For most high schoolers, appearing the test for three times is enough between the start of the sophomore year and Christmas of the senior year. In some cases, four times might be required, but that should be in some exceptional cases only. When those scores come in, special measures should be taken to work on your weak areas. The analytic report with the score can be useful in focusing for improvements. Your score choice and test preparation timeline play an important role to know the right time to appear in the SAT exams in Dubai.

Score Choice

The score choice is when you choose your white test scores to send to schools when applying. For instance, if you are planning to take the test for August SAT but you did not perform well, a few schools might not accept you with a poor score report. And many colleges and universities do not accept score choice and will require the applicants to send all the scores from all the Sittings. Apply for SAT classes in Dubai to get good scores.

Test Prep Timeline

Another important thing to know is the right time to appear for the test, whether you are fully prepared to take the test this year or maybe next year with better preparation. So as to perceive any change in your scores, you have to make a test prep plan whether that is without anyone else or with a mentor keeping in mind the end goal to address the areas where you’re weakest. Identifying topics or question types to work on to perform better whenever you take the exam; you will require a lot of time to prepare, reconsider your progress and plan your strategy thoroughly before you give a second attempt.

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The best time to take the SAT Exam in Dubai

The best time to take the SAT relies upon an assortment of elements: the schools to which you’re applying, your application due dates, your income, and your identity. For students applying to specific schools is to take the exam twice- once towards the end of the junior year and again towards the start of senior year. With a good SAT Junior Year score, there’s no compelling reason to take the exam a second time. Many candidates take the exam at least three times, however, the advantage of doing as such is regularly insignificant, best is to give minimal attempts.

The SAT Junior Year

With the College Board’s Score Choice policy, it might be OK to take the SAT test early or whenever you want or when you are prepared. Since attempting many times is not generally the best approach, and it may be expensive. The College Board offers the SAT seven times in a year (check out the SAT dates): August, October, November, December, March, May, and June. Take the

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The SAT Senior Year

If you took the exam in a junior year and your scores are good enough to get admission in the best colleges, there’s no compelling reason to take the exam once more. But if your scores are below average or worse compared to the matriculated students at your favorite school, then it’s better you give the SAT test again.

If you’re a senior applying early, you will have to take the August or October exams. Scores from exams later in the winter won’t reach universities in time. In case you’re applying for regular universities, regardless you would prefer not to put off the exam for a really long time- pushing the exam excessively near the application due date gives you no space to attempt again should you fall sick on exam day or have some other issue. Sat courses in Dubai prepares you well and lets you know the right time to sit for the exam.