy now. Let your child get enrolled in a good college!

Use the best SAT prep materials

There are bunches of study materials out there. Not all the study materials are good; in certainty some will hurt your score by giving you doubts that aren't the questions of the actual test. Here are some of the best SAT books you need to purchase:

Best SAT books

SAT Reading practice

SAT Math practice

SAT Writing and Language practice

SAT Question of the Day